no love for ned 
setlist for 12.29.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
literature grifted arab spring (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
fear of men ritual confession ritual confession 7" italian beach babes
bears eleven a.m. greater lakes misra
the anderson tapes visual explanations as i write 'today' ten times fraction discs
witch gardens lifeguard split 7" w/ tan dollars sixteen tambourines
coasting ultra vapid scene you're never going back m'lady's
golden grrrls new pop new pop 7" night school
thee american revolution blow my mind buddha electrostorm garden gate
the hollow men never again still going in offices compilation lp savoury days
guided by voices spiderfighter let's go eat the factory gbv inc.
peter and the wolf hooray for us easy mountain whiskey and apples
biff rose annie s/t omni
idea fire company romance music from the impossible saloon lp kye
agusti fernandez tonada el laberint de la memoria mbari
steve lacy and eric watson pithycanthropus erectus spirit of mingus free lance
zeitkratzer aus den sieben tagen- intensitat old school- karlheinz stockhausen (self-released)
stuart saunders smith blue memory bands lp spectrum
hans appelqvist sperma sjunga slutet nu hapna
picastro and nadja a new soul's benediction fool, redeemer alien8
heaven and earth tomorrow is a long time refuge lion productions
bowerbirds tuck the darkness in the clearing dead oceans
denise emmer qualquer dia pelos caminhos da america lp tape car
pine hill haints riding the long southern train blues the evening star lp arkam
eddie callahan don't you know false ego time-lag
mikal cronin tide tide 7" goner
the golden cups strange blue the golden cups album volume two toshiba
jimmy solley i just gotta get a little more sleep you gotta have moxie volume two compilation aip
bleached you take time carter 7" art fag
the raspberries i wanna be with you collector's series capitol