no love for ned 
setlist for 5.20.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
barcelona beautiful trans human revolution pulcec
true love always top spring collection teenbeat
brendan benson pleasure seeker lapalco startime international
louis philippe every day gone by a kiss in the funhouse le grand magistery
lee hazlewood i move around lounge legends polydor
the 6ths with lou barlow in the city in the rain wasps' nest london
slumber party never again psychedelicate kill rock stars
ugly cassanova things i don't remember sharpen your teeth subpop
old 97s designs on you satellite rides elektra
the gerbils are you underwater the battle of electricity orange twin
airport 5 out in the world life starts here rockathon
family fodder savoir faire savoir faire: the best of family fodder dark beloved cloud
ramones sheila is a punk rocker anthology rhino
trans am run with me ta thrill jockey
roger manning and brian reitzell with jason falkner search for tomorrow logan's sanctuary soundtrack emperor norton
l'altra black arrow in the afternoon aesthetics
boxhead ensemble requiem two brothers atavistic
appendix out the grey havens daylight saving drag city
julie doiron tell you again loneliest in the morning subpop
billy bragg and wilco when the roses bloom again chelsea walls soundtrack rykodisc
mouse and the traps a public execution the fraternity years big beat
jim o'rourke all downhill from here insignificance drag city
damien jurado and gathered in song big deal i break chairs subpop
the princeton reverb colonials calliope ring the pair a bells dirigeable
wolfie steely dan where's wolfie parasol
ashley park rocket on the highway the american scene darling
art of fighting your resistance empty nights ep half-a-cow
tel aviv genevieve s/t teenbeat
dump my head in your hands a plea for tenderness brinkman
casiotone for the painfully alone when the bridge toll was a dollar answering machine music cassingle usa