01.22.12 - 10pm
nlfn online is currently on hiatus. new radio shows and writing are available at noloveforned.tumblr.com.

01.22.12 - 10pm
you may or may not have noticed the absence of new shows at www.noloveforned.com this month. after over 500 online shows, i've decided to pivot a bit to allow me to try a few new things and hopefully keep me interested in running the site for another ten years.

fortunately, this decision coincides with my return to the fm dial on wlur in lexington, virginia. i plan on recording my shows and posting them to the no love for ned tumblr each week. the shows will be a little bit different as there are playlist requirements to be met and live radio is quite different than the meticulous podcasts that nlfn turned into. i'm excited to see what happens and where the show goes.

the other part of the pivot is finding the time to write about music regularly. i've been experimenting with tumblr for a year or two now in an attempt to find my voice and i'd like to push that further. rather than a straight mp3 blog, i'm hoping to make it more like a personal newspaper column focused on music. ok, who am i kidding... there will probably be some short mp3 omg posts too.

anyway, for now all the new content will appear over on the tumblr. it has an rss feed. it doesn't require realaudio to listen. it should be good. the current noloveforned.com site will remain and at some point i'll probably move it to a subdomain and make the tumblr the primary domain.

01.01.12 - 11:30pm
2012 may have just started but i've got one last show from 2011 to post. lots of milestones these days- 2012 will mark the 10th anniversary of nlfn online and we just hit the 500 show mark sometime in the past month or so... i guess that means we've officially entered those awkward tween years.

12.26.11 - 5pm
well folks, it's been a busy holiday weekend but i finally finished the tenth annual no love for ned holiday show. it's a lot harder putting the holiday show together when i haven't spent three weeks working on my annual christmas compilation (hopefully returning in 2012)... the other big news for 2012 is that i'll be getting married in the fall, so despite the show's title there is plenty of love for ned.

12.18.11 - 11pm
sorry again for the delay in posting this week's show. with the move to virginia my spare time seems to have shifted back to the weekend so i think i'll be moving the show back to monday nights... which means that in addition to this show, the next eight days will bring two more shows. what a holiday gift, eh?

12.11.11 - 1pm
with everything going on it took me a few days longer to finish up the new show than i had hoped... but we're getting settled into the new house and hopefully any kinks will be worked out by the end of the month! in the meantime, the annual xmas show is now less than two weeks away, you can stream the previous nine xmas shows to get you in the spirit!

12.01.11 - 11:45pm
well i just finished recording the first show in virginia, even though we haven't moved into our new place yet... i managed to cobble together a miniature studio with a seven year old laptop, an external hard drive and a new external audio interface. as you can hear, it all worked out. i guess that makes me a regular internet radio macgyver...

11.26.11 - 12:30pm
so yeah, things are crazy busy between north carolina, virginia, moving, the new job and oh yeah, holiday season... but i finally had time to finish up the latest show this morning and hope to get right to work on the next show so it won't be too late... we'll see what happens!

11.17.11 - 11:45pm
i just posted this week's show. tomorrow marks both my last day as a north carolina state employee and the beginning of a few hectic weeks... but never fear, the show must go on so we'll continue to get one up every week at some point. probably even before late thursday night!

11.10.11 - 11:45pm
the latest show is up and things continue to press forward with my move to virginia at the end of the month. i'm looking forward to getting the house set up and hoping my girlfriend will be able to tolerate all of the cds, lps, instruments, computers, stereos and recording equipment that actually entails...

11.03.11 - 11:45pm
it's my birthday today and i'm very happy to spend it with the beach boy's 'smile' and preparing this week's show. it will come as no surprise that the two managed to intersect a little bit!

10.27.11 - 11:45pm
i just managed to get the new show up and things are about to get busy here in north carolina... after nine years in chapel hill i've accepted a job up in virginia! i'll be moving to charlottesville at the end of next month and setting up the nlfn camp there... can't wait to see what va has in store for us!

10.20.11 - 11:30pm
i had a great time last weekend in athens seeing some of my favorite bands and discovering some new ones. and as promised, i brought some new stuff back for this week's show... there are still a few bands i didn't get to play, so we'll undoubtedly hear more in the coming weeks!

10.10.11 - 7:30am
so the new show is up super early (two months we'd call it just 'a little early') as i'll be traveling to the athens popfest later this week. the show is also brimming with indie pop, which may or may not be a coincidence.

10.06.11 - 11:30pm
this week's show is all ready to go and i'm getting ready to head to the athens pop fest in georgia next week. keep an ear out for a few of the popfest bands in this week's show and i'm sure i'll have a bunch of new favorites to share when i get back!

09.29.11 - 11:30pm
just posted the new show and i've noticed that i've been digging a bunch of 80's stuff lately... i'll save you all from the not very novel blog post about trends in music often looking thirty years back. i will say that people seem to be jumping the gun with the 90's revivalism already... ugh.

09.22.11 - 11pm
the latest show is up and i must say it's been quite the week for music... first guided by voices announced that although the classic line-up reunion tour is over they've recorded a new album. then later the same day r.e.m. announced that they've call it quits. so we're remembering both bands fondly this week and hoping that both decisions mean we'll hear more music from secret weapons tobin sprout and mike mills.

09.15.11 - 11:30pm
i just put up this week's show and it's been a busy music week for me... in addition to the hopscotch festival i managed to write two pieces for my (often neglected) tumblr. much like the radio show, i'm trying to make it about what's going on in my music world instead of any current promotional campaign. much like the radio show, this is facilitated by the music industry's total obliviousness to the existence of the site.

09.08.11 - 12am
as promised, it's thursday and the new show is up at the stroke of midnight... that of course has more to do with needing to finish the show wednesday night due to the hopscotch festival starting in raleigh on thursday. hey, maybe we'll run into one another- drop me a line if you'll be there!

09.01.11 - 11:30pm
so i've pretty much decided that thursday night is the new monday- aka night the show goes up. i probably should have moved it a couple years ago to fit my schedule but i'm a creature of habit. so while this week's show may be three days late, next week will be right on time!

08.25.11 - 11pm
hey folks... what fits perfectly in-between an earthquake and a hurricane? apparently this week's show!

08.18.11 - 11pm
we're back with a more straightforward show this week- six solid sets of melodic music from all over the place because that's what we do. enjoy!

08.11.11 - 11pm
you'd think after nine years we'd have done it all but the new show has a nlfn first - an interview! i conducted a phone interview with steve gunn last week for a wxdu special on the three lobed 4xlp. since i've been playing around with the format of the show a bit this summer, i thought it'd be nice to include it!

08.04.11 - 9:30pm
the leisurely thursday night pace continues for this week's show, featuring some music from the great new 4xlp box set on three lobed. i've actually scheduled my first interview in over a dozen years with one of the artists on it for a special wxdu is doing. i've been toying with the idea of returning to interviews over the past few years, maybe i'll include it in an upcoming show!

07.28.11 - 10:30pm
i adopted a somewhat leisurely pace in putting together the latest show so it's not up until thursday night. the extra time led to a show with a different sort of flow that i dig, hope you do too!

07.20.11 - 11:30pm
i just posted the new show and i've been noticing the arc of the show shifting slightly as the weeks go on and my sources of new material adjust. it's happened a few times over the past nine years and it's generally a good thing... especially when it means i play information society, right?

07.13.11 - 11pm
finally back to wednesday night for this week's show, which is a nice change of pace after the last few weeks. i'm still down a primary source of music so the show is a lot more pop than usual, which we both know isn't really all that much of a change of pace.

07.07.11 - 9:30pm
yikes, this makes the second thursday in a row for posting the latest show... hopefully i'll get the monday habit back on track soon so that i can have my weeknights back!

06.30.11 - 11pm
the new show is up extra extra late this week as we just had new carpet installed and it required moving out without actually moving out. to make up for it i'm happy to share another in-studio set from the fabulous eleanor murray that was recorded this past weekend.

06.22.11 - 11:30pm
we're back with this week's show, which features a bunch more stuff that i've been turned onto while hanging out in the twee as fuck room on turntable.fm. it's a fun site and it's been awesome to interact with and get to know a subset of the indiepop community outside of popfests.

06.15.11 - 11:30pm
and the first in-studio set of the year is now up as part of the new show... what band did i record at the new house on memorial day that i've been hyping ever since? it's just my favorite new band of the past year, dangerous ponies!

06.08.11 - 9pm
i know excitement has built for the first in-studio set of 2011 but it's gonna be another week. in the meantime, we've got this week's show to keep you occupied!

06.01.11 - 11:30pm
the move is officially complete and now it's just a matter of unpacking and settling. speaking of unpacking, i pulled out a few things on monday afternoon that haven't seen use in about a year. yes, we have already christened the new house with an in-studio set by probably my favorite band of the past year... buuut you're going to have to wait at least another week to give me time to properly mix it down. in the meantime, you'll just have to make do with the latest show and guessing what band knocked me off the 'no in-studios' wagon.

05.25.11 - 10:30pm
folks of the song-oriented persuasion will find a lot to like in this week's show... lots of songs, pop folk and otherwise and very little of the jazz or experimental stuff. maybe i got it out of my system for the week doing the rotating jazz show at wxdu this past sunday.

05.18.11 - 7pm
i've actually been trying to get the latest show up for about a day now but have been repeatly distracted by attempts to settle my cat and introduce her to my roommates cats. right now they sound like pitchfork reviewers at a popfest- lots of lame hissing and tentative scratching at everything in sight.

05.11.11 - 9pm
as promised, this week's show was recorded at my new house. still nowhere near settled in, but getting the show done is definitely a step in the right direction towards feeling 'at home'.

05.03.11 - 8:30pm
so i spent the day moving heavy boxes and large furniture to my new house which means the latest show will likely be the last to be recorded on wesley drive. some quick math tells me that about 65% of the shows and probably 90% of the in-studios were recorded in this house so we're definitely closing a chapter. so i guess stick around and see what the next one brings!

04.27.11 - 11:30pm
i'm please to be celebrating nine years of no love for ned online in this week's show. we're flashing back to 2003, which is the last time we celebrated without an in-studio guest. yep, we're kicking it old school. in any case, here's to nine more years!

04.20.11 - 9pm
this past weekend was the fourth annual record store day and while there are plenty problems with the event as well as naysayers it still ends up being an exciting time full of hunting good music. i left the house shortly after 7am on saturday to stand in line and get 'first dibs' and did alright for myself. as in years past i've shared some of my treasures with you in the latest show.

04.13.11 - 8pm
i've made checking out the 'recent used lp' bins at cd alley part of my regular habit and it's definitely been energizing my interest in music lately. a couple tracks from my recent haul appear in this week's show... both were blind buys that worked out great. i gotta say, both the customers and staff at cd alley do a great job of 'curating' their stacks.

04.06.11 - 10pm
finally managed to get the new show up. i've been somewhat worn out after making a quick trip up to pennsylvania this past weekend to catch boat in philly and dangerous ponies in harrisburg. it was totally worth it though- especially when i discovered dangerous ponies had pressed some gorgeous vinyl.

03.29.11 - 10pm
after the excitement of the past few weeks this week seems like a 'slow news week'. that's just fine by me as we round the final bend on nine years of no love for ned... the new show is up and now i've got just four weeks to figure out what to do for the anniversary show. hrm...

03.23.11 - 11pm
so the big news this week is that my niece valerie was born yesterday... so i guess it's time to finally think about the 'alternative kids album' phenomenon that i've been able to ignore for the past dozen or so years. i continued to ignore it for the latest show, although i do of course pick a few songs for this very new to me uncle/niece situation.

03.15.11 - 9pm
we start of this week's show with a track from the beach boys 'smile' sessions which will finally see an official release this year, according to billboard. when the story was posted on friday twitter immediately lit up the way it does when jeff mangum appears on february 2nd only to immediately disappear after being scared by his shadow. scientists interpret his response as meaning there will be another decemberists album before spring.

03.09.11 - 10pm
sorry for the extended delay in getting up the new show as i've been busy with the rock and/or roll. this past weekend marked my 33.3 birthday, which of course meant a celebration in true record nerd fashion. my friends at single piece slate were kind enough to bring their record lathe to town and we cut flexi seven inches at my party (and at all day records earlier in the day). thanks to john and keenan from s.p.s. and everyone that came out!

03.01.11 - 10pm
this week's show is up and i've got a minor announcement that changes a bunch for me but doesn't change the show too much. sometime this spring i'll be moving out of the house i've lived in the past six years where i've recorded the vast majority of the in-studio sessions. i haven't been doing as many live sets the past year or two but i'd like to record one more session here for the ninth anniversary show in april... we'll see what happens.

02.22.11 - 10:30pm
i just posted the new show for your enjoyment and figured that after the success of last month's facebook page i'd mention the not-a-secret-but-never-advertised no love for ned tumblr. i'm trying to write in it on a somewhat regular basis and would ultimately like to put a new piece up at least every week.

02.16.11 - 10pm
so the latest show is going up super late this week and my grammy and valentine's day mentions are already sooo 48 hours ago. in any case, congrats to merge records and the arcade fire. i still regret leaving a tiny arcade fire show (100 people, tops) before they played in 2005 because lou barlow was boring me and i had work and a flight the next day.

02.08.11 - 7:30pm
you might have noticed that i've managed to get this week's show up a little earlier than has been typical of late. of course, there was a carrot that i was after- i just got a copy of the new lifeguards album. my buddy and i have a tradition of listening to new bob pollard records together when he's working at cd alley and he works tuesdays and saturdays. it was either finish the show early or wait another four days! you might also notice that (despite several sentences about it) there's no lifeguards track in this week's show. my indie rock fidelity is unimpeached and you'll just have to wait until next week...

02.01.11 - 11pm
so the new show is ready to go. i've realized that i'm a little jealous that all of my friends up north are about to get some heavy winter weather again tomorrow when we're stuck with highs in the mid sixties... i'd much rather be snowed in at home planning next week's show (to maybe get it up on time) than stuck in an office when the weather is beautiful outside!

01.26.11 - 10:30pm
yeah, yeah... it's wednesday and i'm only just posting this week's show. i'm a slacker... at least i finally created a facebook page for nlfn. i've only been meaning to do that for a couple years now!

01.18.11 - 11pm
wow, so archers of loaf played a surprise show in town this past weekend after a dozen year break and it was just about everything i could hope for (well almost- my fingers were crossed for a straight-run through all of 'icky mettle'). hopefully you'll say the same about the latest show, which naturally starts off with a track from the archers...

01.11.11 - 10:30pm
north carolina avoided the brunt of the storm that buried the southeastern states the past day or two so the ice wasn't thick enough to take down (m)any trees. all this leads to me being thankful that i had power to finish up this week's show (and not freeze to death).

01.04.11 - 11:30pm
hope everyone had a fabulous new year... i had a nice quiet weekend (which is what i always want after travelling) and now we're back with the first show of 2011.

12.29.10 - 10:30pm
i'm back from all my holiday excitement and spent today recovering and putting together the final show of 2010. it's always nice to put a cap on another year and i'm looking forward to seeing what 2011 brings. have a great new year folks and we'll be back in a few days with another show!

12.21.10 - 10:30pm
so i just finished the ninth annual nlfn xmas show, which i referred to as the eighth show the entire time. it has been a long holiday season and i can't believe that i can now offer an eighteen hour stream of christmas music with (almost) no repeats. i should also give ya'll a heads up- the last show of 2011 will likely not be up until sometime on the 29th...

12.14.10 - 11:30pm
next week is the nineth annual nlfn xmas show and we're getting ourselves organized and researched to bring you two more hours of holiday cheer and/or fear. if you have any requests, now is your last chance to email them... in the midst of all the holiday craziness, i still arranged to put together this week's show as some traditions are weekly, not yearly.

12.07.10 - 11:30pm
it's always so nice when late november hits and the fall glut of new releases slows down. it leaves time to explore stuff that isn't necessarily on one of the cool indie labels and that's exactly what ended up happening in the latest show... if only it didn't have such a negative effect on my paypal balance!

11.30.10 - 10pm
one holiday down, one to go... i made it up to new jersey to see some family, friends and favorite haunts... of course, i made it back in time to get the fifth monday show up on the fifth tuesday.

11.23.10 - 10pm
the first holiday week of the season is upon us and i'm taking some time to get the latest show posted... my dad thought he'd make it 'easy' on us by coming down to north carolina this thanksgiving but now i'm just doing thanksgiving two weekends and still traveling... oh, the best laid plans of mice and men.

11.16.10 - 11:30pm
i just finished posting this week's show and i'm definitely starting to feel myself accelerating towards the gravity well that is the holidays. it's an interesting mix of excitement, fun and a fair share of anxiety. i'm looking forward to six weeks from now when i can safely look back and reminisce about the good times and having survived another holiday season...

11.09.10 - 10pm
the new show is up and i'm really starting to get settled into this 'post the show on tuesday' thing... it might actually stick! btw- thanks to everyone that wished me a happy birthday last week and/or checked out/bought the shy mirrors ep!

11.02.10 - 10:30pm
so tomorrow marks both my thirty-third birthday and my first vinyl release (albeit at forty-five rpms) on thinking about the needle. it comes from sweden's shy mirrors and i couldn't help but start and end the latest show with two tracks from it... (ps- when you finish the show and realize that you can't get enough of it, you can stream the whole thing over at bandcamp)

10.26.10 - 10:30pm
so i'm officially considering moving the show from monday to tuesday nights to see if it fits my schedule better... we'll see if i follow through on it or just get back into my usual rhythm. for now though, it's tuesday night which means there better well be a new show cause i'm not even going to mention the word 'wednesday'...

10.19.10 - 10pm
wow, i'm a day late with this week's show again... i'd say i was a slacker if i hadn't driven fourteen hundred miles this weekend to catch a couple guided by voices shows in ohio... but i did and it rocked so no regrets!

10.11.10 - 11pm
so i'm starting to get psyched up for my gbveekend in ohio (not to be confused with gbvriday a week later) so in addition to sharing a new show i'll remind folks of the classic gbv show i did a couple months back...

10.04.10 - 11:30pm
this past weekend matador records celebrated their 21st anniversary with a festival in las vegas entitled matador at 21. while i did not attend, matador has been a long-time favorite of mine and i thought it only appropriate to dedicate a set in the latest show to the label. since we ARE on the internet, i had to throw a little grump into it and go with the theme "the five bands i wish were playing matador at 21".

09.28.10 - 7pm
i'm a little behind in getting this week's show posted, i hope you'll forgive me. i'm not in college anymore, so i won't make excuses and just leave you with my thought at 11pm last night when i officially put things off until tonight- "i really want to sleep now".

09.20.10 - 11:30pm
the new show is up and i must have jinxed the weather last monday. ever since i said something i've had to keep the windows closed and the a/c on. although i will confess that the nights have been gorgeous enough to spend plenty of time outside with friends for grilling and/or superchunk concerts.

09.13.10 - 11:30pm
we're official still a week or so away from fall, but the chapel hill evenings are definitely there already... i opened up all the windows tonight so you might notice that the latest show is co-hosted by crickets... here's to the weather staying nice enough for them to co-host for several months!

09.06.10 - 10pm
so having labor day off meant there was plenty of time to dilly and dally as i put together this week's show. i hope you'll agree that it's paid off with another awesome show!

08.30.10 - 11pm
nothing like a fifth monday show to give things a chance to get interesting... it's almost as exciting as those random months with an extra payday except instead of cash you get two more hours of cool music.

08.23.10 - 11:30pm
just to warn you right off the bat - the new show starts off with a certain nsfw song that you've probably been hearing for 72 hours non-stop... honestly, i'm not sure if it's the language or its insideous earworminess that make it unsafe for work... if you can stand one more listen, you can also check out my random mash-up of it too...

08.16.10 - 11:45pm
i made it back to chapel hill yesterday afternoon after a lovely week in georgia for the athens popfest and i thought i'd share a handful of the bands i got to see in the latest show, which is now ready for your eager ears!

08.09.10 - 7am
so we've got the new show up extra early this week as i'm getting ready to go on vay-cay-shun. yay. we're off to athens, georgia for the athens popfest. i went to the kindercore popfests there in 1998 and 2000 and i've been itching to hit the hhbtm-curated fests ever since they started them a few years back. if you're gonna be there too, drop me a line!

08.02.10 - 11:45pm
wow, i was feeling wiped after yesterday's four hour drive straight into a three hour wxdu show. i was pretty sure that this week's show would have to be wrapped up tomorrow night... i don't know exactly what happened over the past five hours but we can all tune in to find out!

07.26.10 - 11:30pm
after last week's excursion to early nineties ohio we return to present time for the latest show with plenty of 2009 and 2010 releases (and other select non-hits from the past one hundred years...)

07.19.10 - 11pm
so guided by voices has gotten the 'classic' lineup back together for some shows this fall and since i never gave them a proper farewell i thought this week's show would be a great chance to offer folks a proper introduction to the classic era of gbv. so if you haven't listened in awhile or you're planning on dragging a signficant other that you weren't dating in 1996 to see gbv this fall, tune in!

07.13.10 - 8pm
so things took an extra day but after you've heard the latest show you'll have no doubts it was worth it... i'm trying to get back to including more local music so we've got amazing tracks this week from double me, max indian, horseback and superchunk (yeah, that's a gimmee, but their new singles is drop dead amazing!)

07.05.10 - 11pm
i hope everyone in the u.s. and canada were able to enjoy a long holiday weekend. i was off today and used the time to slooowly get things together for a new show. i also had a bunch of cassettes from burger records sitting around so we've got a whole set of burger cassettes in honor of the burger records caravan of stars tour going on right now.

06.28.10 - 11:45pm
just finished up the latest show, a little late again. i spent another hot june weekend in dc, ostensibly to accompany my girlfriend to the 2010 a.l.a. conference but you and i (and probably her) know a cloud nothings show might have had a little something to do with my travel plans too!

06.21.10 - 11:45pm
the new show seems to focus on two of my favorite areas that just don't meet up enough... the 'chocolate' sounds of indie pop and the 'peanut buttery' goodness of less structured experimental music. if someone wants to start an unstructured experimental indie pop band, please let me know... i'm totally in!

06.14.10 - 11:30pm
after a quiet may, things pick back up in this week's show with an in-studio set from david dondero. he's headed out on a two month tour later this month to support his new album, so check him out when he swings through your neighborhood...

06.07.10 - 11:30pm
i've got that justin bieber/ludacris song stuck in my head - even putting together the latest show couldn't distract me from it... fortunately for you, i didn't play it in the show... unfortunately for my girlfriend, i just learned how to play it on banjo! c-am-f-g forever!

05.31.10 - 11:30pm
it's the fifth monday of the month AND memorial day, so you know that this week's show will be... the solid show you expect every week. we don't play favorites with national holidays or crazy fifth weeks, every monday gets its show!

05.24.10 - 11:45pm
the latest show features a whole mess of tracks from abums that are available as a free download. i really need to write out my thoughts on music promotion, free leaks and file-sharing one of these days. here's the abstract for you- use bandcamp.com

05.17.10 - 11pm
after a busy spring, i think things are getting ready to settle in... this week's show came together fairly naturally and so i'm going to take that as a harbinger for the upcoming spring/summer... always look on the bright side of life, right?

05.10.10 - 11:15pm
the new show just went up and in other news, i think someone just called me out for stuff from the footloose soundtrack showing up on my last.fm profile... fortunately i have no shame about such things and encourage folks to check out the footloose soundtrack, the second spice girls album and the 2xcd chicago anthology with all those cetera and post-cetera singles...

05.03.10 - 11:30pm
may has arrived and i'm feeling a bit optimistic. we're just one week into year nine of nlfn and things are gearing up nicely with the latest show... stick around and we'll see where the next fifty shows take us!

04.26.10 - 11:30pm
i'm very happy to be celebrating the eighth anniversary of nlfn online in this week's show and even happier to have simon joyner join the party for an in-studio set. here's to the next eight years!

04.19.10 - 11:45pm
i hope everyone remembered to go out and celebrate record store day this past saturday... i certainly did and now i'm sharing some of my spoils in the latest show. we'll be back next week (possibly a little late) with the eighth anniversary show!

04.12.10 - 10:30pm
the new show is up and i've had a rough week dealing with the passing of my grandmother and the stress of a quick trip north to see her one last time.

04.05.10 - 9:15pm
got this week's show up just in time for the men's basketball ncaa championship game. i'm a somewhat closet-ed duke fan (i work at their rival) so i gotta jet for tip-off! (11:40pm update- WAY TO GO DUKE!)

03.29.10 - 8:30pm
the latest show is up nice and early on monday night, which works out well since i'm on my way out the door to see junkers, the fresh & onlys and king khan and the shrines! this is crazy - i haven't managed going out to a concert on monday night in forever...

03.23.10 - 9pm
it has been a mighty stressful winter for me and i'm hoping that things might start to even out again this spring. in the meantime, nlfn continues to plug away with an occasional delay and i'm happy to say "you can now press play" on this week's show... (hey that didn't rhyme- what a poetic tease!)

03.15.10 - 11:30pm
back to monday nights for the latest show. with all the hubbub the past couple weeks i forgot to mention a new nlfn-related release. liza kate came through last fall and wowed me enough that i asked her to play my birthday party. she was equally taken with her nlfn session and holidays for quince has now released it digitally via bandcamp.

03.09.10 - 8pm
my monday night radio plans were foiled once again, this time by a splitting headache that had me in bed by 9pm... i woke up early though and got some prepwork done before work and now this week's show is all set for your eager ears.

03.01.10 - 11:30pm
march has arrived and so has the new show. things are beginning to thaw and i have the urge to get out and do stuff. we'll see how that affects the show!

02.22.10 - 11:45pm
i've almost fully recovered from last week's flu and i sure as heck wasn't gonna let it delay me two weeks in a row. so i'm happy to post and let you all know that the latest show is up monday night, just the way it should be...

02.16.10 - 10pm
so after about eight years, i had to use my first nlfn 'sick day'... i got sidelined with the flu yesterday morning and so this week's show is going up a day or so late... to make up for it, we've got a in-studio set from our old pal jason anderson who hasn't come by the show in five years... hopefully he'll be back much sooner than that for another go!

02.08.10 - 11:45pm
the latest show is up. virginia was hit with another foot or two of snow this weekend and so i was stuck here in chapel hill. to cope with all the free time i started cataloging and organizing my 7"s... i wasn't playing them. i wasn't encoding them... just getting all their details into a google document and i still couldn't finish in the span of a free weekend. however, it's a good first step towards encoding them all and sharing them with you in future (like, 2011) shows!

02.02.10 - 12:30am
north carolina got hit with a big ol' ice/snowstorm this weekend and everything has been moving a little slow lately. i can't exclude myself from that statement either after shoveling my driveway yesterday, i'm moving a little bit slower... which is really just a long-winded excuse as to why i'm getting the new show up after midnight.

01.25.10 - 11:30pm
i'm wondering if 2010 is going to be the year of the free download release... it seems like this week's show is just overflowing with them from the likes of subpop records, the argyle wishlist, montag and coyote clean up. it's definitely a step towards working with your audience rather than against them.

01.18.10 - 11:45pm
we're back with the latest show just before the stroke of midnight... our second in-studio of the year comes from the gorgeous south china out of maine. apparently they're buds with cursillistas, who just did a set two weeks ago. check out the show for details of just HOW small an indie world it really is in maine...

01.11.10 - 11pm
i feel my first cold of 2010 coming on, but with the help of some steamy lemon ginger tea i was able to put together this week's show and still babble on about the umpteen bob pollard releases scheduled for release this year.

01.04.10 - 11:30pm
2010 has arrived and so has the first show of the new year. we've even brough along some friends to help celebrate... cursillistas join us for our first in-studio set of 2010 in the second hour of the show!

12.28.09 - 3pm
just wanted to drop by quickly and post the final show of 2009. 2010 is right around the corner and i'm sure it'll bring plenty more excitement here at nlfn! have a great new year...

12.21.09 - 11am
and the 2009 holiday show is finally unveiled! i didn't get it up as early as i had hoped (it's been a loooong week) but i hope it's here early enough for to brighten you spirits whether you're at work, home or traveling.

12.14.09 - 11:30pm
the holiday hustle has begun. i just posted this week's show and i still have two more shows to do in the next six days... plus all the other non-nlfn holiday things i haven't finished yet like presents and my annual holiday mix cd... we should be back later this week with the annual xmas show, until then you can stream all of the previous xmas shows.

12.07.09 - 10:30pm
anytime i head to new jersey, you can be sure i'll be doing a little collection development (as my librarian girlfriend has affectionately dubbed it) at the princeton record exchange... this thanksgiving was no exception and so the latest show is the third volume in the nlfn budget binge series. all the music in this week's show was purchased from the budget section at the princeton record exchange on black friday 2009.

11.30.09 - 11pm
i've successfully navigated the first holiday front and have made it through to the other side with this week's show in tow. how about taking her out for a spin?

11.23.09 - 10pm
we've got the new show up and sounding good after a relatively quiet pre-holiday weekend... as i look at the storm on the horizon of the next month i reaaaally appreciate that quiet sunday morning i was granted. hope you have a peaceful holiday week too!

11.16.09 - 11:45pm
i'm a bit exhausted tonight after a long weekend in baltimore for a jandek show but i powered through to finish this week's show... my monday duties are completed so i'm off to sleep (that's where i'm a pirate!)

11.09.09 - 10:30pm
since we're in the midst of an in-studio lull, the latest show seemed to be an ideal moment to indulge in a theme set... of course, one theme set became three related theme sets and wham-bam, the second hour of the show is taken care of.

11.02.09 - 11pm
we're just an hour away from my birthday and i just unwrapped a present for you... it's the new show! if you'd like to drop off large present in person for me i'm having a small birthday party here in chapel hill this weekend, email me for details...

10.26.09 - 11:55pm
it's still monday, but just barely! it's rather appropriate that this week's show is up so late, as the the in-studio set from knight school was recorded in the middle of the night. so pour yourself a cup of coffee and join us for our special night owl nlfn.

10.19.09 - 11:30pm
and the early streak is predictably broken with a manic monday evening spent crafting the latest show. there's a sweet spot between having too much time to get things together for a show and not having enough time... one day i'll have to do a study to figure out long that is. either way, both make for interesting results!

10.12.09 - 5pm
and for the third week in a row, the new show is up a fair bit earlier than usual... to up the ante, we've even got an in-studio set from the fantastic my teenage stride that was recorded in the middle of the night... i may have to explore doing more in-studios during the witching hours!

10.05.09 - 8:30am
louisville has been louis-vly this weekend, lots of good food and good bourbon. i made sure to prepare this week's show before i left town and it features a fabulous in-studio set from liza kate. the show also has a song from the love language, a local band that announced (the day AFTER i recorded the show) that they had signed to merge. apparently i know what bands will be in the news before it even happens.

09.28.09 - 6pm
well, my trip to louisville got postponed a week so i ended up with a quiet weekend and now we've got the new show up a little earlier than usual. of course, now things return to indy 500 pace to get ready for traveling THIS weekend, so get your requests in early!

09.21.09 - 11pm
it's the last day of summer and we've got a new show to help you ease back into the grind of school, work, or unemployment. we've got an in-studio set from some new friends to share too - st. st. (pronounced 'saint street') were out on tour last month with invisible river and eleanor murray and we had just enough time to get a few songs down by them that you can now check out in the second hour of the show.

09.14.09 - 11pm
after a few years of online communication, i got to meet mr. anonymous monk himself last month. while he was here i persuaded him to record an in-studio set with his new project invisible river. it's found a home as part of the latest show, so give it a listen!

09.07.09 - 7:30pm
it's been a quiet afternoon working on this year's labor day show. i have my windows open for the first time since the spring and it's starting to smell like fall in my house.

08.31.09 - 11pm
it's another fifth monday of the month show and we've got our fourth in-studio of the month too courtesy of eleanor murray. eleanor is from the mythical land of olympia, washington and she swung through town this past week on a great big summer tour with some other other oly friends (who we may also hear from this fall)...

08.24.09 - 11:30pm
after a failed attempt a few years back, i'm happy to have (wooden) wand by for an in-studio set in this week's show. james toth has been known by a few names (and a few labels) over the past few years and after all that uncertainty he's come out the other side as just 'wand' (although i'm guessing you could also call him 'wiser' wand)...

08.17.09 - 9pm
we're taking our fairly typical triweekly break from live in-studio sets in the latest show to make room for lots of other live stuff, including a handful of selections from the best live show i've seen in ten years or so.

08.10.09 - 11:30pm
for the new show we've brought more friends from foreign soil by for some in-studio action. australia's royalchord swung by on an off-night from their u.s. tour to make dinner and record a late night in-studios set. the pasta is long gone but the songs remain to kick off the second hour of the show.

08.03.09 - 11:30pm
i just wrapped up the latest show and it's full of friends both old and new... like an in-studio set from reality psychic, which is the new noisier project from our old friend leyna noel. tune in to see what all the fuzz is about.

07.27.09 - 11:30pm
wow, i'm surprised i managed to get the new show finished after the totally awesome madness that was the merge twentieth anniversary party (aka xx merge) this past weekend. everyone brought their a-game (especially lambchop!) and like everyone else that was here, i'm already thinking about the 25th.

07.20.09 - 11:30pm
well it seems i spoke too soon last week... this week's show is all wrapped up but unfortunately, due to a failing hard drive, it lacks the planned in-studio guest... i'm trying to save fabulous in-studio sets from eric carbonara and the paper hats but i am not optimistic. a quick psa - if an important drive acts at all peculiar you will either replace it or regret it, there is no third option!

07.13.09 - 11:30pm
so somehow as spring turned to summer i found myself inviting a handful of amazing solo instrumental performers by for in-studio sets. the latest show features the first of the glorious glut courtesy of uncle woody sullender who works his magic with a banjo and laptop.

07.06.09 - 11pm
this week's show starts on a bit of a sad note after the death of bobby ubangi last week. i only found out a day or two before he passed that he was even sick and it's sad to see someone with such promise go so young. not to turn him into an elliott/jude/nick/kurt (i'm sure he'd hate that), his music just seemed like a friend that'd be coming by nlfn regularly and i'm disappointed we didn't get to know each other better.

06.29.09 - 11:30pm
we wrap up the month of june with a fifth monday show and as promised, we've got our fourth in-studio set of the month courtesy of austin's literature... i managed to randomly meet a member of the band in boston before they were a band and a few years later they ended up at my place in chapel hill to record for us!

06.22.09 - 11:30pm
a few weeks ago i was excited to have sunset swinging by my place for an in-studio set. i was going about my usual business, getting everything set up for their arrival... until the power went out! they showed up fifteen minutes later and with a little flexibility on everyone's part, we recorded a set anyway and it's up now as part of this week's show!

06.15.09 - 11:30pm
hey folks, just a quick post to get the new show up. i've had a friend visiting this weekend and he was kind enough to let me finish the show yesterday afternoon... which means that yes, the show has been done for over 24 hours yet i'm still only just sneaking in under the monday wire.

06.08.09 - 11:30pm
jumpin' june continues in this week's show with an in-studio set from hell-kite. ann from hell-kite is out on tour with stephen steinbrink and an inpromptu in-studio set was a chance both of us were willing to take!

06.01.09 - 9:30pm
june has arrived and it's already looking to be a busy summer for nlfn. the latest show just went up and it features an in-studio set from stephen steinbrink- a fellow far too talented for his age. it's good to know there's another generation of great music coming our way (i guess i'll know i'm turning into 'my parents' when there isn't!)

05.25.09 - 10pm
the memorial day show just went up and summer is indeed lurking around the corner. although that may mean plenty of beer, bbq and afternoons at the river we're not gonna slack here at nlfn... there are five mondays in june and i think four of those are going to have in-studio sets!

05.18.09 - 11:30pm
i just finished up this week's show a few moments ago. the lightning from viking moses last week is still in the air, so you knew the thunder of golden ghost was bound to follow. sure enough, we've got an in-studio set from the 'ghost this week with a bunch of songs off the upcoming album!

05.11.09 - 8pm
we've got the latest show all set to go and it features the fourth in-studio set from our pal viking moses. it was almost exactly five years ago that i met brendon when he and dylan from tiger saw passed through north carolina for a few shows and a nlfn set. since then, both of those fellows have been regular visitors and i'm always happy when i get to turn the porch light on and set a mic out for them and their friends!

05.04.09 - 10pm
thanks to everyone for all your kind wishes this past week. the best way i can think of to repay the kindness (you know, without money) is to do what i do best and that's post a new show.

04.27.09 - 10:30pm
wow, so seven years later and nlfn is still going strong... we celebrate the occasion in a special anniversary show featuring an in-studio set from jandek. i was astounded when there was a jandek live show four and a half years ago and would never have imagined nlfn could host an in-studio. i wish i could explain exactly how it happened but considering the insanity of the situation and my respect for the privacy of corwood industries all i can say is 'enjoy'.

04.20.09 - 11:30pm
hey folks, we're still a week away from the big day but we're getting the party started in the latest show with an in-studio set from rozi plain and all sorts of other awesome stuff. the show sounds so good i'm a little worried about trying to top it next week!

04.13.09 - 11pm
no in-studio set in the show this week as we're taking one last deep breath before we gear up for the seventh anniversary show, which is just two weeks away. will there be an amazing in-studio guest...? probably! will there be a site redesign...? not quite yet! (but if anyone is itching to help, drop me an email!)

04.06.09 - 11:30pm
so i just finished up another great show for your enjoyment and edification. we've even got a 'guest sermon' by the pictish trail who cover a few tracks by their favorite bands on fence records in the second hour of the show.

03.30.09 - 11:30pm
spring is definitely here and both the daffodils and indie tours are in full bloom. we're marking the occasion in this week's show with our first in-studio set of 2009, from our pals the besties, who passed through chapel hill this weekend and recorded half a dozen killer numbers for us!

03.23.09 - 9:30pm
i actually had time to prep the new show a bit last night so it shouldn't have been such a surprise that things suddenly fell into place as early as they did tonight. i'm pretty much always a bit surprised with the way shows turn out which i guess is what keeps me doing this after seven years (or twelve, if you go back to my fm origins)...

03.16.09 - 11:30pm
i shouldn't have mentioned the beautiful weather last week as i'm pretty sure it's been raining ever since i wrote that. but rainy days are great for listening to music and futzing around on the internet so this week's show managed to benefit a little from the poor weather. i guess there always is a silver lining on those rain clouds.

03.09.09 - 11:30pm
the weather here in chapel hill has finally begun to turn towards spring and i got to spend a good bit of this weekend outside in the sun. unfortunately, there was no time for sunset porch-sitting this evening if i wanted to polish up the new show for posting. but watch out- i've gotten my taste of them and i'm looking forward to many more in the coming months before it gets too hot!

03.02.09 - 11:30pm
despite waking up in another state to a snowstorm, we're back "on-time" with the latest show. keep your fingers crossed that the roads won't by icy tomorrow morning for my show at wxdu... or had you forgotten about that "every other tuesday morning starting at seven" part of the theme song?

02.24.09 - 10pm
wow! i knew that my involvement in jandek's 'chapel hill sunday' would wear me out, i didn't realize i'd be knocked out to the extent that i'd collapse monday night before completing this week's show. thanks for the twenty-four hour loan of your patience, i hope the show has enough 'interest' to make up for it!

02.16.09 - 11pm
so i think i finally managed to catch up on sleep this weekend and get the latest show up at (what has become) the usual hour... it's a good thing too, as jandek pulls into chapel hill this weekend (amongst other music events) and i'm anticipating a sleep deficit and alcohol surplus in the budget...

02.09.09 - 10pm (p.s.t.)
i had an amazing indiepop weekend flying out to portland for the magic marker tenth anniversary party with tullycraft, boat, dear nora and the galactic heroes... my sleep schedule has been thrown a little off and so this week's show is a little later than usual (unless you're still on west coast time, like me!)...

02.02.09 - 11pm
thanks to everyone who sent in a note last week with regards to our drone/pop survey... i'm glad to know we're pretty much doing things right and i think the new show feels extra confident after the (no)love-fest.

01.26.09 - 11pm
i just posted the latest show and it's a perfect example for something that came up in an email disccusion this past weekend. i occasionally worry that nlfn doesn't fall into either the straight-indie or straight-experimental camp. my playlists tend to walk a tight rope where there's probably too much noise for the pop kids and too much rock for the avant kids. i get bored listening to too much on either end of that spectrum and my theory is that other folks do too. so drop me an email and let me know where you fall- more weird, more pop, or chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter-is-awesome!

01.19.09 - 6:30pm
having the day off today made getting the new show up at a reasonable hour a fairly simple proposition. i don't usually get political but this week also marks the last nlfn under the bush administration. they've been steering things for the u.s.a. the entire time the show has been online and i'm looking forward to the coming days, weeks, months and years!

01.12.09 - 11pm
i've had a glut of great material to play the past two weeks, which is always a very peculiar pleasure. the latest show definitely benefits from having a deep crate of good material set aside and there's still plenty off stuff waiting for next week, so be sure to stick around!

01.05.09 - 11pm
welcome to 2009 folks... nlfn is racing straight out of the gates with a new show and we're not looking back - at least not until the end of april when we celebrate seven years online! until then, onwards and upwards...

12.29.08 - 8am
i hope everyone has had a lovely holiday season. i'm down in florida visiting family but made sure to record the last 2008 show before i left. see you next year!

12.18.08 - 8pm
i like to let my friends unwrap their christmas presents early so i'm happy to share with you the annual christmas show a full week before christmas. plenty of good cheer inside, but if that's enough you can stream all seven holiday shows for over fourteen hours of holiday spirit!

12.15.08 - 11pm
wow... i may have my indiepop license revoked if word gets out about the new show... there are a couple twee-ish tracks in there but the show is a lot more rawk, scuzzy, noisy, droney and blissy than usual. popkids don't have to worry quite yet- the christmas show next week will return nlfn to its awkward pop stance.

12.08.08 - 11:30pm
managed to squeak out this week's show admist all the holiday music preparations. my holiday mp3 collection was probably the worst casualty of this summer's hard drive crash so i've been rebuilding it better... faster... stronger! the annual holiday show is in less than two weeks (i'll probably post it early) so get your request in early and feel free to stream all the past xmas shows in the meantime.

12.01.08 - 11pm
i arrived safely back in north carolina this morning and, after a few hours at the office, got to work on undoubtedly the most important task of the day - the latest show! being away for five full days meant i didn't have a huge stash of new mp3s at the ready to dig through, so i fleshed out the usual fare with a bunch of compilations and tributes i recently unboxed and encoded. hope you enjoy it!

11.24.08 - 11:30pm
and we're back to posting the new show just shy of midnight... that lasted about as long as most folks stick to the old "exercise before/after work" pledge. next week will likely be a late show too as i'm headed up to nj for thanksgiving (which also means a trip to the princeton record exchange, yay!)

11.17.08 - 11pm
it's been another busy monday evening assembling this week's show for the nlfn world. i'll occasionally stress about the show when chatting with friends on monday night but it's really hard for me to imagine what monday's would be like without nlfn at this point - i hope you feel the same!

11.10.08 - 9pm
i'm so dedicated to the nlfn cause that i passed up a free ticket to tonight's duke basketball game so that i could instead finish the latest show in a timely fashion... i really shouldn't be laying out any sort of parental passive aggressive guilt trip though - especially considering i still get to see tomorrow's duke game!

11.03.08 - 6:30pm
hey, it's my birthday! you may have missed my party on saturday (with sets from nlfn friends erie choir, viking moses and golden ghost!) but at least you have the birthday show that i put together today... stay tuned because we might get to hear some of the birthday sets later in the month!

10.27.08 - 5pm
just sneaking a quick study break to post this week's show... next monday is my birthday and (as my luck goes) the exam is on tuesday- thanks s.o.a.!

10.20.08 - 7pm
i've entered the period of almost non-stop studying for the next actuary exam which means that prepping the latest show was a good way to productively procrastinate... as opposed to all those non-productive ways like catching up on gossip girl and project runway (okay, so i did those too!)

10.13.08 - 11pm
as i promised last week, the new show is up before 11:30pm... hey, thirty minutes is thirty minutes - especially when it affects my bedtime! yes, i am definitely becoming an old man.

10.06.08 - 11:30pm
so this week's show is the fifth show in a row to go up at 11:30pm... i know indie rock isn't known for it's promptness, but i'm going to resolve to get the show up earlier. consider it my campaign pledge to you. please note that since it's a campaign pledge, you can't get angry when i drop it within three months!

09.29.08 - 11:30pm
we've got a lovely fifth monday show all set to go full of great music and potential gossip... ah, music and gossip, you'll hear both of 'em here first!

09.22.08 - 11:30pm
just finished up a new show for ya'll and i'm stoked to share it with you... in addition to the usual spate of new releases, i spent some extra time digging through the late eighties and early nineties last week for the show. i think it adds a nice touch!

09.15.08 - 11:30pm
i was inspired to do some serious cooking when i got home tonight, so it took me a little while longer than usual to get cooking on the latest show. it's been simmering for a couple hours now and i'm pretty sure i'm ready to serve up a two hour helping for you...

09.08.08 - 11:30pm
just finished fixing this week's show... i was about to post it, dotting all the i's and crossing the t's when i realized i hadn't written down a track i'd played... half an hour of a little creative editting and you'd have been none the wiser if i weren't such an open book. i just can't lie to you!

09.01.08 - 10pm
finishing up a lovely three day weekend here in chapel hill and i've found things got exponentially less busy with each passing day. which meant, of course, there was plenty of time today to put together the new show today AND enjoy my new outdoor swing.

08.25.08 - 11pm
i'm very excited to post the last show of august as that means labor day and beautiful fall evenings are just around the corner. goodbye hot, humid summer in north carolina! (for another nine or ten months, at least)...

08.18.08 - 11:30pm
this past week was the big switchover from old to new computer and we're slowly approaching stasis, as i've managed to craft a new show. there are still a whole bunch of kinks to be worked out between the warring tribes of software, hardware and music files before some form of dominance is established for the next several years of nlfn. wish me luck!

08.11.08 - 11pm
as i hinted at last week, this week's show has an in-studio set from our old friend alina simone. and just for fun she's not playing any of her own songs or even singing in english. well, maybe not quite *just* for fun - her whole set draws from her new tribute to russian singer yanka dyagileva entitled "everyone is crying out to me, beware".

08.04.08 - 9pm
it's been a productive evening so far. i managed to record an in-studio set for next week with an old nlfn friend AND finish the new show before 9pm... which means i'll be in bed at a reasonable hour for my wxdu show tomorrow morning... because listening to billy sugarfix sing the 'every other tuesday morning starting at seven' part of the theme can be very frustrating some monday nights!

07.28.08 - 7pm
working stiffs don't get many 'snow days' in the winter, let alone in the summertime, so i was pretty psyched when i got to work to find my office without any power and was sent home... so i spent the day lazily working on the latest show and drinking red wine. alas, all my procrastinating/drinking powers couldn't keep me from finishing up a few hours earlier than usual so you'll just have to enjoy the early treat!

07.21.08 - 9pm
after i move i'm usually living out of boxes for a couple weeks while i settle in. well this past weekend i moved (i.e. upgraded) my computer and i'm currently computing out of a cardboard box so that i can still put together a new show for you. hopefully i'll be all moved in by next week and we can have a proper housewarming show!

07.14.08 - 11:30pm
cutting it a little close this week with the self-imposed midnight deadline, but i couldn't let this week's show be anything short of fabulous. tim gunn expressed concern but i took his words to heart and managed to make it work. (ps. project runway starts up again wednesday, if you're completely lost right now!)

07.07.08 - 6pm
just got back from a long weekend in south carolina and things are moving towards back on track with a brand new show. thank goodness for all sorts of great new music, since my personal library is still half-gone.

07.01.08 - 11:30am
this week's show is going up twelve hours late after some computer issues came to a head last night (let's just say, please pray that i don't have to re-encode the 400gb of CDs between N-Z i may have lost). in much better news, this week we've got an in-studio set from half-handed cloud in the second hour, just the thing to lift my spirits when the (micro)chips are down...

06.23.08 - 10:30pm
so this is the first monday of summer and it's june and all and i just realized that the new show starts off with a song called 'don't get married'... i'm not bitter, i just play bitter on the internet.

06.16.08 - 7:30pm
i'm not quite back in north carolina yet after taking an extended weekend to celebrate my girlfriend's birthday and tullycraft travelling as far south as dc. of course, i couldn't let a monday evening pass without posting the latest show. it's a great one and features the sophomore in-studio set from our friends in golden ghost.

06.09.08 - 11:30pm
i'll forego any apologies for tardiness and just get down to the nitty gritty. the new show is now up and features an in-studio set from lake, an awesome band who will hopefully be getting more attention soon. i know they've got mine!

06.02.08 - 10:30pm
i took the latest in my series of nerdy math exams earlier today so the latest show is a bit later than usual and i am much more exhausted than usual. i think you'll find that the show still came together quite nicely though. enjoy!

05.26.08 - 9:30pm
it's memorial day here in the u.s. and while i wasn't able to invite everyone over for a picnic, i was able to invite our old friends flaspar by to record an in-studio set for a memorial day show... their last in-studio was the first nlfn set to be etched into a vinyl record (now sold out) and their new set is strong enough that it may follow a similar path!

05.19.08 - 10pm
a memo must have gone out last year to the australian indie pop community touting the lovely land of durham... first the lucksmiths passed through north carolina last fall and then the cannanes played a frickin' house show at my pal craig's place last week. needless to say, i dropped them a line and they were more than happy to swing by beforehand to record an in-studio set for us that i was more than happy to share as part of this week's show.

05.12.08 - 9:30pm
i love having in-studio guests come through but sometimes the shows that are the most fun are when i just grab whatever catches my ear and try and make it all fit together somehow. the latest show falls into such a category and i'm very pleased to hear the beauty that came out of the mess i threw at my metaphorical turntables.

05.05.08 - 11pm
this monday evening brings a rockin' new show filled with all the stuff the kids like. we've even got an in-studio set from the bright lights to get them dancing and makin' out. oh, to be a kid again...

04.28.08 - 11pm
and we're arriving in style this year for the sixth anniversary episode of no love for ned online. we're not going to celebrate alone either - our friends the strugglers have a brand new album out this month on acuarela and randy swung by to play a handful of songs that will likely end up on the -next- strugglers album. even on an anniversary we're looking ahead and 2008 will continue to be an awesome year for nlfn. thanks for listening!

04.21.08 - 11pm
well i hope you all were good little indie rock consumers this weekend and visited your local record shop to celebrate record store day... i sure did and i weeded the garden of used 7"s there (did anyone else ever weed the garden on mother's day?) for a set in this week's show... and one final holiday reminder for you - next week is the sixth anniversary of nlfn, so get your cards and requests ready and drop them to me at ned@noloveforned.com!

04.14.08 - 10am
i'm out of town again as my grandfather's memorial service was this past weekend. so you're in luck and the new show is up much earlier in the day than usual. it also features another set of my grandfather's old big band 78s, which i was able to finish transfering in time for the service.

04.07.08 - 10pm
april is upon us and we've got the sixth anniversary of nlfn coming up at the end of the month. in the meantime though, the latest show has a present from our old pal viking moses who passed through north carolina last month after a far too long absence. while he was in the area, he and some friends recorded his third in-studio set for us. in addition (and in contrast) to his typically amazingly hauting solo performance, a couple songs feature what is possibly the largest band i've ever heard behind him.

03.31.08 - 9:30pm
it's a special fifth monday show this week and the extra two hours this month are put to good use. the weird pop and experimental music from around the world is allowed to take its time and find its niche in the show rather than slamming it in as some of those hip college radio kids (he says with a wink) are wont to do. mmm... smooth segues...

03.24.08 - 10pm
i just posted the new show and it's another solid entry in the nlfn canon, anchored by an in-studio set from samara lubelski. she's been making amazing music in groups you either know or should know for a dozen years now (go ahead and google her, i'll wait...) and i'm sure you'll agree that her solo albums really shine. get out your sunglasses (and cheesy metaphors) and prepare to be blinded in the second hour of the show!

03.17.08 - 9pm
after a slow start to 2008, we really kick things into gear in the latest show with our first in-studio of the year. it's from none other than our old friends the spinto band who have a new album all set to drop later this summer. they knock us out with full band versions of three new tracks and two impromptu acoustic numbers that you might just recognize!

03.10.08 - 11pm
just got back to town in time to finish up this week's show. of course, if i wasn't going to be back in time i would have done it before i left. i am just that dedicated to you. you might say i'm the kind of radio dj you could bring home to mom (and not just because i can talk to her about motown!)

03.04.08 - 1:30am
i received word late last night that my grandfather had passed away at the age of 88. i was actually in the midst of assembling the show for today when i got the call but all that got put aside. i ended up spending most of this evening transfering some of his old 78s to my computer and i decided to share some of them and some of my memories of my grandfather in the latest show.

02.25.08 - 9:30pm
i've had a few bouts with caffeine-related insomnia this month and another one hit last week after i finished the show. so what did i do? i started pulling stuff together for this week's show! i should make more decisions about what to play at 3am cause things get reaaaaally far out when you're trying to kill moonlight by coming up with sets for your next show. tune in to see just what i'm talking about...

02.18.08 - 9:30pm
home recording has come along way in the past ten years thanks to the digital revolution but i still miss the hiss and compression of analog home recording. apparently i'm feeling particularly nostalgic right now as the new show features all sorts of awesome sounds recorded over the past forty years to the much more permament medium of magnetic tape. for full effect, i suggest recording the show to a blank cassette and listening to it in your walkman - your ipod is not the same!

02.11.08 - 10am
the latest show is up early this week as i'm out of town once again. if you've listened carefully enough to the show over the years you've probably heard me talk about my devotion to the spice girls in a completely non-ironic way. they're finishing up their reunion tour this month and i got the chance to see them at a small arena in new jersey last night. all that needs to be said is that it was TOTALLY AWESOME.

02.04.08 - 8:30pm
wow, time flies by. i just realized that two weeks ago was the 300th nlfn. which makes this week's show the 302nd show and makes me late in celebrating another milestone. maybe i should be measuring in metric weeks?

01.28.08 - 7:30pm
spring comes a little early in the indie rock world... you can see budding new releases at least a month before the daffodils and although it's still only late january we can already see their little green mp3s popping up through the frozen blogosphere. of course, we here at nlfn like to anticipate the change in the weather so the latest show hits with all sorts of 2008 goodness!

01.21.08 - 10pm
i've been enjoying the freedom of working without an in-studio net set the past few weeks. the shows have been zigging and zagging in unexpected and pleasurable directions without that anchor in the second hour and the brand new show is no exception!

01.14.08 - 10pm
it's monday evening and the latest show has just been revealed. it's turned out to be a lovely wintry show full of psychedelic and jazz notes so find your nearest forest and your favorite sweater and turn your headphones up...

01.07.08 - 9pm
hope everyone is settling in nicely to the new year and taking all their resolutions seriously. here at nlfn we've resolved to kick ass in 2008 and we're starting off with a great new show to prove it. don't say we didn't warn you!

12.31.07 - 4pm
and we're closing out 2007 with one final show, but nlfn will be back even stronger in 2008... maybe we'll even finally do that redesign that's been six years in the works!

12.20.07 - 11pm
as i promised on monday, the sixth annual holiday show is up a few days early to get you through your last day workday before christmas, get you through to the office christmas party or even accompany your office christmas party. and if you're the type to party for twelve hours straight i've updated the complete holiday stream with all six christmas shows...

12.17.07 - 8pm
i only make a passing mention of it in this week's show but it's worth reiterating here. according to alex ross today is the hundredth anniversary of atonality. we check in briefly with a representative from corwood industries in the second hour of the show to see how far it's come in that time.

12.10.07 - 7pm
i just put the latest show up and it's a perfect example of the symbiotic relationship between dj and listener we foster here at nlfn. last summer i played a song by geoff reacher. one of you heard it and emailed geoff, letting him know where you'd heard it (ps, it's always cool to do that) and when geoff scheduled a date here in chapel hill, he emailed me to set up an in-studio set... and here we are, the snake eats its tail.

12.03.07 - 10pm
december has arrived and i'm happy to welcome an old friend back for a second in-studio set in the latest show. john mccauley of deer tick came through about two years ago and wowed me with a solo set. since then he's put together a band to really let his honky-tonk fly and they took off on a journey through a whole bunch of new songs for us!

11.26.07 - 9:30pm
i spent the holiday weekend visiting family and friends in new jersey. anyone who has ever met me knows that meant a trip to my favorite east coast record store, the princeton record exchange. so after the sucess of last january's exploitation of amoeba record's budget bin it was only natural to do it again with 'budget binge, volume two' in the new show. heck, we can ever turn this into a little public service announcement. this holiday season, why don't you consider taking home an unwanted cd from your local budget section instead of that shiny new cd from best buy? and please don't forget to spay or neuter your drummer!

11.19.07 - 7pm
well i guess this year is less noise-vember and more ned-vember as we continue my birthday party celebrations from earlier this month. when i decided to have a birthday party with music, my first call was to nlfn-theme composer billy sugarfix to see if he was up for it. not only was he up for it, he brought his friend shannon along to sweeten the harmonies. you can catch them all yourself in this week's show.

11.12.07 - 8:30pm
i've never been one to hoard my halloween candy and this year i've expanded to sharing my birthday gifts in the latest show. a few friends agreed to play acoustic sets at my birthday party last week and naturally, i set up a couple mics. closing out the night was a set from new neighbor hiss golden messenger who just moved to town this fall. people are still asking me about his amazing set and i'm happy to share it with everyone that couldn't make it to the party.

11.05.07 - 8pm
i had a fabulous 30th birthday this past weekend with lots of friends, lots of music and lots of friends playing music. i hope to share some of it with you all next week. in the meantime though there's a new show to keep you busy with lots of awesome stuff. i may be getting older, but i'm not getting any lamer! waitasec, does that sound right?

10.29.07 - 8:30pm
october has been quite the international month here at no love for ned - each of the four bands that have recorded for us hail from a different country. for the latest show we head halfway across the world to visit with the brunettes from new zealand. their whirlwind world tour has left the north american shores but before they left they recorded four mementos of their perfect pop.

10.22.07 - 3:30pm
we've got things together a little earlier than usual for this week's show due to a fairly quiet weekend. speaking of quiet, a few weeks ago rock plaza central stripped things back a bit for their in-studio set and it has now found a comfortable spot in the second hour of the show.

10.15.07 - 9:30pm
after the excitement of last week's in-studio, it's a good thing this is a bye-week. so for the new show we take a little time to regroup and explore all the weird stuff that fall new release season has to share from awesome indie-poppers tullycraft to soul legend bettye lavette (backed by the drive-by truckers, no less!)

10.08.07 - 10pm
ohmygoodness, i just finished the latest show and boy does it have a treat for you. since early in my radio 'career' i've been a huge fan of the lucksmiths and have had the opportunity to see them in nyc a few times. when i moved south five years ago i never expected them to play a show down here, let alone do a set for me, but here we are in october 2007 with an in-studio set from the lucksmiths on nlfn. in closing i'd just like to repeat my thoughts once more - ohmygoodness!

10.01.07 - 4pm
fall has kicked into high gear and things are super busy with lots of bands passing this way. last week my friends in magnolia electric co. came through town with drakkar sauna and the next morning we decided to sit a few mics in front of the drakkar boys. the magnolia boys even shouted and stomped along for the first song before they had to hit the road. you can hear the results as part of the latest show.

09.24.07 - 12pm
i've been up in boston this past weekend as today marks four years that my girlfriend has put up with me and my radio show. it's probably as rough as dating a guy with kids. heck, maybe it's worse - sleep-overs with bands are noisier and smellier. in any case, she definitely deserves an appreciative nod and i start and end the new show with just such a gesture.

09.17.07 - 7:30pm
i've just posted this week's show and it's full of pop! pop!! pop!!! i almost felt guilty, but then i remembered you should never feel guilty about pop music. pop maestro michael holt also joins us for an in-studio in the second hour... in sadder pop news, thomas hansen aka st. thomas passed away last week. there are a few details available from his label racing junior.

09.10.07 - 10pm
we're back with the latest show and even after five years there are apparently still 'firsts' for nlfn. i'm very pleased to share an in-studio set from italy's jennifer gentle in the second hour of their show. they're the first in-studio guest we've had from the continent (aka continental europe) and they've set the bar pretty high for those that will surely follow.

09.03.07 - 7:30pm
i'm up in boston helping my girlfriend move-in and set up her new apartment (labor day indeed!) but i made sure to record a new show before i left. i also made sure to find an open wireless point down the street, since the cable guy has yet to arrive.

08.27.07 - 8pm
we're back on our regular schedule to bring your weekly dose of nlfn. this week is packed with extra pop punch courtesy of colin clary, who swung by on his way to the athens popfest and brought his acoustic guitar. (begin troy mcclure voice) you might remember him from such bands as the magogs, the smittens, the part time losers, and the four color manual.

08.21.07 - 12:30am
i just got back from a weekend trip north and managed to bring a little of the nyc avant scene back for the latest show. the duo of mary halvorson and jessica pavone have played with all sorts of folks in the nyc scene in ensembles small and large. they swung by to share a little bit of their new album together out on skirl records and some stuff stuff that's absolutely brand new.

08.13.07 - 9pm
it's time to share the new show, which i might describe as a brilliant mess. also in the brilliant (but not mess) category is mr. lee hazlewood. i gave a brief eulogy in the show last week but wanted to bring him up again. i couldn't sleep a week ago and checked my email only to find he had passed away after which i really couldn't sleep. instead of doing a straight-out tribute set this week, i've decided to throw hazlewood numbers into the shows here and there all month.

08.06.07 - 7:30pm
the stars have aligned for this week's show into that magical formation known as either serendipity or marketing (depending on how naive you'd like to be). the fabulous sarah asher brought her ukelele's by for an in-studio set and played a few songs off her new album. it comes out tomorrow on tract records and if she weren't so durn good, that might make one suspicious!

07.30.07 - 9pm
for a special fifth monday show in july, we've got a special in-studio from bishop allen. the three tracks they tackle mark the third recordings i've heard of each of them in the past year. they all appeared on the monthly eps from 2006 and are now gussied up a little more for their new album on dead oceans (pst, it just came out last week). their in-studio set takes the opposite approach and strips 'em back to ukelele, glockenspiel, guitar and melodica.

07.23.07 - 8pm
it's the week off for our in-studios but the latest show is anything but weak. we've got fresh-brewed indie pop that's plenty perky and some far-out there experimental stuff to balance it all out. check it out and let me know if you have any requests!

07.16.07 - 8:30pm
it's monday evening and we're all set to unveil this week's show with an in-studio set from the fabulous casiotone for the painfully alone. owen breaks out an old one, a few new ones, and maybe a few friends for us in the second hour of the show.

07.09.07 - 8:30pm
i had a great time putting together the latest show. i'll refrain from being an ass (for once) by not making the obvious pun about this week's in-studio guest, the donkeys, instead settling for a vague allusion to it. in any case, we strapped down those california burros and didn't let 'em leave chapel hill until they'd recorded an in-studio set. the evidence suggests they do well under pressure

07.02.07 - 12pm
i'm out in portland for a long 4th of july weekend. i'm not the only one benefiting though - you get a new show earlier in the day than you might be accustomed to, since i had to have it finished before i left. next week i'm sure we'll return to our regular monday evening schedule.

06.25.07 - 9:30pm
with boston figuring larger and larger in my life as the months go by, i get psyched every time i come across a great band from the boston area. so it was pretty damn awesome that for the latest show i was able to snag a great band from the area, hallelujah the hills. reviews of their album keep referencing guided by voices, but i keep hearing beulah. which is kinda like saying to me, "ned, you can't have any more hamburgers, there's only steak left". needless to say, i look forward to seeing these fellas in their hometown soon.

06.18.07 - 10pm
we've got another show and another fabulous guest for you this fine monday evening. ben and vesper passed through town this past weekend and took time to swing by with songs and strawberries (thanks again). both turned out to be sweet summer treats and i'm happy to share the former with you (the latter, alas, are all gone!)

06.11.07 - 9:30pm
i just got back from another boston trip and raced to put together the latest show. as always, i work well under pressure and there's some cool stuff going on in the show. if you want to know what the hell i'm talking about, i guess you'll just have to listen!

06.04.07 - 10:30pm
june has arrived and so has another show. school's getting out for everyone so it's time for celebrating. kool and the gang weren't available, so instead we've got an in-studio set this week from flaspar to help everyone get down. i mean, would kool and the gang even be ironic enough for the indie kids to get down to?

05.28.07 - 8pm
it's a national holiday here in the u.s., but i've opted to turn my ear more globally in the new show. or maybe that should be more globally local - as we take a brief listen in the second hour to some of the noise coming out of calgary... tune in and see what's happened since the '88 olympics left town!

05.21.07 - 9:30pm
the min-may celebration continues in the latest show. In addition to the second half of minmae's psych in-studio set, we've got all sorts of psych from minimal to pop to acid to indie...

05.14.07 - 9pm
so i've decided i get to give all the months in the year indie rock names. this week we continue the process started last noisevember by introducing you to minmay. to commemorate the occasion, the new show features portland's own minmae, back for another in-studio set... so if i continue christening months twice a year, i figure i'll be finished by by sometime in 2012...

05.07.07 - 8pm
whew, after the big party last week it's good to take it a little easy. the latest show is up and instead of an in-studio, we just roll through all sorts of great new music and take the chance to play a few longer tracks. you can't call me lazy though - this is the earliest the show has gone up in months!

04.30.07 - 11:30pm
we're a little late this week - we've been too busy celebrating five years of no love for ned online. evil wiener came over earlier tonight to party and while they were here they recorded an in-studio set that's part of the five fabulous frickin' years anniversary show. evil wiener has long been chapel hill's best kept secret, like indie rock russian missile codes. i'm happy to end the indie rock cold war and share them with you!

04.23.07 - 9:30pm
folks might remember that 2004-2005 seemed to be the age of kimchee records in-studio sets... it seemed you couldn't go a month without a tiger saw or a chris brokaw or a 27 in-studio. well the 2006-2007 era seems to be dedicated to asthmatic kitty bands and the salute continues with the latest show, featuring an in-studio set from canada's shapes and sizes. their new album comes out in four weeks and they laid down four tracks from it just fo(u)r you!

04.17.07 - 10:30pm
duke energy has come through and restored power to the nlfn house and i've come through by finishing a new show. to make up for the tardiness, we've got an in-studio set from golden ghost... okay i can't fib- we were going to be haunted by golden ghost even if the power hadn't gone out yesterday. the power actually went out immediately after i finished mixing down the set, coincidence?

04.17.07 - 10:30am
i've been without power since yesterday morning which has obviously delayed the latest show... hopefully it'll be corrected by the time i get home from work but i'm not entirely optimistic - they still haven't done anything other than put orange cones around the tree blocking 3/4 of the road.

04.09.07 - 10:30pm
it's monday evening and i've just finished up this week's show. not that you're surprised - we've been hitting you every monday for nearly five years now. we're just three weeks away from the momentous occasion - don't forget to bring a gift! (even if it's just gas station flowers on your way home from work)

04.02.07 - 10:30pm
the tigers have aligned in support of the latest show. tiger saw release their fourth album tomorrow on tract records and they came by for their third in-studio sporting a five-person band and a funkier sound... tune in and see just why i use lionel richie right after their set as a segue back into things!

03.26.07 - 11pm
so the new show just went up and features another up-and-coming band (which seems to be the theme of the month)... texas' tacks, the boy disaster came by and recorded an in-studio set. their sound has a few dozen different points of reference- what's your favorite?

03.19.07 - 10:30pm
this past week found me in boston for the fourth time in the past six months... i finally had time to explore some of the record stores, so stay tuned for some boston bargains next week. in the meantime, you'll have to settle for this week's show, which covers the indie alphabet from the bartlebees to boulez, and maybe a little beyond.

03.12.07 - 11:30pm
just got back from a jaunt to richmond and managed to finish the latest show before the midnight hour. the second hour this week features an in-studio set from arrah and the ferns. i've been smitten with their new album this winter and like any good love story, odd coincidences brought us together- in this case my love for both guided by voices and jandek (who i saw in richmond, to bring things full circle).

03.05.07 - 8:30pm
kicking off march is a fantastic new show featuring an in-studio set from someone still loves you boris yeltsin. they ransacked my collection of instruments and i broke out the four-track for one last analog session. you can hear the end result in the second hour of the show!

02.26.07 - 9:30pm
as always, monday evening means it's time for this week's nlfn. no in-studio guest, just lots of great music... feel free to hit me up with requests for next week: ned@noloveforned.com

02.19.07 - 6pm
we're not even two full months into 2007 and we've got our second hidden treasure from ohio in the latest show. psychedelic horseshit step up for an in-studio set and throw forty years of garage rock in our faces. (ps- they're headed out on tour again in a week!)

02.12.07 - 9pm
i'm pleased to draw back the curtains on the new show to reveal a bunch of great music and an in-studio set from... the curtains! they recorded the first in-studio set of 2007 in early january and will hopefully forgive my terrible pun.

02.05.07 - 9pm
we took some time in the second hour of the latest show to pay tribute to joe hunter, who passed away this weekend. joe hunter was the first person berry gordy hired for motown records and stuck around for the first half decade of motown, serving most of that time as bandleader. he played piano on several hundred motown tracks in that time (with little acknowledgement) and we'll sample just half a dozen or so of his great performances.

01.29.07 - 10pm
last week red from peter & the wolf had a little bit of unattributed help. they were shrouded in mystery as not to spoil the surprise for this week's show (like i did with edith frost and the zincs a year ago!). but now the curtain can be drawn back to reveal the latest in-studio guest- dodo bird. red returns the dodo's favor of course and adds some whistles, foot stomps, and toy-piano licks.

01.22.07 - 9:30pm
i just put up the most recent show and i hope you haven't closed the books entirely on 2006 yet. one of my favorite records came out late in the year and people outside of texas are only just picking up on it now. for those of you who aren't familiar with peter and the wolf yet, we've got an in-studio set this week to show you why "lightness" should be on your best of 2006 lists...

01.15.07 - 7:30pm
one of my favorite things to do is scour the budget section of a good record store. i had the opportunity to do just that when i was in san francisco for christmas last month and i thought i'd share the fruits of my labor with you in the latest show. all of the music this week was pulled from the budget bin of amoeba music, my favorite west coast record store.

01.08.07 - 9:30pm
so much summery pop music comes out of sweden that i have a hard time believing they actually experience winter. fortunately for those of us that are feeling winter's chill, the new show should help warm things up with a visit from sweden's acid house kings. they were in the neighborhood last summer and recorded a great in-studio set that's sure to chase the winter blues away.

01.01.07 - 7:30pm
and we've arrived in 2007 with the first show of the year on the first day of the year... 2007 is a big year for nlfn. we'll have been doing this thing online for five years in april. to start off this big year it's only appropriate to have an in-studio set from a band that will also have a big 2007. times new viking have two albums coming out this year, one next month on siltbreeze and then their matador debut this fall - their killer set features songs from both of 'em!

12.21.06 - 11:30pm
christmas falls on a monday this year but i'm not going to make you wait until then to open your present - i just unwrapped the 2006 holiday show for you. the four previous shows are also still available (2005, 2004, 2003, and 2002) and i even set up a ten hours stream of all of them as a little stocking stuffer.

12.18.06 - 9:30pm
i couldn't let 2006 end without bringing one more chapel hill band by for an in-studio set... so check out the latest show for lots of great music and an in-studio set from erie choir, who make their sophomore appearance supporting their debut album.

12.11.06 - 10pm
wow, i'm spent... gave it my all to make it to indianapolis and back this weekend for the jandek show and then gave all the rest to this week's show... i wouldn't have been able to do it without the rallying in-studio set from two dollar guitar to make me bring my a-game. just more evidence that when your band has tim foljahn, steve shelley and chris brokaw in it, everyone else around is gonna be firing on all cylinders trying to keep up!

12.04.06 - 9:30pm
while the latest show doesn't have an in-studio set, it does draw on the history of nlfn in-studios... over the past three years a bunch of bands have played unreleased songs for us and i thought it'd be nice to hear what they eventually did with them in the studio. so we revisit six formerly unreleased songs in the second hour that have finally graduated to a studio album- they grow up so fast, don't they?

11.27.06 - 9pm
the month of noise-vember concludes with a new show featuring a second improv jam from mouthus and yellow swans... drop me an email and let me know if you'd like to celebrate again next november- i'm definitely game!

11.20.06 - 6pm
we're celebrating something in the show this week, but it's not the usa-centric thanksgiving... it's the international holiday known as noisevember, which lasts thirty days every year! to celebrate we've got an in-studio collaboration between mouthus and yellow swans, who toured briefly together this fall but only jammed together for us!

11.13.06 - 9pm
i powered through a headache to finish up this week's show. oddly enough, by the time i was done my head didn't hurt... so like any bad scientist (or possibly good creation scientist) i will state unequivocally that the new show cures headaches!

11.06.06 - 10:30pm
it's november and we've got another nlfn alumni back for the latest show. late last summer, get him eat him came by and recorded one of my favorite in-studio sets (check out the show to hear for yourself). so when i found out they'd be coming through town just 368 days later, i had to bring 'em back and they happily obliged.

10.30.06 - 8:30pm
i've put together a fabulous show to cap off the month of october... things start off with a short halloween set (check out the 2005 halloween show for two hours of spookin') but that's not all! to mark the 'encore' monday this month, we've got an 'encore' in-studio set recorded when minmae passed through town earlier this spring... after they finished the planned setlist, i asked them if they wanted to keep playing. sure enough, they did!

10.23.06 - 8:30pm
i just put up a brand new show featuring lots of great music... no in-studio guest this week, but plenty to come in upcoming shows. to make amends, here's a little link that'll play all of the shows in a random order. that's nearly 500 hours of nlfn goodness to keep you busy!

10.16.06 - 9pm
fall is the season of new releases and the latest show is chock full of the best out there. of course, i did save room in the show to invite some friends over to play. the weird weeds came by and recorded a fabulous set for us (and hey, they've got a new album out on sounds are active, so i guess they fit!)

10.09.06 - 10:30pm
hey cool cats and kittens there's a great new show up featuring the pop stylings of the smittens. i'm sure you'll love 'em as much as i do! (and i promise to lay off the rhymes for a bit)

10.02.06 - 8pm
there's a great show all ready for your eager ears. some local, some brazilian, the rest from elsewhere in the world. if you have any requests for next week, drop me a line: ned@noloveforned.com...

9.25.06 - 10pm
i spent the weekend in cambridge visiting my gal but made sure to come home in time to squeeze a new show in before monday came to a close... i did a little hosting myself for the new show- pit er pat came by to record an in-studio set earlier this summer and it's up as part of the new show... they've got a new album coming out in a couple weeks on thrill jockey. is it an indie rock coincidence or an indie rock conspiracy?

9.18.06 - 8pm
i just finished up the new show which means it's about time you take your indie rock medicine... and to help it go down easier (not that we're not smooooth here are nlfn) we've got an in-studio set from annie palmer to serve as your spoonful of sugar.

9.11.06 - 9pm
hot dang... another monday, another show. that's just the way it goes around here. people have been known to say that the only things you can count on are death, taxes, and a new nlfn each monday... i guess one out of three isn't too bad, right?

9.04.06 - 7pm
labor day is never a day off for nlfn so the latest show just went up... of course, there's no need for rest when there's an in-studio set from the spinto band in the second hour of the show. their last album has been one of my favorites from the past year and they spent one of their evenings off from their summer tour recording a few tracks from it for us!

08.28.06 - 8:30pm
it's the last week of the month and the new show is up. never one to let things go out with a whimper, we've got an in-studio set from new radiant storm king in the second hour of the show... they've been making fabulous music together for more than fifteen years and they were kind enough to share fifteen minutes worth with us!

08.21.06 - 6pm
back to school time is upon us and it's time for some schoolin'. fortunately, you've got nlfn as your friendly TA. so consider the latest show your first lab section on indie rock new and old...

08.14.06 - 10pm
a lovely new show is now up and features a lovely in-studio performance from the lovely feathers... don't let that daintly sentence fool you though, they'll hit you like a ton of indie bricks (which coincidentally weighs the same as a ton of indie feathers).

08.07.06 - 9pm
as the summer slowly cools in august i start thinking about house shows- those informal events that you invite a bunch of friends to where the division between performer and audience isn't very distinct. the new show aims to capture a little of that with an in-studio session featuring four great songwriters who all happened through my home one july afternoon... jana hunter, phosphorescent, tiger saw, and st. vincent each take a turn at the mic (and occasionally sing along, like any good house show audience). there's beer in the fridge and plenty of room on the floor, so come join us!

07.31.06 - 9:30pm
i just put up a fabulous fifth monday show, crammed with great stuff from all over the world... tune in to get your full serving of new releases lovingly encrusted in hearty nuts from the past thirty-some years of underground music and grilled to perfection... and i have officially taken that metaphor too far.

07.24.06 - 8:30am
i've had a lovely long weekend visiting friends, family and rock clubs up north and before i begin my return journey i thought i'd post the new show for you all to enjoy. even though i've been out of town, i haven't been slack - we've got an in-studio set from jetpack in the second hour. their pop songs are modern yet still reminiscent of the great pop writers of the past... great stuff!

07.17.06 - 6:30pm
there have always been people making music a little more askew and the latest show seems to have become a celebration of them... in the second hour this week we've got an in-studio set from the aum rifle, who have been putting out great fragmented cd-rs and attracted the attention of shrimper records... it's followed by a short tribute to syd barrett, who passed away early last week...

07.10.06 - 8:30pm
just finished up the brand new show and i hope you enjoy it... no in-studio set this week means there was plenty of time to explore and let things go where ever they might flow... so there's lots of great stuff, both old (and i mean old!) and new (so new it's not out for months!)

07.03.06 - 9pm
my holiday weekend was interrupted by work today (who schedules holidays on a tuesday... bah!) but that's not going to stop the party in the latest show... we've got minmae back for a second in-studio set to get your barbecue rocking... now that i think about it, they'd actually be a great live band to do an afternoon barbecue party... hmm, maybe next year.

06.26.06 - 5pm
the new show is up and features an in-studio from the manic pop band hi red center that features way too many music degrees. i was turned onto them last summer by sean of the cocker spaniels and was glad they had time to stop when they passed through town this spring... i'm sure you will be too!

06.19.06 - 1pm
so this week's show is now available and it's still quite early in the day... having completed a degree in mathematics and studied a fair share of psychology i can safely report that how late show is posted is inversely proportional to how much work i have to do... so i should get back to work!

06.12.06 - 8:30pm
i just put up the latest show and it would seem that june is shaping up to be the month of bluesanct records. we've got a great in-studio set from vollmar to follow up his label-mates set from last week... despite the sets being recorded more than six months apart, they've ended up right next to one another... i'm sure it says something about the company they keep and the ties that bind...

06.05.06 - 9pm
the calendar was kind to me and the day of the beast (aka 6/6/6) does not fall on a monday and i felt no obligation to focus on the evil for this week's show... instead we can focus on the second in-studio set from static films, which kicks off the second hour of the show! (and for those of you that want evil, there's always the halloween show from last fall)...

05.29.06 - 9pm
happy memorial day folks... we're back with the latest show, so get the checkered tablecloth and charcoal grill out. i took a little time this afternoon to enjoy the sun and a frisbee before hunkering down to finish the show. i hope everyone had the chance for an outdoor reprieve this weekend as well...

05.22.06 - 8:30pm
i must say that this week's show is a fabulous one... our travels take us all over aural map which seems all too appropriate when the show also features an in-studio set from san francisco band the drift. they've been one of my favorite bands of the past year or so and they were kind enough to lay down two gauzy ballads that start off the second hour of the show.

05.15.06 - 8pm
it's always nice bringing people back for a second in-studio, kinda like going out on a second date. so for the latest show we've brought adam lipman back for another set (although the only thing he "put out" was his set of great songs...)

05.08.06 - 10pm
the new show is a little later than usual as i didn't have time to prepare anything over the weekend... never one to rush, i took the time to meticulously put the show together tonight and now here we both are!

05.01.06 - 6pm
in the midst of the busy end-of-semester season, i've assembled the first show of may for the first of may... half-handed cloud swung by for an in-studio and to help celebrate the arrival of this fine five-monday month... their ten song set is like a two man decatholon of song triathalons- not a feat to be missed!

04.24.06 - 7pm
"it's party time and we're check check checking out the scenery"... the fourth anniversary show just went up and it's a doozy... lots of great new music and an in-studio from your friend and mine, jason molina (of magnolia electric co. and songs: ohia)... he offers up three new songs in the second hour of the show, so get listening already!

04.17.06 - 6:30pm
preparations are afoot for next week's four year anniversary show... in the meantime, there's a new show to keep you company with lots of music from the archives...

04.10.06 - 9pm
we've got a very special guest for the latest show... i was making my perfuctory scan of the local concert listings last month when i did a double take- what the heck was joel plaskett doing this far south? not one to ask many questions, i immediately asked joel one more. fortunately joel said "yes" and here he is in the second hour of this week's show!

04.03.06 - 8pm
it's a stormy april day here in chapel hill and it'd seem that this week's show has a moody psych middle, like an indie rock twinkie... the frosting on it all (in it all?) is an in-studio set from marissa nadler, who recorded a handful of tracks as she passed through town...

03.27.06 - 11am
i seem to be on the ball this week - it's not even noon on monday and a brand new show is already up... if only i could make it continue through the rest of the week!

03.20.06 - 6pm
spring has definitely sprung here in north carolina and in that spirit of growth i've super-sized the in-studio guests for the latest show... deer tick was scheduled to come by and record a set earlier this year and it just so happened that baskettreee was along for the ride. so after recorded a full deer tick set, we set another mic up and baskettreee played an abbreviated set with a little help from deer tick...

03.13.06 - 7:30pm
this week's show has just about the most surprising in-studio guest you could imagine... the zincs! ok, maybe you saw it coming after they backed edith frost two weeks ago... but i bet i threw you off a little by waiting that extra week to post it, right?

03.06.06 - 7pm
the new show just went up and features plenty of music, new and old... i try to delve into indie rock history when there's no in-studio and this week is no exception- prepare to be schooled!

02.27.06 - 8pm
there's reason to celebrate this week- i've just posted the 200th show... i'm never one to celebrate alone, so i invited edith frost to come by for an in-studio set... as often happens at parties, she brought her friends the zincs along and they backed her on four lovely tracks off her new album.

02.20.06 - 9pm
you've been waiting all day and now the latest show is finally available. lots of great stuff, including an in-studio set from mandarin dynasty in the second hour... it's their second visit to nlfn and mike decided to plug in the electric guitar for this one.

02.13.06 - 9pm
hallmark's big marketing blitz has failed to infiltrate the new show this week... i mean, the site is called no love for ned- do you really think i'd play love songs? well actually i would, but you're just going to have to wait until 2011 when v-day actually falls on a monday.

02.06.06 - 6:30pm
february has arrived and so has the latest show... it's also brought the first drum kit of 2006 with it- swearing at motorists came by a few days and kicked out four tracks off of their new album and one acoustic rarity... check it out in the second hour!

01.30.06 - 2pm
we moved servers over saturday night as a cost-cutting measure, hopefully it didn't affect too many people... it definitely didn't affect the new show, which you can now check out... there's even an in-studio set from sam rosen with a little backup from a previous guest- place your bets now folks...

01.23.06 - 3:30pm
it's monday afternoon and the latest show is up... what's more, viking moses came by to record another in-studio for nlfn. he was last through in the spring of 2004 and he's been touring constantly since then, bringing his songs to listeners around the world...

01.16.06 - 1pm
today's holiday has allowed me to get the new show up a little earlier than usual... not everyone has today off, so i hope the tunes will brighten up the afternoon of those stuck in the office today...

01.09.06 - 7pm
the latest show is available now and features an in-studio set from none other than chris brokaw, who has been making great music longer than i've been listening to great music... he's been putting out great solo records the past few years but you might also know him from the bands come, codeine or pullman... (and if you don't, you should!)

01.02.06 - 7pm
here we are in 2006 (practice writing it now folks!) and there's a new show all ready to go... to start the year off right, we've got an in-studio performance by leyna noel...

12.26.05 - 8pm
i'm sure everyone's out of town this week, but there is still the small matter of the last show of 2005... nlfn is never one to leave you hanging, so it's now available in all it's digital glory.

12.19.05 - 2:30pm
christmas and hanukkah are both on the horizon, so i'm happy to present the 2005 no love for ned holiday spectacular... to spike the punch this year, billy sugarfix came by to record a special holiday in-studio... if you're still thirsty for holiday cheer, be sure to check out the previous holiday shows from 2002, 2003, and 2004...

12.12.05 - 2:30pm
the year is coming to an end but there are still more treats to be had... the new show is up and features an in-studio performance from buried beds, a fabulous philly group who are finishing up their debut album this winter...

12.05.05 - 8pm
as promised last week, the latest show has a fantastic in-studio guest... saxon shore came by earlier this fall and gently turned their amps up to eleven, just for us... catch it in the second hour!

11.28.05 - 7pm
made it back to town last night and just put the finishing touches on a new show... new jersey was fabulous with friends, family and record shopping- what more could i have asked for? a few of those new purchases even crept into the show...

11.21.05 - 8pm
just finished putting this week's show up and i'm already looking forward to next week... my favorite holiday of the year is coming up, which means a trip to new jersey and a trip to my favorite east coast record store the princeton record exchange... be back in a week with the details of my exploits!

11.14.05 - 3pm
we're hitting mid-november, when time seems to accelerate and we find the end of the year arrives before we realize it... so take some time to relax and enjoy the latest show, featuring an in-studio set from nat baldwin... mmm. good to the last drop!

11.07.05 - 7pm
november is here and the new show gets things off on the right foot with an in-studio from ohio's machine go boom... this past summer they were voted cleveland's best pop/rock band by readers of the local indie rag- if only all voters had such discerning taste!

10.31.05 - 8am
daylight has broken on halloween and we've got a special halloween show for all you guys, gals and ghouls out there. i was initially going to do a normal show with just twenty minutes or so of spookiness, but i started researching and ended up coming out with an entire show... so get your candy corn out and enjoy a couple hours of ghastly indie rock!

10.24.05 - 9pm
there's no in-studio guests for this week's show, which means the show had room to veer in whatever direction it pleased... it took quite a few left turns, i hope they leave you feeling alright. ps- halloween is next week, so drop any spooky requests to ned@noloveforned.com. i promise to have the show up early in the day so your workday can be haunted by indie rock...

10.17.05 - 8pm
so another show is all ready to go... this week we find the strugglers joining us for their second in-studio set... in the two years since their last set they've expanded from "my local favs" to "everyone's local favs" and they've got a brand new album out this week on acuarela to prove it!

10.10.05 - 8:30pm
it's been raining like nobody's business the past week, so i've had plenty of time to think about what to throw into the latest show... like maybe an in-studio set from palaxy tracks that i've been enjoying for a few weeks now... if you missed them on their recent tour, here's your chance to get a peek and pencil 'em in for next time!

10.03.05 - 9pm
i'll save you the cliched rockober crap, but the brand new show really does start the month off with a bang due, in no small part, to a fantastic in-studio from portland's minmae....

09.26.05 - 7pm
fall has arrived and the latest show is rife with new bands for you to fawn over. what will your new fall jams be? only by listening will the answers be revealed...

09.19.05 - 7:30pm
with school having just started for a lot of folks, it seems rather appropriate that the new show features an in-studio appearance from an old college chum of mine. i met mike ferraro not long after i arrived at rutgers and found he was into guided by voices and sebadoh... since then he's spent time working on his own music and i was more than happy to invite him by for an in-studio when he passed through town recently...

09.12.05 - 6:30pm
we were down for a couple hours today, but after a quick reboot we're back in business with the latest show... to make it up to you, we have an in-studio performance this week from mike tamburo, who'll weave instrumental guitar spells all over your ass...

09.05.05 - 8:30pm
no gimmicks in this week's show, just good music. guaranteed in-studio and cover free (or your money back)!

08.29.05 - 8:30pm
and we'll cap off august's fifth week show with one more in-studio performance... get him eat him, also known as "the boys from brown", came by and recorded half a dozen of their fractured pop gems. and a footnote for the baseball fans, here are the final stats for august 2005- four in-studio performances in five weeks (80 percent) and eleven magnetic fields cover out of one hundred sixty five songs (7 percent)....

08.22.05 - 8pm
it's amazing how busy this august is when compared to last year... for the latest show we have another in-studio guest- please give a warm welcome to alina simone. she's also a new neighbor of mine, having recently relocated from "the big city" to the chapel hill area. i suspect we might be hearing more from her in the future...

08.15.05 - 8:30pm
i've found in radio that themes spring up on you when you're halfway through them... the brand new show is the third in a row to kick off with a magnetic fields cover so i think we might just make august 2005 magnetic fields cover month and start all five shows this month with a m.f. cover... fourtunately, itsmeaningless.com is available to everyone for such needs... it has already proved helpful once this month and just might again...

08.08.05 - 7:30pm
august is moving along and the latest show is available... just for you, we brought the cocker spaniels by to record an in-studio set. it's just for you, really... that's what sean from the 'spaniels said (or at least, i'll pretend he did...)

08.01.05 - 8pm
it was just over a year ago that the nlfn theme song debuted... and now the brand new show features the debut in-studio performance from the theme's composer, billy sugarfix... he treats us to eight brand new songs and an impromptu version of the theme song... i've long considered him one of chapel hill's hidden treasures and it's my pleasure to share him with the world this week...

07.25.05 - 9pm
wow... the new show answers an age old question... what happens when ned gets his hands on too much new music? apparently he goes crazy halfway into the show playing brazilian post-punk, afrobeat, sun ra 45s and poppy prog rock... hope you like it!

07.18.05 - 8pm
the latest show is all up and ready to go...while putting together the show last monday i took a break to invite static films to record an in-studio as then passed through north carolina... between guitars, bass, cymbals, violin, trumpet and clarinet and lots of singers i opted to take my time over the week mixing it down rather than rushing to get it in last week's show... hope ya'll enjoy it!

07.11.05 - 9:30pm
it's the eleventh of july and the corresponding new show is up and available... unfortunately there are no 7-elevens around for me to visit today. although if we were sensible people here in the us, this thought would be occurring to me in november...

07.04.05 - 11am
i'm travelling and lost track of the date a few days ago but i think that today is monday, which means i should get the latest show posted... it is monday, right?

06.27.05 - 12:30pm
from the logs it'd seem people are eagerly awaiting the latest show... i can hardly blame them after word quietly broke last week that band of horses had recorded an in-studio set for it... it's up now, so everyone can breathe easily again...

06.20.05 - 8pm
i thought about writing this entry in haiku and then happened upon an article criticizing all the half-assed haikus on the net. so instead, a rhyming couplet.. the new show is ready to go...

06.13.05 - 8pm
summer is fast aproaching so it's only appropriate that the new show finds an in-studio performance from the lesser birds of paradise... they landed in chapel hill last week and recorded a handful of songs to chirp along to...

06.06.05 - 7pm
we've got the latest show all ready and after the move in may we've got the jive in june (anyone have a better alliterative word to use there?)... we've got the first in-studio performance recorded at the new house this week and it's none other than the extremely talented doug gillard who has played guitar in gem, death of samantha, and cobra verde... (oh, and some band from dayton called guided by voices)...

05.30.05 - 6pm
it's a five monday month and that means a fifth monday show... it's kinda like february 29th, except it happens four times (sometimes five) a year instead of every four years.... and 02.29.16 will be both a fifth monday and a leap day, so that's something to really look forward to... i better start planning now!

05.23.05 - 3pm
the move is going well and the latest show was recorded at the new house after a few fact-finding forays to my old apartment (since the new place won't have internet access until tomorrow evening)... be sure and stick around until the end of the show to play the new game, "early material from people that sold more than a millions records or new material from merge band"...

05.16.05 - 8pm
the new show is up and it might just be the last show to be recorded at my current apartment... after over one hundred shows recorded at this locale, i'm moving a mile or two away this weekend to live in a beautiful, full-fledged house... if only i was more than a tenant...

05.09.05 - 8:30pm
i've got the latest show up and if last week's show was sculpted, this week's show would best be described as a photograph. it came together quickly this afternoon and is a lovely snapshot of this fine may day in chapel hill...

05.02.05 - 4pm
i'm in the midst of a little r&r break (that's rest and recovery, the rockin' and rollin' never stop) during which i've spent some time carefully crafting the new show... it's all chiseled now and ready for any eager ears available...

04.25.05 - 9pm
and the last monday of april brings the three-year anniversary show... this year we've invited david karsten daniels to swing by for an in-studio and maybe some cake... feel free to send any well-wishes or requests to ned@noloveforned.com

04.18.05 - 8:30pm
end of the semester. very busy. can't talk. must post new show. please enjoy!

04.11.05 - 9:30pm
i just finished up recording and posting another show and realized that the three-year anniversary of nlfn online is in a couple weeks... which means there's already over three hundred hours of archived shows available, a fact i find somewhat boggling... if anyone is looking for gift ideas, a site redesign and/or database are at the top of my list (i gave up trying to find the time myself quite awhile ago)... if you'd care to help, drop me a line...

04.04.05 - 8pm
no april fools here- a brand new show is up and features the talented guitar-work of harris newman for a live in-studio performance. he's good enough that you'll soon realize that lyrics are for sissies (and maybe bob dylan)...

03.28.05 - 8:30pm
nlfn is back with the new show and it's full of fabulous stuff... there's no in-studio appearance this week because i realized after seven consecutive weeks of fabulous guests i might be on the verge of raising spoiled indie-rockers... and no one wants that!

03.21.05 - 10pm
just got back from portland and got right to task in order to finish up another show... in addition to lots of great new records, timonium return for an in-studio... this time with the full-band line-up. it had been far too long since i've had a full drum kit in my living room...

03.14.05 - 10:30am
i'm a travellin' man this week- currently in reno for a couple of days and then portland for a few more this weekend... but that hasn't stopped me from putting together a brand new show for everyone to listen to... another travelling man by the name of lazarus also came by and recorded a few songs with his dramatic voice, so it'd seem we're building up the frequent flier/driver miles here at nlfn...

03.07.05 - 8pm
for everyone that's been waiting eagerly, the new show is available and features yet another sophomore in-studio- this time from the fine folk of tiger saw... they brought more people along this time and they all join in the song...

02.28.05 - 11am
i must say i'm very pleased with the way that this week's show came together... there's a great in-studio set from the impossible shapes in the second hour and the rest of show twists, turns and flows in a way i find rather satisfying...

02.21.05 - 9am
you mind be wondering what has motivated me to get the latest show up so bright and early this monday morning... well when you've got an in-studio set from the talented jens lekman of sweden, you neither dilly nor dally... so why are you still reading? listen already!

02.14.05 - 12pm
happy valentine's day folks... i opted not to put together a special love song show for the holiday today... but don't get disappointed yet, as instead the brand new show features an in-studio performance from someone who might be your valentine if you ask him really nicely... jason anderson came by this past week and recorded his second in-studio appearance for nlfn and once again it features all new/unreleased songs!

02.07.05 - 7:30pm
today is a bright sunny february day here in chapel hill, which seems extremely appropriate as this week's show features an in-studio set of sunny pop music by the wintry band the icicles... be sure to check it out!

01.31.05 - 8pm
plenty of happening music in the latest show, including a handful of sixties psych and soul obscurities... of course, those are just the sugary icing on the indie rock cake that all the kids like show up for...

01.24.05 - 8:30pm
and the ship that is nlfn2005 continues to pick up speed after leaving the station just a few weeks ago... the new show features the first in-studio guest of the year- mike uva may not melt any of the january ice many of us are facing but he sure makes staying inside cozier...

01.17.05 - 7:30pm
hah! reverse psychology works again (which is odd, since i study cognitive psych, not behavioral)... after my comments last week a flood of spring releases appeared... so lots of new jams fill out the latest show including ida, brendan benson, and caribou...

01.10.05 - 6:30pm
everything slows down for a few weeks after the holidays, including the music world... so while this week's show only has a couple hott new releases it had plenty of room for gems from the past few years as well...

01.03.05 - 11:00am
happy new year one and all! the inaugural 2005 show is here and the ball is rolling (after dropping in nyc a couple days ago)... i'd also like to help keep the ball rolling for disaster relief in asia. if you haven't already, please consider donating to unicef (doctors without borders say they have enough)...

12.27.04 - 10:00am
for the last show of the year we've got one last special guest. i caught up with darren hanlon as he braved the american winter (it's summer in his native australia) on tour with the magnetic fields... some of you might remember that an appearance of his fell through about two years or so ago, so it's great to finally have him on the show!

12.20.04 - 10:30am
you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, i'm telling you why- the holiday show has arrived for the year. indeed, you get two solid hours of holiday fare (which is nearly fifty tracks!)... and if that's not enough, there are always the holiday shows from 2003 and 2002 to keep your spirits bright!

12.13.04 - 9:00pm
monday night and a brand new show is available for your streaming pleasure and it features an in-studio from another california group- mandarin dynasty. the holiday show is coming up next week, so drop me an email with any holiday requests- ned@noloveforned.com

12.06.04 - 6:00am
i'm out of town for a few days, but you know that never stops me from posting the new show. we've got a sweet tootsie roll center hidden in the second hour of the show- from bubblegum to sky came by and recorded an acoustic in-studio performance. oh how i love hearing indie pop bands do acoustic sets!

11.29.04 - 8:30pm
it's a special fifth monday month, which means a special fifth monday show... what makes it special? besides the vaguely leap year like quality of the fifth monday in a month, the show also features an in-studio performance from adam lipman...

11.22.04 - 8:30pm
and the internation appeal of nlfn continues in the latest show, featuring an in-studio performance from england's own hugh j. and the picnic... there's also some old swedish punk and some contemporary norweigan pop... to appropriate giant sand's most recent album title, no love for ned is all over the map...

11.15.04 - 8pm
so this week's show is up and things are starting to look up for the u.s... canadians are still making their way across the borders to visit and one even came to visit nlfn this past week. indeed, julie doiron came by last night and recorded a quiet, late-night in-studio performance that turned out fabulous... you can hear it in the second hour of the show.

11.08.04 - 8pm
so the last week didn't go as well as we'd hoped... but i've got the new show up now and it's full of pop music, song titles that imply dissatisfaction and a little merzbow for good measure... so how's that for teenage riot?

11.01.04 - 10pm
it's the beginning of november, which means election time in the u.s... i hope everyone who's eligible will do their civic duty tomorrow and set us back on the proper path... to that end, you'll find a song or two with a political bent in this week's show. there's also plenty for those who don't care for politics- like an in-studio performance from barn burning, who came by last month to make a beautiful racket for you...

10.25.04 - 1pm
time for the new show to make its debut. with halloween a week away, there's a slight spooky spirit haunting the show with a song about a black cat and another song by a band called mount eerie (which doesn't actually have anything to do with halloween but just sounds spooky)...

10.18.04 - 5pm
between last week and this week's show there's a good little one-two in-studio punch going... fairburn royals join us this week for a stripped down pop performance. lots of other great stuff in the show as well, so click away and keep those ears peeled.

10.11.04 - 7:30pm
there's another new show all up and ready for your listening enjoyment. to up the ante a bit, tracy shedd came by with her band and recorded an in-studio performance that airs in the second hour of the show... a little bit pop / a little bit bliss / it's something / you better not miss...

10.04.04 - 8pm
the new show is up and it covers a lot of the new class of fall 2004 releases so get out those pencils and paper... and maybe next week i'll try dropping the scholastic puns from these little updates..

09.27.04 - 7:30pm
in the midst of the first crunch-time of the semester, i managed to put together this week's show. that's about all i have time to cover today class, see me at my office hours if you have any questions...

09.20.04 - 6pm
you can hear the hints of the leaves changing color in the new show, and i don't mean that in any sort of rod mckuen way (as i promised to stop quoting him in my postcards)... in any case, enjoy the show and feel free to drop your requests for next week and beyond...

09.13.04 - 9am
after what turned into a summertime hiatus, the latest show features a fantastic in-studio guest. the mendoza line made a stop by the nlfn studios as they begin their month-long tour, laying down a handful of originals and covers... it's really enough to spread out over two weeks but heck, why not gorge this week after our summer diet?

09.06.04 - 2:30pm
this year's labor day show is up... labor day and memorial day are special holidays for nlfn, as they always fall on mondays (just like nlfn)... their coincidence bleeds into the show and my memory so that they become good markers for each passing year...

08.30.04 - 8:30pm
this year august is one of those special months with a fifth show... it's like getting that extra paycheck or that extra weekend... except it's a monday! (today's secret word appears to be "optimism"... yes folks, optimism)

08.23.04 - 6pm
as of today's new show, no love for ned (dot com) is once again student-run radio... so get your pens and paper set and send those care packages to ned@noloveforned.com...

08.16.04 - 9pm
apparently i got so rested and recovered that i made a last minute decision to drive 700 miles roundtrip to athens over two days this weekend... needless to say, i had to wait until today to record the new show. and oh what a night's sleep will do- the show came together beautifully without any coaxing... maybe it was the beer?

08.09.04 - 8:30am
finally rested and recovered... just in time to bring the latest show your way. it gets a bit noisier early in the show for a change but by the second hour the storm has passed and the show floats by like cumulus clouds... hmm. writing that makes me think of carpenters songs (which are unfortunately not a part of that second hour)...

08.02.04 - 10pm
the brand new show is a little later than usual this week due to an insane weekend... i mean, it's not every week that twenty bands on merge record play in town... yep, merge celebrated its fifteenth anniversary this weekend and i caught the beginning and end of it despite a last minute, two day trip north. so there's a bunch of merge stuff in this week's show to celebrate... coincidentally, my first time in chapel hill was five years ago for the tenth anniversary...

07.26.04 - 8:30pm
each week things get a little fancier... the new show kicks off with a brand new theme song, courtesy of billy sugarfix of evil wiener. i've been a fan of them for years now (and he's been a fan of nlfn for months) so it must have been kismet... one of these days our schedules will coincide and i'll lure them in for an in-studio performance...

07.19.04 - 8:30am
earlier this weekend, i started geeking out over the topic of mass settings and how more people interested in minimal psych sort of stuff should really explore them... so in the latest show you'll find the short kyrie section from one of johannes ockeghem's... in addition to that there's some thirty year old korean psychedelic music and a "lost song" purported to have been a showtune written 70 years ago... yes, indeed this week does seem to be the no love for the grove dictionary show.

07.12.04 - 8:30am
i'm assuming champagne toasts were held globally last week in bedrooms and offices alike at the success of the stream upgrades... i didn't hear about any problems, so this week's show has been fashioned from a similar block of granite.

07.05.04 - 9:30pm
i hope everyone in both the u.s. and canada had a great holiday weekend. i've posted the new show and it's another two hours of solid rock from around the globe. the past week have included a number of computer updates... the low bandwidth version (for those still using modems) should sound better, and it's even smaller to boot! the high bandwidth version got a slight bump up in file-size and should sound even more crystal clear. please let me know if you have any problems with things- ned@noloveforned.com.

06.28.04 - 8am
no guest means lots more time for uncontrollable rock in this week's show. in fact, it makes a few ninety degree turns that were even unexpected to me... however, you have the mighty setlist in your hands. so while you may know what to expect, i bet you'll still be surprised... and that's a good thing.

06.21.04 - 9:30am
no, you're not seeing double... i'm just a sneaky fellow. califone actually recorded two great improv sets and you can now check out the second one as part of the brand new show. last week's show (and the other 110 shows i'm not calling out by name in this update) are also, as always, still available for listening too...

06.14.04 - 10pm
wow. i've had a heck of a weekend, travelling about 250 miles each day for the past four days... in any case, the latest show is now up and it features a phenominal in-studio improv from califone, whose car troubles leading to their presence on nlfn actually foreshadowed my own this weekend... indie rock curse or indie rock luck?

06.07.04 - 9:30pm
this week's show is a breather week for in-studio guests, which means i get to squeeze more bands into the show... and goodness if they aren't all great. be sure and swing by next week, because one of my favorite bands recorded a very special set.

05.31.04 - 5pm
i've had a quiet holiday weekend here in north carolina- even spending memorial day itself recording the new show, which finds tiger saw from boston joining us for an in-studio set... the quiet weekend ends very soon however, as i'm off to see beulah in a few hours... fortunately i have a week to recover my voice before the next show, cause there *will* be hooting and most likely hollering as well...

05.24.04 - 10:30pm
the latest show is now available for streaming... smack dab in the middle you'll find an in-studio performance from viking moses, a fellow whose voice commands the power of the seas.

05.17.04 - 9am
joining us for this week's show is maine's very own seekonk... they share four gorgeous numbers that gently ring with acoustic guitars and vibraphone. if only tinnitus rang this sweetly...

05.10.04 - 10pm
i managed a thirty six hour vacation this weekend in asheville, north carolina. so i returned and recorded a two hour vacation for you all in the form of a new show.

05.03.04 - 9pm
six organs of admittance swung through to play a special set in the latest show, and it sounds mighty fine. in other site news, i'm looking to renovate the site, so any suggestions on that front would be most welcome- drop me an email: ned@noloveforned.com

04.26.04 - 9am
it's celebration time- this week's show marks two years since no love for ned went online... we even invited a live band to the party- the long winters came by to play a few songs. and gosh, there are gifts too? yep- every single show from the past two years is now available online, easily accessible through the archive link below. btw- if any links are broken, please let me know, as i had to make a few hundred edits over the weekend and the probabilities say i screwed at least one of 'em up...

04.19.04 - 10:30pm
good evening everyone, hope you haven't been waiting too long for the new show to be posted. it's a pretty mellow set, so feel free to warm a glass of milk, grab a book, and settle down into bed while listening. we'll be back with the rock and another guest next week...

04.12.04 - 8:30am
joining us for this week's show is jason anderson of wolf colonel, playing songs so new they're not even on his just-released album "new england"... lots of other great stuff in there too, so be sure to check it all out...

04.05.04 - 11pm
the new show is up, just before the crack of midnight... although there'd be more left in the evening if it weren't for that evil daylight savings time...fie! speaking of occasional evils- the newest version of realplayer is apparently less so. download it at the link below and follow these directions and you too can be a happier listener...

03.29.04 - 9pm
as promised/hinted at/typed softly in your ear, 27 came by last week and recorded a few songs for this week's show. the two year anniversary of nlfn is coming up next month... if anyone is planning a surprise party, don't let it slip...

03.22.04 - 9:30pm
springtime is upon us and a new show has sprouted. it's still a bit chilly but the sun is shining brightly. seeds have been planted to bring more bands into the studio in the coming weeks, the first harvest should appear next week...

03.15.04 - 7am
i've had a lovely time in paris this past week- i've actually spent the past day or so reminding myself to post the new show today. days just kinda slide by when you're on vacation. in any case, i'll be back in north carolina in a day or so and preparing next week's show, so drop me an email with any requests at ned@noloveforned.com.

03.08.04 - 3:30pm
this week's show is now available and as i've mentioned intermittantly over the past few shows, i'm leaving tonight for a week in paris. maybe i'll visit the louvre... maybe i'll eat lots of cheese and fine wine, but we all know i'm really there to stalk herman dune...

03.01.04 - 9pm
as promised, the latest show features an in-studio performance. joining us this week is the virginia reel, from (...drum roll...) north carolina?. they debut a new member in their set (having just joined this week), and the uncertainty and play between the two gives the performance an exciting edge (that's a good thing).

02.23.04 - 10pm
the new show is now up, after quite a busy weekend... you'll also note the lack of an in-studio guest this week. despite best intentions, two separate performances fell through this weekend... there will be an in-studio next week (*fingers crossed*) but from there i think we'll being moving to a more realistic two a month...

02.16.04 - 8:30am
the only sure way to not get a snow day is to act like the administration has already called a snow day... which means i dillied and dallied last night, waiting until midnight to record the show for today. in any case, the port huron statement ventured out in the cold from their raleigh, north carolina homes to warm your stereos with a few live tracks. so take your mittens off, kick back, and enjoy.

02.09.04 - 8:30am
despite the winter cold, this week's show brings cub country out of hibernation to play a few songs for us. the server also made a slight move the end of last week and the site was down for a bit- email is still occasionally bouncing so bear with me for a day or so in that regard...

02.02.04 - 8:30am
the latest show contains the second part of the jeffrey lewis performance, where his band picks up the pace... you can still hear the solo part in last week's show if you'd missed it. (insert friendly reminder that the three most recent shows are always available)

01.26.04 - 11:30am
so here comes the new show, featuring the first half of an in-studio performance by mr. jeffrey lewis... he's an extremely talented musician and artist from new york that's already taken off in england (and i know this is really the case, cause i can already here the british nlfn listeners cheering from my apartment in north carolina)...

01.19.04 - 4:00pm
while the northeast deals with the big chill (and i'm not talking about the movie), i'm dealing with my first winter cold of the year... but the latest show is now up and wouldn't you know it? this week's guest is suntan, whose name probably reflects the scorching wall of sound they craft their melodies over...

01.12.04 - 9:00am
another monday... another new show. that's not to suggest boredom but rather the clockwork mechanics that bring the rock each week. joining us this week are erie choir, who are the latest in a long line of great chapel hill groups.

01.05.04 - 8:00am
happy new year everyone. in the latest show we have a very special guest in the form of arab strap, who came by and recorded an acoustic set during their recent u.s. tour. you do not want to miss this...

12.29.03 - 12:30am
i've spent the past week between reno and san francisco and time zones have me all mixed up... i fly back tomorrow, but before that i wanted to share the last show of the year with you... it's quite a coincidence that i'm flying tomorrow, as this week's guest is none other than landing, who came by and recorded a twenty-some minute excursion just for us...

12.22.03 - 9:00am
it's the monday before christmas and all through the house, a new show was posted by this little mouse. the songs were all packed with holiday cheer, and just for one week- there's also last year's!

12.15.03 - 12:00pm
spent the weekend failing to write a paper... during breaks, i managed to put together the new show for ya'll which features the first (of presumably many) chapel hill group to appear in the online show (technically, shark quest appeared on nlfn-fm five years ago). i'm speaking of none other than the strugglers, who are not your typical guy and guitar thing... this is a guy and a *voice* (and, well, technically a guitar).

12.08.03 - 9:00am
five fellows, four laptops, one guitar and a whole lot of cables came by to play on this week's show. each took a turn in the spotlight, so we have sounds from [[vvrssnn]], y.a.c.h.t., lucky dragons, dirty projectors, and bobby birdman. nearly half an hour of live nlfn madness...

12.01.03 - 8:00am
december and cold winds have finally arrived, but there's also a new show knocking at your windowpane. joining us this week is cara hyde, who you may know as the drummer for the band v for vendetta but you should really know for her own songs and guitar prowess.

11.24.03 - 8:30am
things continue to roll along here at nlfn. the latest show features in-studio guest snoozer, who graced us with half a dozen pop hits- alternating between moog, bass, and guitar...

11.17.03 - 11:15pm
i'm proud to say that schoolwork actually delayed the brand new show this week. but it's here now and features a timonium acoustic performance... which is something i'd call a big deal- how often are bands with such a dense sound willing to strip it down?

11.10.03 - 9:30pm
joining us in this week's show is mr. parker paul, who belted out a great pair of songs for us in the grand tradition of the great quirky songwriters. plenty of other great stuff happening in the show too... as always, feel free to drop requests my way- ned@noloveforned.com

11.03.03 - 8:00pm
it's my birthday and here i am at home with bands on the way to record for you... if that ain't DEVOtion... in any case, the latest show is now available and features none other than a live performance from nad navillus, using only my acoustic guitar and casio sk-1. i am left sufficiently humbled.

10.27.03 - 6:00pm
inchworm caterpillar inchworm came by the studio to record a set for the new show. i spent the extra-hour-blessed weekend wandering around washington d.c., where there's always something to discover simply by happenstance...

10.20.03 - 7:00pm
joining us in the latest show is a group called the big huge, who swung by to record a few songs live for the nlfn audience. speaking of swinging, my sleep schedule has been swinging from one extreme to the other lately... fortunately daylight savings time ends for many of us this coming weekend and we gain an hour... some might use it to rock, some might watch the mysterious twenty five hours of doo (scooby doo, that is) on cartoon network... (i think they still do it, right?)... i'll use it to sleep...

10.13.03 - 9:00am
they say the early bird gets the worm, well in this week's show i'd like to give you all the burd. this past week, burd early was good enough to take time from his touring schedule to swing by my place and record a short set for you, which you can hear in the second hour of this week's show. this marks the return of live sets to nlfn and the first of them to be recorded entirely at home... be sure to swing by next week for more surprises...

10.06.03 - 9:30am
i don't know what you're saying this week, but i'll say that another show is now available for you to listen to... maybe i've just left you speechless. yep, that's it. speechless. probably can't even email me... nope...

09.29.03 - 6:00pm
and this week you're saying, "six pm and the new show is finally up." i know you are... it's okay. i have more ups and downs than bill murray's film career (ps- lost in translation is definitely an up)...

09.22.03 - 9:00am
nine am and the new show is up already. now that's more like it, eh? (note, that "eh" was not some stab at canadians. i love ya'll. i've probably spent a year of my life in your fine country, and it wasn't even because i was called up from the reserves)... and heck, there are even some canadians in the show this week. even though they call themselves hawaii. what's up with that, eh?

09.15.03 - 3:30pm
here's the latest show for your pleasure. my class on monday morning runs through lunch, so shows will probably continue to show up mid-afternoon instead of the traditional noon-time hour. if you have any requests for next week's show, drop me a line: ned@noloveforned.com.

09.08.03 - 2:00pm
another show is now available, as is the case every monday. i spent half of this morning sitting in a classroom, which is a position i haven't been in for two and a half years. it was bizarre. maybe i'll eventually convince someone to give me independent study credit for nlfn...

09.01.03 - 6:00pm
hope everyone has had a lovely holiday weekend (at least, those of you in the u.s.). the labor day show is now up... not that the music has anything really to do with labor day... but it sounds so much better than saying "this week's show" or "the latest show" or "another show", doesn't it?

08.25.03 - 11:30am
was hoping to get to wrsu last week to record the latest show 2002 style, but there just wasn't time. i did manage to see belle & sebastian, bjork, sigur ros, and the pernice brothers... so i guess it all worked out for the best.

08.18.03 - 11:30am
the new show is up and i'm up in new jersey for the week.

08.11.03 - 2:00pm
the theme set for this week's show should have revolved around cars, the dmv, and red tape. funny how all the car songs aren't about the frustrations associated with them but the power one derives (or at least pretends to derive) from them... i'm hopping in my car and heading off to new jersey again next week for some great shows, so get your requests in early- ned@noloveforned.com...

08.04.03 - 2:00pm
i got stung by a bee yesterday before recording the show. you'd think i'd use it as an excuse to come up with a clever theme set. but i didn't. but there's a new show regardless. cut me a break... i mean, i was stung by a bee for heaven's sake!

07.28.03 - 11:30am
usually i like to record my show with a beer or two handy. you might can it a perk of recording my show at home instead of some college station where alcohol is a no-no... for the latest show i decided to forgoe such libations... and what happens? i screw up the titles or labels on four different records. tune in and spot the mistakes! (they're correct on the setlist...)

07.21.03 - 12:30pm
a year ago, i'd include some more avant-leaning artists in the second hour of my show and i seem to have returned to that formula for the most recent show. but don't worry, plenty of indie rock and pop and whatnot in the first hour (as well as quite a bit in the second...)

07.14.03 - 11:30am
i'm a bit worn out from a rather long bike trek yesterday, but i still got this week's show together and included more new stuff as promised... drop me a request at ned@noloveforned.com.

07.07.03 - 11am
wow, so much great new music that i couldn't squeeze it all in one show. check out this week's show to hear new stuff from beulah, senor coconut, steve burns, okkervil river, mosquitos, broadcast, and many more... and just wait to see what i had to save for next week!

06.30.03 - 8pm
made it back relatively safely from mexico and the latest show is now up. i need to sleep now!

06.23.03 - 10:30am
good morning everyone. i'm about to head off to mexico for a week, but i made sure to put together a new show for you before i left. i won't be back until the evening of july 1st, so the next show won't be going up until then.

06.16.03 - 11:30am
here's this week's show... let me give a warning that should always be the case- you might hear "objectionable" or "offensive" language in the show. don't play it really loud for your boss or parish priest. unless they're really liberal. in which case, you should play it for them repeatedly... maybe it'll lead to the polyphonic spree serving as your church choir one morning or richard davies writing your next binding contract...

06.09.03 - 9:30pm
the days fly by forming little groups called weeks, leading us to the latest show... doesn't it all seem like just yesterday? maybe i should write emo songs now...

06.02.03 - 11:30pm
spent a long weekend in philadelphia and didn't get back until late last night, so this week's show is a few hours late. hopefully you won't stay mad at me, cause it's a great show and i'd hate for you to miss it!

05.26.03 - 5:30pm
to those of you in the u.s.a., hope you've been enjoying your memorial day... i've spent half of mine putting together a non-holiday related show for ya'll and it's now up. don't worry, i still took time to have a beer today, thus avoiding accusations of communism. feel free to take time on your day off (or you day on, if that's the case) to say hello and send requests to ned@noloveforned.com.

05.19.03 - 12:30pm
another show is now up and running, and pretty soon i'll be running to the oral surgeon. fun.fun.fun. hey, may is tell a friend month. if you like what you hear, tell your best buddy about nlfn. if you don't enjoy it, june is tell an enemy month and right around the corner.

05.12.03 - 4:30pm
my head is in a bit of a daze after another weekend travelling down to florida- i meant to put this week's show up hours ago. but it's there now, and that's all that matters, right? drop requests for next weeks show to ned@noloveforned.com...

05.05.03 - 1:30pm
feliz cinco de mayo amigos. i was tempted to write all of today's update in spanish, but instead i'll just say that the new show is posted and you can check that out. and if you still feel the need for a little spanish, you can run it through babelfish.

04.28.03 - 12:30am
howdy everyone- i'm travelling back from a wedding in florida today so i'm posting the latest show a little bit early. it marks one year since the first show was put online, hurrah! (well, it was 04.29.03, but it's been 52 weeks...) so tune in and enjoy... oh, and my apologies to those who were having problems with last week's show over the weekend... it's been fixed now... a quick tip-editing websites should not be done at 3am before you leave for a trip.

04.21.03 - 1:30pm
this week's show is now online. give 'er a listen and enjoy. and in case you didn't know, the three most recent shows are always available- so you can still hear last week's show as well as the one from the week before that. next week will be the one year anniversary of the online version, i'm baking a cake and saving a piece for you.

04.14.03 - 12:30pm
welcome back everyone... another show is now available for your ears (and possibly your co-workers' ears). one of the problems that's been plaguing the show the past few months has been mostly solved (thanks rockbox!)... but of course, others immediately pop up to take their place... in any case, welcome to all the new listeners (there was a noticeable spike in traffic this past week!) and send your requests my way- ned@noloveforned.com.

04.07.03 - 11:30pm
here's the current show...in the past week i've taken over responsibility for www.songsohia.com and it's being hosted here at nlfn, so i'd like to welcome any s:o fans that have ventured onto the nlfn site. there's a lovely s:o treat for you in this week's show, so be sure to tune in. we'll be back next monday with another new show...

03.31.03 - 11:30pm
just in under the "still monday" wire with the latest show. typical annoying glitches, and i don't mean the kind markus popp from oval specializes in... but the show is there now and nlfn online is coming up on its one year anniversary... if you have any ideas on a good way to celebrate, drop me a line and let me know- ned@noloveforned.com.

03.24.03 - 2:00pm
this week's show is now available for your enjoyment. have a listen and send your requests and comments my way- ned@noloveforned.com.

03.18.03 - 10:30pm
a last minute flight to florida kept me away from doing a show until this evening, but the good news is that the new show is now up and i have a car at my disposal again. but now i must go to bed, as i drove aforementioned car 750 miles today before doing aforementioned show. catch you all next week!

03.10.03 - 5:30pm
another show is up, like clockwork.... (well, k-mart clockwork at least...) feel free to drop me a line and say hello or make a request for next week's show- ned@noloveforned.com.

03.03.03 - 4:00pm
hey everyone, the new show is now up. i would have had it together earlier had a deer not side-swiped me last night. my car currently looks like this. it has not been a fun winter for my car, let me tell ya.

02.24.03 - 10:30am
i spent the weekend back in new jersey, but i did have the foresight to record this week's show before i left. so tune in and think happy thoughts as i head out on my 500 mile trek home to chapel hill.

02.17.03 - 6:30pm
the latest show is a bit trippy- i swear there were no drugs involved. i'll be recording the next show soon, as i'm heading north this weekend (and seeing nancy sinatra!), so get your requests in early!

02.11.03 - 11:30am
yah.. so we skipped a week and this week's show is *really* 6 days early... yah, that's it. have a listen...

02.03.03 - 11pm
sorry i'm late again this week, today was just too beautiful and i guess i couldn't believe it was a monday. the show was actually ready to go up last night and i was gonna post it at like 4am to make up for last week's show being late, but michelle told me not to... so blame her! no. blame me. in any case, here's the show and i hope the fact that there's a lot of great stuff in there will make up for my tardiness. send your requests or scathing emails to me @ ned@noloveforned.com

01.27.03 - 9pm
what a weekend it's been for me- between the super bowl, my car breaking down ($600... ouch), and now my damn computer being hacked i still found time to record another show. all should be well again tomorrow and next week brings a new month and the apples in stereo to town. 'sall good...

01.20.03 - 11am
lots of new music in this week's show. hope everyone is enjoying their day off (if you live in the u.s.). as for everyone else, i hope you enjoy every day... yah. catch you next week!

01.13.03 - 11am
this week's show is now available, chock full of requests. there's a special song in there that goes out to oolong who passed away last week. he brought a smile to my face on just about a daily basis for the past two years. send your requests for next week's show, ned@noloveforned.com.

01.07.03 - 10:30am
kickin' off the new year with a bang, here's the latest show... it's the last to be recorded in nj (for the immediate future) and next week's will be the first recorded in my new home of chapel hill, north carolina where my "bedroom studio" is looking twice as nice as it did up north...

12.30.02 - 12:00pm
the last show of the year has been posted, but don't fret- another year of no love for ned online starts next week. and in the y2k+3 we'll be comin' at ya'll from north carolina. drop me a request for lynard skynard at ned@noloveforned.com.

12.23.02 - 11:00pm
merry chistmas everyone, the no love for ned holiday show is now up for your festive enjoyment. grab some egg nog and have a listen...

12.16.02 - 2:00pm
more pop in this week's show. so much pop that it don't stop. next week will be the holiday show, be sure to gather your loved ones round the fire or computer (but not both, cause that could be a catastrophe...)

12.09.02 - 5:00pm
here it is... i know you've been waiting for today's show and it's up now. i'm in north carolina at the moment amidst power outtages and cold weather, so you'll have to forgive the slight delay. i'll be back in a day or two and getting set for next week's show, so send yer requests my way: ned@noloveforned.com

12.02.02 - 1:30pm
the latest show is now up and available. it's not a halloween show (i'd be 30-some days late), but there are some spooky or scary moments in it. enjoy, if you dare...

11.25.02 - 12pm
i recorded this week's show after getting up at 5am to take a friend to the airport, so things just might get a bit loopy. maybe next week will have more of the same... who knows? for those of you who listen on speakers at work- two songs curse repeatedly. jsbx at about 30 minutes in and ylt in the last 15 minutes...

11.18.02 - 12:30pm
here's another show, appearing as they often do at this time of the week. if you'd like to say hello or make a request, drop me an email: ned@noloveforned.com

11.11.02 - 1:30pm
a new show is up and ready for your perusal and enjoyment. this week i'm also hosting an mp3 by a group from colorado called the little heads - "confines". download it and be sure to check out their website.

11.04.02 - 12pm
last week was happy anniversary and this week is happy birthday- i spent part of my birthday yesterday recording this week's show... such dedication, i know. send greetings and requests my way at ned@noloveforned.com.

10.28.02 - 12pm
happy anniversary nlfn! this week's show marks six months since no love for ned moved from its old fm haunts to its new online home. so have a listen and join the party.

10.21.02 - 12pm
for this week's show, there are no gimmicks. no in-studio performances, no special theme. just your requests and other rockin' stuff. so tune in!

10.14.02 - 12pm
i'm back in new jersey, with a new show for everyone to listen to... this week features an in-studio performance from warm wires who have an album out now on two ton santa records. before you run off, send your comments and requests my way for next week's show- ned@noloveforned.com.

10.07.02 - 10am
this monday finds me visiting my mother in florida, where i've recorded a special show for everyone. i brought down a bit of equipment and recorded a show in her living room using her cds- i guess it'll kinda give you an idea of what i heard growing up in my parents' house. i hope you enjoy it. i should be back home by next monday, send your greetings and requests to ned@noloveforned.com.

09.30.02 - 11am
i'm in chapel hill, north carolina at the moment utilizing a computer at the fine unc library. before i left i recorded a show for you that you can now check out. and to sweeten the deal, there's a very special guest on this week's show. unbunny came by last week and recorded a bunch of songs live just for us! you can find out more about them at their label's website: www.twotonsanta.com. and finally, a word of caution- i didn't get to listen to the show until i'd left on my trip and only then learned that the microphone wasn't working properly and so my comments are barely audible. if you turn it up to try and hear you'll likely be blasted when the next song starts. sorry!

09.24.02 - 9am
better late than never, right? this week's show is finally available. due to technical problems at my old station this show was recorded in my bedroom. no joke. so it has that "intimate" feel to it. let me know what you think and send yer requests my way: ned@noloveforned.com.

09.16.02 - 12pm
another monday, another show! this wednesday is also my last fill-in on wprb for the forseeable future, 1-4pm as in the previous three weeks. hoping to have some exciting stuff happening in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned!

09.11.02 - 10pm
here's the setlists from today's fill-in at wprb.

09.09.02 - 12pm
the new show is now online. be sure to check it out. once again, i'll be on wprb this wednesday from 1-4pm est, so tune in.

09.04.02 - 10pm
once again, a quick update to post this week's fill-in at wprb.

09.02.02 - 7pm
hope everyone had a great labor day. i spent my recording and posting today's show, just for you. and i'll be on wprb again this wednesday from 1-4pm est, so be sure to tune in. and send requests for next week's show to ned@noloveforned.com.

08.28.02 - 11pm
quick midweek update to post this week's fill-in at wprb.

08.26.02 - 12pm
another show is now up for your pleasure. lots of other stuff happening too. i'll be on wprb for the next four wednesdays from 1-4pm, you can listen online. there's also a discussion group for noloveforned, in response to listeners' requests. join us for lots of fun there. finally, there's a contest announcement in this week's show, so make sure to listen carefully!

08.19.02 - 12pm
the latest show is now up for your enjoyment. please don't forget about last week's show, featuring in-studio performances (see below). thanks for tuning in!

08.12.02 - 12pm
howdy everyone and welcome back. what a treat i have for you on this week's show. yesterday, white star line and more plastic (two great bands from canada) came by and recorded a couple songs each for this week's radio show. be sure to check our their website and their current tour if it happens through your neighborhood.

08.06.02 - 8am
this week's show is now up, my apologies for the delay. blame it on nj transit being eee-vil. the show was just recorded last night because of it, so this marks the first time a show was recorded on its posting day. in any case, enjoy.

07.31.02 - 9pm
once again, the most recent show is still from monday, but here's the setlists from my fill-in at wprb this afternoon. lots of requests from both online and radio listeners- thanks!

07.29.02 - 1pm
here's this week's show for your listening pleasure. by all means, give it a listen! in other related news, i'll actually be on wprb from 4-7pm this wednesday. woohoo. tune in and send your requests for either that or next week's show.

07.24.02 - 9pm
what's this, a mid-week update? monday's show is still the most recent archived show, but i just got back from my first fill-in at wprb and wanted to post the setlist for you. the recording didn't come out great, but i've been "invited" back again next wednesday from 4-7pm so we'll see what happens then. you can listen to wprb online at www.wprb.com.

07.22.02 - 6pm
another new show is now available, and if i don't say so myself, it's a rocker. lots of good stuff there. so tune in, and send me an email with requests for next week- ned@noloveforned.com.

07.15.02 - 1pm
the new show is now up and let me tell ya, recording it was quite a handful. so take the occasional screw-up with a grain of salt and just enjoy the dang music :)

07.08.02 - 6:30pm
to make up for last week's show being so late, this week's show is up a few hours earlier than usual. hope you all had a great 4th of july weekend- my highlight was meeting jack nicholson today. he's shooting part of his new movie (with adam sandler) in my town... anyway, please send your requests for next week's show- ned@noloveforned.com.

07.02.02 - 7:30pm
as promised, this week's show is now up. i just got back from mexico and have absolutely no recollection of recording it- i'm pretty sure it was good though. tune in and find out.

06.25.02 - 8am
the latest show has been posted for your enjoyment. i'm leaving in a few hours for a week in mexico, so the next show won't be posted until sometime in the evening next tuesday. please do send your requests for the following week's show: ned@noloveforned.com

06.17.02 - 9pm
yet another show is now up for your very own listening pleasure. once again, the formula was thrown to the wind! who knows where we'll go next?

06.10.02 - 9:30pm
this week's show has been posted. it follows a different flow than the shows usually do, so for those of you that don't like the sweet pop in the beginning or hate that i tend to play longish and/or mellow stuff at the beginning of the second hour, take note. and please, by all means, send requests to me: ned@noloveforned.com.

06.03.02 - 9pm
the latest show is up now. and heck, i was listening to last week's show earlier tonight, and dang if it doesn't kick some butt too. fortunately for you, the high bandwidth version of it is still up! take a listen and then let me know whatcha think- ned@noloveforned.com.

05.28.02 - 8am
after a long weekend, the new show is now up. if you want to get an update each week when the show goes up, sign up at yahoo groups. i promise you'll only get one message a week.

05.20.02 - 10pm
a cause to celebrate: the new show is actually up monday night for once (instead of the usual sometime on tuesday). once again, you can still get the high bit rate of last week's show for one more week. keep the requests coming!

05.14.02 - 9am
the latest show has been posted. please have a listen. the high bitrate of last week's show is still available and will be until next week (i only have room on the server as of now for 2 high and 1 low bitrate shows). as always, send requests to: ned@noloveforned.com

05.07.02 - 11am
show number two is now up. there are two different bit-rates available to use now as well. let me know if you experience any problems and send in any requests for next week's show: ned@noloveforned.com

05.01.02 - 9am
many internet radio stations are silent today in protest of the exhorbitant royalty fees and reporting they would be subject to if the riaa has their way. take time instead to check out www.saveinternetradio.org.

04.29.02 - 10pm
the first show is now available here. due to issues with my web-host, it's currently available as a realaudio file at a lower bit-rate than i'd prefer. it still sounds pretty darn good and even keener- you can stream it this way. so please check it out and let me know if you were successful or not, if you liked it or not, requests for next monday's show (taping this thursday night)...

04.28.02 - 11pm
welcome to the temporary page for the no love for ned radio show. a full site design is in the works, but i wanted to start putting up shows for everyone to listen to so here we both are.

the old no love for ned site (from its days on wrsu) can still be found at http://wrsu.noloveforned.com, take a look at that site and change the medium, and you've got a pretty good idea of what the new site will hold.

the first show has already been recorded and will be posted monday evening- it's two hours long and will be available as a single 170 kbps mp3, which translates to around 140 mb. but hey, it'll sound damn good. i'm looking into possibly separating things into a pair of single hour segments as well as a lower bit rate version for those with slower connections.

i've also set up a mailing list for updates- basically it'll end up being a weekly email announcing the show is up, maybe a little info about what's on the show, and any other new additions to the site.

in any case, please let the suggestions fly: email me at ned@noloveforned.com.