no love for ned 
setlist for 08.09.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
the sunshine fix extraordinary/ordinary green imagination spinart
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the arcade fire une annee san lumiere funeral merge
john vanderslice with spoon time travel is lonely rarities volume one compilation insound
the mae shi revalation three terrorbird five rue christine
cantwell, gomez and jordan digital sea moss s/t hypno-vista
tamion twelve inch the devil was right part two let's suffer ersatz audio
daniel menche untitled three skadha afro 2023
mats gustafsson and sonic youth voice hidros three smalltown supersound
es puutarhaan laskeutuu hoyhen kaikkeuden kauneus ja kasittamattomyys fonal
tiny hairs moth shaped coldless false walls
kim hiorthoy alt maste bli anorlunda hopeness ep smalltown supersound
tara jane o'neil take the walking you sound, reflect quarterstick
bitter, bitter weeks a deer in the headlights revenge my pal god
cheval de frise construction d'ecorces d'arbre s/t sickroom
eric's trip need acoustic at the cbc in 91 ep great beyond
mystic chords of memory golden dome s/t rough trade
mark mallman who's gonna save you now? who's gonna save you now? ep guilt ridden pop
the fairways emily this is farewell? matinee
young and sexy one false move life through one speaker mint
high school speeding you say that now hot girls in love ep (self-released)
fibes, oh fibes! half-decent single brother still fresh pluxemburg
scott adams torso tourinado alex chilton's lost decade last call
royal city count the days little heart's ease rough trade
the mountain goats please come home to hamngatan ghana three beads of sweat
christina carter down in houston future in past wholly other
triakel i jamtlann sanger fran sixty three degrees north westpack music
glenn jones linden avenue stomp this is the wind that blows it out strange attractors audio house
fuck vegas those are not my bongos future farmer
charles atlas demus to the dust- from man you came ochre
her space holiday the doctor and the dj kxlu 88.9 fm los angeles live volume six compilation kxlu
mixel pixel silver sparkle amps rainbow panda mental monkey
explosion robinson need it that bad the luxury leader slabco
the free design kites are fun (mellow remix) redesigned 12" ep light in the attic