no love for ned 
setlist for wprb fill-in on 9.11.2002 (1-4pm) 
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artist song title album title record label
the raymond scott orchestrette twilight in turkey pushbutton parfait evolver
the residents the weatherman demons dance alone cryptic
cubismo grafico apres plures the men from or.g.a.n. compilation s.h.a.d.o.
calvin johnson love will come back again what was me k
the byrds one hundred years from now (rehearsal take #2) sweetheart of the rodeo legacy
elf power palace of the flames creatures spinart
sloan it's in your eyes pretty together murderecords
the busy signals all the young designers pure energy sugar free
pell mell dad's top drawer it was a live cassette starlight furniture
cinerama careless torino manifesto
track star something to do lion destroyed the whole world better looking
bangs kinda good call and response ep kill rock stars
pedro the lion rapture location is everything compilation jade tree
crayon chutes and ladders brick factory harriet
negativland drink it up dispepsi seeland
orange cake mix way out there harmonies and athmospheres north of january
holland coughing up stars beep, kiss ep audioinformationphenomena
stereo total plotzlich ist alles anders total pop analogue baroque
the sunshine fix mr. summer day age of the sun emperor norton
the beach boys vegetables smiley smile capitol
the music tapes elightenment us pop life volume 12: tribute to fort thunder compilation contact
lee hazlewood and ann-margret dark end of the street the cowboy and the lady smells like
spiritualized 100 bars (a cappella) live flexi 7" dedicated
spiritualized ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space (original unreleased version) (unreleased)  
giant sand wayfaring stranger / fly me to the moon cover magazine thrill jockey
drunk scaffold raised towards jagjaguwar
seana carmody sidewalke struts and shocks kimchee
brian eno baby's on fire here come the warm jets eg
marvin gaye when i feel the need love starved heart motown
jason falkner a song from under the floorboards everyone says it's on air mail
doleful lions texas is beautiful out like a lamb parasol
modest mouse / 764-hero whenever you see fit whenever you see fit ep up
callow nothing's gonna stop us now up is a direction, not a location red roses for me
the essex green chester s/t ep elephant 6
the apples in stereo stream running over the discovery of a world inside the moone spinart
my drug hell girl at the bus stop this is my drug hell countdown
mark eitzel proclaim your joy the invisible man matador
the dismemberment plan what do you want me to say? emergency and i desoto
deerhoof littleness halfbird menlo park
the dudley corporation swanniesong a boy, a girl and a rendez-vous compilation red roses for me
saint etienne dutch tv good humor subpop
the wedding present you should always keep in touch with your friends the bbc sessions strange fruit
the simpsons & linda rondstadt plow king go simpsonic with the simpsons rhino
masters of the hemisphere anything, anything protest a dark anniversary kindercore
interpol pda turn on the bright lights matador
ween fat lenny god ween satan twintone
jad and david fair king kong monster songs for children kill rock stars