no love for ned 
setlist for 08.08.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
get him eat him the luckiest guy on the lower east side our love is meaningless - tribute to the magnetic fields slight
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
aqueduct dinner mints pistols at dawn ep barsuk
deerhoof running thoughts the runners four 5 rue christine
hundred hands her accent was excellent graveface
hi red center magic teeth architectural failures (self-released)
rocketfire red fanta cherry s/t (self-released)
devendra banhart pensando enti cripple crow xl
fifths of seven bless our wandering dreamers spry from bitter anise folds dsa
boris yesterday morning mabuta no ora soundtrack catune
american analog set born on the cusp set free arts and crafts
ides of space don't expect too much sleeping fractures painted sky
audubon park the death of baseball the bunny is not as popular as julius ep (self-released)
kiddo woodward avenue s/t drive-in
winter vacation rained on together the netherlands, 1980 asaurus
ashley park chelsea beautiful a house full of friends compilation magic marker
hugh j. noble to sweden! leave something behind you action pop!
cocker spaniels the only black guy at the indie rock show live on no love for ned  
cocker spaniels telemarketing song live on no love for ned  
cocker spaniels his mercy endureth live on no love for ned  
cocker spaniels cousin ben live on no love for ned  
cocker spaniels finals season live on no love for ned  
brother danielson our guest tracks and fields compilation kill rock stars
joed out sweetest friend weirder than looney tunes powertool
the russian futurists hurtin' for certain our thickness upper class
menomena sista social theme song pdx pop now! 2005 compilation pdx pop now!
help she can't swim my own private disco fashionista super dance troupe fantastic plastic
islands flesh (mp3 demo) (unreleased)
rollerball end of young birds catholic paws / catholic pause silber
v.o. sans titre tape ep sundays in spring
david chesworth ensemble blind flaneur music to see through w.minc
kyle gann texarkana nude rolling down an escalator - studies for disklavier new world
negativland favorite things no business seeland
the real tuesday weld i love the rain the return of the clerkenwell kid six degrees