no love for ned 
setlist for 05.17.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
jens lekman you are the light (by which i travel into this and that) when i said i wanted to be your dog service
the specific heats 11:11 asaurus records ep club volume four compilation asaurus
watoo watoo a ma place le fumalin les disques maladroits
the wannadies can't stop you before and after hidden agenda
the morimotos in my head wmuc presents... live on third rail radio compilation wmuc
lali puna small things faking the books morr music
mitchell akiyama with hope that (for steve reich) if night is a weed and day grows less sub rosa
holland softcore war i steal and do drugs teenbeat
strategy jazzy's dilemma drumsolo's delight kranky
the icy demons the silent hero fight back! cloud
robert pollard sea of dead fiction man rockathon
herman dune a sight fore sore eyes the whys and h ows of herman dune and cerberus shoal north east indie
hayden starting over elk-lake serenade badman
burd early the web that weds mind and mother western vinyl
the handsome family famous blue raincoat comes with a smile compilation #10- comes with a wide-awake, crescent-shaped smile comes with a smile
seekonk air live on no love for ned  
seekonk love live on no love for ned  
seekonk armstrong live on no love for ned  
seekonk swim again live on no love for ned  
moviola east of eager east of eager anyway
brendan benson crosseyed one mississippi startime
the halo benders lonesome sundown the rebels not in k
the stranglers (get a) grip (on yourself) no thanks! the seventies punk rebellion box set rhino
gerty two kisses in a row two kisses in a row plastique
a frames electricity two s-s
the thermals how we know fuckin' a subpop
the rondelles catastrophe fiction romance, fast machines smells like record
numbers hot fire in my mind all the time tigerbeat6
family fodder fox water shed dark beloved cloud
the casual dots flowers s/t kill rock stars
palaxy tracks long arms insound tour support ep insound