no love for ned 
setlist for 07.26.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the very most cemetry gates (website mp3) (unreleased)
n. lannon the catch chemical friends badman
brigitte fontaine bis baby baum baum kekeland virgin france
dewey decimator late night booty call homemade hits volume one compilation kittridge
throbbing gristle walkabout the taste of tg- a beginner's guide to the music of throbbing gristle mute
barracudas don't let go through the mysts of time voxx
built to spill still flat the normal years k
paik jayne field satin black strange attractor's audio house
mind sirens because recordings 1989-1993 hypno-vista
low because you stood still a lifetime of temporary relief chairkickers union
loren connors in lovers eyes the departing of a dream volume iii - juliet family vineyard
the ants galen victory side sickroom
karate concrete pockets southern
shark quest blake carrington battle of the loons merge
the electric prunes kyrie eleison mass in f minor collector's choice
the twelve caesars i'm gonna kick you out youth is wasted on the young minty fresh
velvet crush do what you want stereo blues action musik
the homosexuals flying astral glamour messthetics
crispy ambulance bad self the powder blind dream ltm
brando weave in your hair 943 recluse mr. whiggs
regina hexaphone i hear a rumor the beautiful world erie
the cannanes move some things around a love affair with nature ajax
see venus i'll bet you know hard time for dreamers march
smoke trust another reason to fast long play
dennis driscoll second hand voices in the fog k
super xx man routine drop down volume vii- my usual way lelp
thomas and sampson smiling and bleeding when the lower resembles the higher western vinyl
ladies w.c. the time of hope is gone s/t normal
the real tuesday weld the ugly and the beautiful i, lucifer six degrees
france gall dady da da pop a paris - rock 'n roll and miniskirts compilation sunnyside
richard davies cooper rediscovered radials retail sampler flydaddy