no love for ned 
setlist for 8.10.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
boat name tossers setting the paces magic marker
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
farmer dave scher bab'lone nights flash forward to the good times kemado
david bazan bearing witness curse your branches barsuk
taken by trees watch the waves east of eden rough trade
a-austr essex queen (she dances) music from holyground kissing spell
helena espvall and masaki batoh sueno con serplentes overloaded ark drag city
mick turner and peggy frew window love takes this course - a tribute to the songs of kath bloom chapter music
hope sandoval and the warm inventions wild roses through the devil softly nettwerk
dean and britta silver factory thirteen most beautiful... songs for andy warhol's screen tests dvd plexifilm
balmorhea truth (helios remix) all is wild, all is silent remixes western vinyl
porn sword tobacco havet ar arligt everything is music to the ear city centre offices
richard youngs tapes of bothwell like a neuron lp dekoder
nackt insecten a new dark age quantum odyssey lp blackest rainbow
city center sky flowers (website mp3) (unreleased)
royalchord sleazy in a corner live on no love for ned  
royalchord mighty minor live on no love for ned  
royalchord i'd rather go blind live on no love for ned  
royalchord all your caribbean live on no love for ned  
royalchord too easy live on no love for ned  
mi and l'au dance on my skin good morning jokers borne
ah holly fam'ly lucky peak reservoir lucky madison
joe pernice i'm your puppet it feels so good when i stop ashmont
secret charisma scene five original cast recording ep weepop!
tom milsom why i shouldn't have let you in awkward ballads for the easily pleased (self-released)
vivian girls double vision everything goes wrong in the red
box elders dave alice and friends goner
legendary wings twenty million miles to earth i'd buy that for a dollar compilation 7" ufo dictator
little claw eel dances s/t lp ypsilanti
richard hell and the voivoids new pleasure blank generation sire
jim becker and colleen burke schwarzen ozean des alls interkosmos lp shrug
the drums let's go surfing (knight school version) let's go surfing ep rcrdlbl