no love for ned 
setlist for 06.06.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
jens lekman the opposite of hallelujah the opposite of hallelujah ep evil evil
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
tullycraft leaders of the new school disenchanted hearts unite magic marker
the spectacular fantastic don't know why i love you ep (self-released)
holly golightly you ain't no big thing my first holly golightly album damaged goods
dirty moons clean heart asaurus records ep club volume ten compilation asaurus
wolfie the all good people wolfie and the coat and the hat ep kindercore
enon kanon lost marbles and exploded evidence touch and go
ana da silva friend the lighthouse chicks on speed
kammerflimmer kollektief equilibrium absencen staubgold
cyne plight about now evolution fight city centre offices
the berg sans nipple (process)ion life if (in four parts) ep bizarrre-k7
ms. john soda i and #8217 while talking morr music
pedro demons in cases early pedro melodic
papa m and christina rosenvinge petals weep five ep drag city
grace braun don't stop the music i'm your girl dark beloved cloud
sons and daughters hunt the repulsion box domino
david and the citizens belly full of butterflies for all happy endings adrian
doug gillard landmarks (in my mind) live on no love for ned  
doug gillard present live on no love for ned  
doug gillard wait for you live on no love for ned  
doug gillard valpolicella live on no love for ned  
castanets i'll be just where you are asthmatic kitty / sounds are active sampler asthmatic kitty / sounds are active
joshua and kemialliset ystavat nature's way by the fruits... you shall know the roots compilation time-lag
the mendoza line let's not talk about it fortune bar/none
fruit bats the earthquake of '73 spelled in bones subpop
serge gainsbourg melody historie de melody nelson mercury
fairburn royals the celebrity the whistler two sheds
flop vancouver door company world of today frontier
the magic numbers long legs s/t heavenly
liz phair girls! girls! girls! exile in guyville matador
robyn hitchcock creeped out spooked yep roc
stephen malkmus loud cloud crowd face the truth matador
t. rex monolith electric warrior rhino