no love for ned 
setlist for 12.06.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
jad fair better / before the best of jad fair volume one meldac
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
guided by voices gonna never have to die half smiles of the decomposed matador
audobon park the blasted heath bandwidth compilation - celebrating ten years of internet radio on wxyc, chapel hill wxyc
(the sounds of) kaleidoscope haven't got the time these are the sounds ep (self-released)
silver sunshine if i had the time s/t empyrean
the olivia tremor control black foliage (itself) black foliage flydaddy
coastal until you sleep halfway to you words on music
manyfingers in a dead man's shoes s/t moteer
sybarite second cities placement issues temporary residence
the red krayola micro-chips and fish singles drag city
esg erase you a south bronx story universal sound
james chance that old black magic irresistible impulse tigerstyle
the beakers i'm crawling four steps toward a cultural revolution k
the prefects things in general are amateur wankers acute
gary wilson when you walk into my dreams you think you really know me motel
from bubblegum to sky vampire live on no love for ned  
from bubblegum to sky sign the air live on no love for ned  
from bubblegum to sky shaboom they said live on no love for ned  
from bubblegum to sky hello hello hi live on no love for ned  
from bubblegum to sky you of summer live on no love for ned  
mazarin what sees the sky (alternate version) kicking it with clowns - comes with a smile volume five compilation comes with a smile
the pipettes judy (wotcha gonna do?) demo ep self-released
misty roses jellypop perky jean komodo dragons frog man jake
the bats round and round daddy's highway mammoth
the mendoza line it's a long line (but it moves quickly) fortune misra
superchunk phone sex here's to shutting up merge
archers of loaf chumming the ocean all the nations airports elektra
savage republic sono cairo customs mobilization
the prayers and tears of arthur digby sellers raining in darling i am a cold ruck. i am dull grass - tribute to the music of will oldham tract
shuriken infratetsuara defining attempts at structure ep sound malfunction
the concretes say something new s/t astralwerks