no love for ned 
setlist for 03.03.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
rebecca gates with califone nobody wins nothing left to lose- a tribute to kris kristofferson incidental music
the minus 5 view from below down with wilco yep roc
golden rough after all slippery slope ep candle
steffan basho-junghans rainbow dancing rivers and bridges strange attractor's audio house
rod and the msr singers beat of the traps american song-poem anthology compilation bar/none
giant sand tumble and tear valley of rain enigma
pocket rockets sleep is the enemy love or perish teenbeat
annie hayden red lines the rub merge
azure ray the new year burn and shiver warm
pram the archivist dark island merge
the books thank you branch thought for food tomlab
michael barrett cool wave couches and carpets planting seeds
family fodder screen kiss gold kiss gala - i'll wed you compilation dark beloved cloud
thrush hermit the great pacific ocean the great pacific ocean ep murderecords
pavement type slowly brighten the corners matador
bettie serveert wie-eyed fools log 22 hidden agenda
scarboro aquarium club little nikka metamorphosis compilation marriage
lambchop d. scott parsley is a woman merge
super xx man i'm alive again volume vi- collecting rocks lelp
dressy bessy sunny little music kindercore
luxo champ a + b s/t ep super 8
kanda feel like makin' love boyracer / kanda split tour cd 555
evelyn smoke and mirrors 1998 teenbeat sampler teenbeat
63 crayons blue and red spread the love ep happy happy birthday to me
sprites keep it together 2003 teenbeat sampler teenbeat
neutral milk hotel naomi on avery island merge
smog truth serum supper drag city
mick turner marlan i marlan rosa drag city
tom waits way down in the hole beautiful maladies island