no love for ned 
setlist for 03.28.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
david ruffin each day is a lifetime david hip-o select
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
slumber party philosophy of the world covers ep (unreleased)
the mathletes linger you already have way too many cd-rs compilation asaurus
tiara sugar and caffeine (alternate version) donewaiting volume one (split ep w/ miranda sound)
okay oh low road absolutely kosher
gustav genua rettet die wale mosz
minamo stay still shining 12k
hood winter politics the hood tapes (self-released)
gang gang dance god's money v god's money the social registry
the coctails spinning popcorn box carrot top
artanker convoy thruway mature fantasy the social registry
family fodder teta with dolly schizophrenia party 12" fresh
pit er pat uh-oh shakey thrill jockey
mary timony in the grass ex-hex lookout!
bellafea while we are still young family tree ep pidgeon english
fly ashtray soft pack clumps take a ride shimmydisc
the fugs skin flower the fugs second album fantasy
jad fair walking with cindy everyone knew... but me lp press
greg davis slightly asleep curling pond woods carpark
everything is fine you and me lake vostok ep (split w/ theath) tract
smog palimpsest a river ain't too much to love drag city
jose gonzalez slow moves veneer imperial
marissa nadier bird song ballads of living and dying eclipse
angel corpus christi little surfer girl accordian pop, volume one gulcher
apostle of hustle animal fat folkloric feel arts and crafts
bjorn olsson munspelstaat (alternate version) kraefta bam
below the sea we aved goodbye and stared arbres depayserent davantage where are my records
loobke waterlove water and boots ep sundays in spring
aarktica night fell, broke itself bleeding light darla
the blow knowing the things that i know poor aim: love songs ep states rights
matthew shaw transition ghosts in the concrete burning building
girls are short spelling contact kiss upper class