no love for ned 
setlist for 07.10.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
bears still the same s/t (self-released)
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
pastel vespa when doves cry takin' the back roads siesta
o bando alegria, alegria s/t polydor
the pipettes magician man pull shapes 7" memphis industries
new young pony club ice cream ice cream 7" tirk
black bear eve of the fall the cinnamon phase baskerville hill
b. fleischmann and ms. john soda here she comes blue skied an' clear - a tribute to slowdive morr
daedelus viva vida daedelus denies the day's demise mush
alog drifting west red shift swing rune grammofon
nikaidoh kazumi a little bit away from my house you dropped something again, didn't you poet portraits
califone spider's house roots and crowns thrill jockey
seekonk air pinkwood north east indie
les mouches little poop you're worth more to me than one thousand christians blocks recording club
viking moses jones boys the parts that showed poptones
andre herman dune and clemence freschard i see a darkness kreuzberg cafe (self-released)
edith collins and sherman collins what will you take in exchange prayers from hell - white gospel and sinners blues 1927-40 compilation trikont
rosie flores in the middle of a heartache hard-headed woman - a celebration of wanda jackson bloodshot
the rockin' r's crazy baby rockin' bones - 1950's punk and rockabilly box set rhino
mayo thompson horses corky's debt to his father drag city
blue-eyed son the tide west of lincoln eenie meenie
kickball party abcdefghijkickball yoyo
gaze preppy villain mitsumeru k
teenage fanclub i need direction (alternate version) not alone compilation jnana
the french nestbuilding local information too pure
my place in space superboy and supergirl first string teenage high - the songs of tullycraft played by people who aren't tribute bumblebear
das kometen das kometen bad neighborhood ep bat boogie x
cansei de ser sexy alcohol s/t subpop
the konki duet il fait tout gris il fait tout gris active suspension
white rainbow bells white rainbow box marriage
alias and tarsier five year eve brookland/oaklyn anticon
benni hemm hemm sumarnott s/t morr
walker lundee don't tell mom forty-love ep future furniture
the essex green elsinore cannibal sea merge