no love for ned 
setlist for 12.01.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
john cale paris 1919 paris 1919 reprise
sybarite secropia nonument 4ad
a grape dope i'll spread it missing dragons ep galaxia
bexar bexar aidos haralambos western vinyl
menomena the late great libido i am the fun blame monster muuuhahaha!
caural mink and a hospital watercolor stars on my ceiling chocolate industries
neil young computer age trans geffen
trams am trans am really your friend liberation thrill jockey
hans appelquist return to the city the xiao fang ep mjall
pipas hiding in the park golden square annika
the snow fairies december love feel you up red square
gaze shady mitsumeru k
tsunami kidding on the square working holiday compilation simple machines
yo la tengo needle of death today is the day ep matador
the relict i saw your eyes tomorrow is again vegas morn
cara hyde a history of spare parts live on no love for ned  
cara hyde it only takes three inches of water to drown a human being live on no love for ned  
cara hyde i never liked you live on no love for ned  
cara hyde i'd like to call live on no love for ned  
cara hyde the scavenger hunt live on no love for ned  
graham as time keeps ticking by never, and maybe not even then dreamy
the evolution control committee spandeau filet plagiarhythm nation seeland
the jazz butcher rain the gift of music glass
the pines marie claire true love waits volume two ep matinee
the children's hour kindness of strangers sos jfk minty fresh
sodastream wedding day looks like a russian tugboat
knife in the water the very air cut the cord aspyr
burd early woken eye of the beholder iii compilation tract
herman dune not that big a story mash concrete metal mushroom shrimper
dead leaves rising doll clothes shadow complex ep brighter