no love for ned 
setlist for 03.22.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
young people rumba war prayers dim mak
thee silver mountain reveries more action! less tears! the pretty little lightning paw ep constellation
half film stepless the road to the crater devil in the woods
the unintended the light s/t blue fog
the magnetic fields i don't really love you anymore i nonesuch
the elected a time for emily me first subpop
pell mell interloper star city matador
autour de lucie guiding hands s/t barclay
jen turrell annelee's room honesty and apologies ep dutch courage / red square
bikeride knees on top morning macumba hidden agenda
the very most call the cops making the case for me coming in second
the von trapps go with me this is the von trapps ep (self-released)
the gay opulent canine you know the rules mint
orange peels mystery lawn so far spinart
boyracer we have such gifts we have such gifts 8" 555
animal collective leap house sung tongs fat cat
electrelane blue straggler rock it to the moon mr. lady
the notwist red room different cars and trains ep domino
nitrada fading away we don't know why but we do it 2.nd rec
alejandra and aeron fin folk scotch monsters softl music
souvaris be he that lives to telephonic only i felt nothing at all (unreleased)
hefner junk dead media too pure
dave derby u-bahn girl even further behind badman
manishevitz beretta city life jagjaguwar
all night radio we're on our wave spirit stereo frequency subpop
tullycraft dollywood old traditions, new standards harriet
masters of the hemisphere so what about freemdoom? i am not a freemdoom kindercore