no love for ned 
setlist for 04.19.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
mirah nobody has to stay c'mon miracle k
the owls air our hopes and dreams magic marker
jens lekman rocky dennis farewell song to the blind girl rocky dennis ep secretly canadian
pipas jean c bitter club ep matinee
gal costa baby s/t mercury
aroah horoscope the last laugh acuarela
namelessnumberheadman full and frayed your voice repeating the record machine
apenino la vida entera en la hora azul ep jabalina
the silent league the orchestra, sadly, has refused the orchestra, sadly, has refused file-13
the hang ups it's all true s/t contact
saturnhead introducing... arizona's thin mistake introducing... arizona's thin mistake resolution
mclusky she will only bring you happiness the difference between me and you is that i'm not on fire too pure
minus story the happy activist the captain is dead, let the drum corpse dance jagjaguwar
calexico alone again or convict pool ep quarterstick
neko case make your bed canadian amp ep lady pilot
trapist the meaning of flowers ballroom thrill jockey
cluster isodea grosses wasser gyroscope
kammerflimmer kollektief eiderdaunen (version) trr50 thank you compilation temporary residence
chib 5 moco fat cat
animal collective the softest voice sung tongs fat cat
charalambides joy shapes joy shapes kranky
steffan basho-junghans book vii seven books strange attractors audio house
mountain men anonymous we stole your rhyming dictionary krkonose my kung fu
badawi atoning of the myths clonse and false prophets roir
eluvium i am so much more me than you are perfectly you lambent material temporary residence