no love for ned 
setlist for 10.21.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
destroyer this night this night merge
calvin johnson love will come back again what was me k
cinerama yesterday once more superman single scorpitones
david kilgour round the bend david kilgour and the heavy eights flying nun
richard buckner born into giving it up impasse overcoat
manish kalvakota with charles douglas jet plane outer limits voltage
national splits i died on the way to the election single wish compilation sprite
matt pond pa fairlee the nature of maps polyvinyl
the flaming lips unconsciously screamin' in a priest driven ambulance restless
jana mccall carolina's crown slumber up
hayden pots and pans moving careful ep hardwood
yesteryear hold my breath under the rug magic eye singles
young people ditty s/t 5 rue christine
spoon june's foreign spell a series of sneaks elektra
gerbils glue are you sleepy hidden agenda
george harrison what is life (backing track) all things must pass (remastered) capitol
brilliantine crash vainglory hep-cat
nick drake things behind the sun pink moon rykodisc
orange cake mix melanie knows why more mellow hits elefant
wussom*pow! mountain deep blue hearts & solid hands omnibus
l'altra until sun s/t ep aesthetics
chappaquiddick skyline hundred dollar pocket s/t subpop
unbunny let it all burn black strawberries two ton santa
phillip kent bimstein a little bit about my cows garland hirschi's cows starkland
the ladybug transistor the swimmer the albemarle sound merge
jon brion i believe she's lying meaningless straight to cut-out
grenadine mexico big sky nopalitos teenbeat
franklin bruno then again, maybe i won't a bedroom community simple machines
wilco red-eyed and blue being there reprise
a-set a voyage of the science of living things ep tree
prince & the revolution i would die 4 you purple rain soundtrack warner bros.