no love for ned 
setlist for 05.30.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
henry lumpkin don't leave me the complete motown singles volume two- 1962 hip-o select
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
super mambo 69 sweeper soul afro-rock volume one compilation evolver
ira! la fora pode ate morrer nao wave compilation man
sukpatch hollow tips haulin' grass and smokin' ass slabco.
boyracer what you decide to cherish happenstance happy happy birthday to me
the punks theme from john chavez thank you for the alternative rock five rue christine
nudge contact cached kranky
austin cobra players hatim brings the noize an alarming sacrifice (self-released)
esmerine le rire de l'ange aurora madrona
the golden oaks autumn testament autumn testament digitalis
montag all i see alone, not alone carpark
logh a vote for democracy the raging sun bad taste
fuck get over him conduct matador
the mountain goats up the wolves come, come to the sunset tree lp (self-released)
royal city o beauty little heart's ease rough trade
reeks and the wrecks dunebuggy knife hits tumult
the moping swans beaten by the target lightninghead to coffeepot rockathon
teenage fanclub it's all in my mind man-made merge
simply saucer bullet proof noting cyborgs revisited sonic unyon
tom daily railroad chair happily deceiving culture thick
the jam start! sound affects polydor
minus story suffer by yourself heaven and hell ep jagjaguwar
my name is nobody sunday poor lonesome ep labo lo-fi
final fantasy took you two years to win my heart has a good home blocks recording club
marianne faithfull last song before the poiison anti
karate strange fruit in the fishtank konkurrant
colleen floating in the clearest night the golden morning breaks leaf
nanang tatang o my stars isn't it romanntic compilation verse press
auburn lull rural divide regions less parallel - early works and rarities 1996-2004 darla
tom carter monument ii (edit) kompilation compilation kranky
drackar savna a spear for when the bear comes is orange birds compilation marriage
the dirty projectors tour along the potomac the getty address western vinyl