no love for ned 
setlist for 09.22.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
slumber party why? three kill rock stars
snoozer san andreas demos (self-released)
the rosebuds governor's daughter compulation volume one - songs from north carolina compilation pox world empire
hawaii winter coat s/t paper bag
mira mount saint helens advisory committee k
nanang tatang seventeen days muki (japanese version) saidera
iron and wine the sea and the rhythm the sea and the rhythm ep subpop
frank sinatra and antonio carlos jobim the girl from ipanema francis albert sinatra and antonio carlos jobim reprise
azure ray we are mice (bleed version) the drinks we drank last night ep saddle creek
jen turrell better friend honesty and apologies ep dutch courage / red square
arab strap why can't this be love the shy retirer ep chemikal undergroud
codeine kitchen light the white birch subpop
mogwai golden porsche happy songs for happy people matador
broken social scene guilty cubicles feel good lost noise factory
happy end kaze wo atsumete lost in translation soundtrack emperor norton
the godz 1 + 1 = ? contact high with the godz esp
electric banana it'll never be me blows your mind carnabeat
the membranes mr. charisma brain giant constructor
superchunk detroit has a skyline (acoustic) cup of sand merge
beulah your mother loves you son yoko velocette
furtips pancake heaven le louping animal world
young people ne'er do well ne'er do well 12" hand held heart
the quails yeah we are the quails inconvenient
deerhoof this magnificent bird will rise reveille 5 rue christine
rainer maria the awful truth of loving long knives drawn polyvinyl
walt mink showers down miss happiness caroline
dqe billy valentine jump on in making of americans
soft canyon for you broken spirit, i will mend your wings alien8
michael yonkers microminiature love microminiature love subpop
the hurricane lamps god knows god knows 7" bus stop
half japanese turn your life around boo! live in europe 1992 t.e.c. tones
the bear quartet the last verb angry brigade parasol
pretty girls make graves this is our emergency the new romance matador