no love for ned 
setlist for 05.26.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
le mans ying yang yin yang ep elefant
fog plum dumb ether teeth ninja tune
dat politics pie plugs plus chicks on speed
black lipstick texas women converted thieves peek-a-boo
spiritualized she kissed me (it felt like a hit) amazing grace arista
alejandra and underwood indonesian children's song website the children's record lucky kitchen
+/- you've just got it all holding patterns ep teenbeat
the aluminum group pussycat pelo hefty
elizabeth mitchell three is the magic number you are my sunshine last affair
poopiehead p-day big red poopie eater 7" peek-a-boo
the bats you know we shouldn't fear of god mammoth
seana carmody why does the sun forget me? sweater weather compilation march
tobin sprout indian ink lost planets and phantom voices recordhead
wolf colonel moon song john kennedy xfm session (unreleased)
k. play by the book new problems tigerstyle
duke ellington moon maiden the intimate ellington original jazz classics
morphine good good rykodisc
acetone what i see if you only knew vernon yard
the autumns thieves in blue le carillon ep absalom
trembling blue stars here all day alive to every smile subpop
graig markel barely breathing hard grammar recovery
bitter, bitter weeks tn s/t my pal god
graham all you got is summertime never, and maybe not even then dreamy
the cannanes frightening thing frightening thing 7" k
the shaggs i'm so happy when you're near philosophy of the world rca
sonna open ended smile and the world smiles with you temporary residence
secret machines marconi's radio s/t ace-fu
jean paul satre experience flex in love with these times compilation flying nun
fuck stupid band conduct matador
the db's we were happy there repercussions collector's choice
the bevis frond dead man sitting on a train son of walter flydaddy