no love for ned 
setlist for 06.28.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
james kochalka superstar copenhagen china box don't trust whitey tarquin
b'ehl hey! i've got a new friend only a paper moon endearing
the hidden cameras music is my boyfriend mississauga goddam rough trade
the lilys you're getting closer s/t rainbow quartz
the paper chase what i'd be without me god bless you black heart kill rock stars
jad fair stephanie monarchs dr. jim's
barbara morgenstern der hintergedanke fjorden monika
arovane windy wish trees lilies city centre offices
donnacha costello nothing, still nothing together is the new alone mille plateaux
christina carter first word future in past wholly other
nina nastasia a love song dogs touch and go
jolie holland delia sascha ep anti
the naysayer yellow in amarillo kitten time red panda
popol vuh morgengruss ii aguirre spalax
john oswald pouring velvet grayfolded swell/artifact
natural dreamers the singer s/t frenetic
the advantage goonies two s/t five rue christine
mouse on mars wipe that sound radical connector sonig
lunchbox crispy duck anyways the agriculture
gal costa sebastiana s/t mercury
the cookies i want a boy for my birthday the dimension dolls compilation sundazed
barbara lewis make me your baby rhythm, love and soul compilation shout!
the magnetic fields i don't believe you i nonesuch
laurel music no one wants forever number one this night and the next labrador
colin clary the boy you met asaurus records ep club volume five compilation asaurus
tokidoki julie s/t sky blue
jason anderson you fall new england k
dear nora here we come around mountain rock magic marker
slowblow hillbilly noi albinoi kitchen motors
wow and flutter candle a tus better today then jealous butcher
bexar bexar winter ninety nine s/t kraak
the sisterhood of convoluted thinkers cradle better days teenbeat
the kings of convenience homesick riot on an empty street astralwerks
bauer it's getting better baueresque excelsior
john cale child's christmas in wales paris 1919 reprise