no love for ned 
setlist for 10.17.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
robert pollard dancing girls and dancing men from a compound eye merge
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
doleful lions satanic blood shaded lodge and mausoleum parasol
p:ano leave me with the boy brigadoon mint
the casting couch mix tape five songs ep i eat
james kochalka superstar twinkle twinkle ringo starr our most beloved ryko
more dogs march to the scaffold never let them catch you crying monitor
the dirty projectors my brother had a birthday morning better last states rights
joan of arc todd mattei and matt clark joan of arc presents: guitar duets record label
ghislain poirier les defectuozites sous le manguier intr_version
under byen batteri generator det er mig der holden traerne sammen have a cigar
growing freedom towards death his return troubleman unlimited
the ivytree raven's song fat cat split series seventeen (split 12" w/ chris smith) fat cat
talkdemonic andean twilight mutiny sunshine lucky madison
the long winters ultimatum ultimatum ep barsuk
why? yo yo bye bye elephant eyelash anticon
jana hunter a bright-ass light split 12" w/ devendra banhart troubleman unlimited
dear nora sarah, you're not for me a house full of friends compilation magic marker
the nudie suits hasten down to music city now we are three!!! compilation lil' chief
the strugglers the rejection letter live on no love for ned  
the strugglers my slow reflection live on no love for ned  
the strugglers i tried to repair live on no love for ned  
the strugglers the world will not hold live on no love for ned  
the estate of samuel i'm dreaming fast love ep bedroom
the kingsbury manx one thousand eight the fast rise and fall of the south yep roc
my name is nobody black eyed monkeys poor lonesome ep labo lo-fi
jajaja katz rap grlz- women ahead of their time compilation crippled dick hot wax
the hollies my back pages dylan covered tribute mojo
christmas decorations a random hill model ninety one kranky
smog i feel like the mother of the world a river ain't too much to love drag city
grizzly bear a good place horn of plenty kanine
delaney il ne faut pas d'usage se servir des sauvages s/t pehr
helena je t'aime salaud nee dans la nature sunnyside
john parish kansas city electrician once upon a little time thrill jockey