no love for ned 
setlist for 5.28.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
the ladybug transistor so blind can't wait another day merge
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the hermit crabs i spend my time feel good factor ep matinee
foot foot shasta heavy snaggled and buck oedipus
mirah community share this place k
shh... this is a library i think i know what this might be s/t i had an accident
hala strana molars of smoke heave the gambrel roof music fellowship
jarboe running through invisibility magick for mischiefs ep (self-released)
mixtapes and cellmates a moment ago you walked through the door longing remixed ep no method
barbara morgenstern im schlaf hauschka - versions of the prepared piano fat cat
braces tower spelling bee pasteism ep monotonik
best fwends featuring mike downey comforter alphabetically arranged moshi moshi
bark bark bark tattoos haunts retard disco
misha delovedly teardrop sweetheart tomlab
azeda booth landscapes (with grass) mysterious body ep (self-released)
metalbird and the rust not my perspective (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
the cape may catch your words glass mountain roads flemish eyes
kris ellestad we're not dirty third person (self-released)
chad vangaalen gubbish skelliconnection subpop
woodpigeon if only i were a painter, i'd paint for you the moon songbook rectangle
sean na na can't get a spark family trees or cope we must dim mak
jason falkner nyc i'm ok... you're ok noise mccartney
the high strung she's not even mad at you get the guests park the van
moss lemon the long way back excelsior
richard swift paisley park kisses for the misses 7" secretly canadian
california snow story my life is only a daydream close to the ocean letterbox
gellers m s/t compare notes
chauchat addict's song s/t sundays in spring
the lodger unsatisfied grown-ups noise deluxe
shapes and sizes victory in war split lips, winning hips, a shiner asthmatic kitty
beatnik filmstars hipshakers and acrobats in great shape 555