no love for ned 
setlist for 8.13.2007 
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artist song title album title record label
magnolia electric co. one thin dime black ram (outtake) secretly canadian
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
love keep on shining false start hip-o select
schooner married hold on too tight fifty four forty or fight!
vic chesnutt glossolalia north star deserter constellation
tren brothers jenny's song blue trees drag city
spokane these things little hours lp jagjaguwar
peter brotzmann, joe mcphee, kent kessler and michael zerang cylbamlism tales out of time hat hut
white rainbow for terry prism of eternal now kranky
dirty projectors gimme gimme gimme rise above dead oceans
lee hazlewood she comes running thirteen smells like
the go! team the wrath of marcie proof of youth subpop
ocdj the milk's gone bad hooray wildfire wildfire
beans freestyle (remix by ratatat) ratatat remixes volume two (self-released)
fizzy dino pop sleepy munsters don't drive late s/t (self-released)
ronin plaza de america kuru 7" hertz
pawlowski, trouve and ward logical order s/t jezus factory
crescent nearly ready little waves fat cat
alec k. redfearn and the eyesores the blind spot the blind spot cuneiform
seth sun goes down sparrow achord
thanksgiving waterfalls welcome nowhere and extras p.w. elverum and sun
jason anderson on vacation tonight eca
the solvents past lives of a broken cello sundays in spring ep sundays in spring
a drum and an open window overcoats there will be fields for us we made these
wookieback kringer s/t (self-released)
sexton blake girl you know it's true sexton blake plays the hits! expunged
sleepyhead sick of heaven starduster homestead
asleep in the sea everyone's on your side avenue (self-released)
paris 1942 move out of wichita s/t majora
the dead c truth vain, erudite and stupid ba da bing!
a frames search and rescue two s-s
debris witness static disposal anopheles
shooting at unarmed men i am united nations yes! tinnitus! too pure
tse tse fly m1 s/t pehr