no love for ned 
setlist for 9.23.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
james sometimes laid fontana
belle and sebastian sleep the clock around the boy with the arab strap matador
ashley park moles town and country kindercore
the velvet crush hold me up teenage symphonies to god epic
mazarin suicide will make you happy a tall-tale storyline spinart
bettie serveert what friends? dust bunnies matador
jets to brazil you're having the time of my life four cornered night jade tree
chavez break up your band gone glimmering matador
the flaming lips one million billionth of a millisecond on a sunday morning finally the punk rockers are taking acid rykodisc
the electric prunes are you lovin' me more (but enjoying it less) i had too much to dream (last night) collector's choice
slumber party i don't mind s/t kill rock stars
spiritualized medication pure phase arista
the kinks waterloo sunset the singles collection essential
little wings boom light green leaves k
kind of like spitting 26 is to soon live on no love for ned, 10.03.00 (unreleased)
the wedding present jet girl (acoustic) singles 1995-1997 spinart
rhett miller this is what i do the instigator elektra
the bevis frond hole song #2 north circular flydaddy
the apples in stereo that's something i do the velocity of sound spinart
of montreal doing nothing aldhil's arboretum kindercore
quasi it's hard to turn me on featuring "birds" up
eric metronome the unwanted numbers lime green cassette ((tape-tape))
beck lost cause sea change geffen
elvis costello you tripped at every step brutal youth rhino
golden rough the fisherman this sad paradise candle
excitebike superstar rebuilt carpenters ep revival
lee hazlewood cold hard times cowboy in sweden smells like
unrest she makes me shake like a soul machine kustom karnal blackxploitation no. 6
nick kizirnis stood looking single wish compilation sprite
tullycraft superboy and supergirl old traditions, new standards harriet