no love for ned 
setlist for 01.13.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
death cab for cutie photobooth forbidden love ep barsuk
godstar forgotten night sleeper taang!
the bats afternoon in bed couchmaster mammoth
the sea and cake civilise the fawn thrill jockey
the flaming lips knives out (kcrw version) yoshimi wins- live radio sessions warner bros.
summer hymns half sick of shadows voice brother and sister misra
unbunny water and the spanish tongue for nervous plants ep (self-released)
the db's ups and downs repercussion collector's choice
pas/cal i wanna take you out in your holiday sweater the handbag memoirs ep le grand magistery
of montreal pancakes for one aldhil's arboretum kindercore
the shaggs philosophy of the world philosophy of the world rca
california oranges been there, done that s/t darla
impossible shapes dancing in heaven (sprite version) single wish compilation sprite
k. got a feeling new problems tigerstyle
johnny cash i see a darkness american iii: solitary man american
simon joyner long dark night the lousy dance truckstop
pip proud we crossed the atlantic one of these days emperor jones
windy & carl with lothars through the portal s/t blue flea
mick turner part two moth drag city
john cale emily the island years island
june panic the song is singing us baby's breadth secretly canadian
songs: ohia hold on magnolia the magnolia electric co. secretly canadian
sf seals locked out truth walks in sleepy shadows matador
bettie serveert month of sundays private suit ep palomine
vitesse understand what can not be but is acuarela
the real tuesday weld terminally ambivalent over you where psyche meets cupid kindercore
yuji oniki fall tvi future farmer
cocteau twins fotzepolitic heaven or las vegas 4ad
the lucksmiths little athletics a good kind of nervous drive-in