no love for ned 
setlist for 2.16.2009 
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artist song title album title record label
david-ivar herman dune walk with me walk with me - a tribute to st. thomas racing junior
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the little hands of asphalt julie spit back at the rain ep (self-released)
the fevers can't be true get on again 7" plastic idol
micachu calculator jewelry rough trade
the pharmacy tropical yeti song abominable 7" tic tac totally
able tasmans weight of love somebody ate my planet flying nun
martina topley bird april grove the blue god independiente
morrissey when i last spoke to carol years of refusal lost highway
camera obscura my maudlin career my maudlin career 4ad
camera obscura evangeline face control subpop
crocodiles neon autobahn neon jesus 7" zoo music
dancing cigarettes bells are ringing the school of secret music turnstile media
the zero boys livin' in the eighties history of the zero boys secretly canadian
gut reactions so sick of you so sick of you 7" milk 'n herpes
box elders hole in my head hole in my head 7" grotto
mazes bowie knife (myspace mp3) (unreleased)
the grifters daydream riot (long version) the doink years shangri-la
the hundred dollar band midnight blue waves and particles emperor jones
loren connors and jim o'rourke most definitely not koln (excerpt) two nice catholic boys family vineyard
mark mcguire life speeds up (excerpt) tidings ii wagon
cursillistas caves carved in golden light wasp stings the last bitter flavor digitalis
valerio cosi love is everywhere collected works porter
mike khoury and piotr michalowski (untitled twelve) shards friends and relatives
anni rossi living in danger rockwell 4ad
antony and the johnsons everglade the crying light secretly canadian
eskimo and sons 2012 how does it feel to be crushed by one man with the strength of a million ep boy gorilla
danielle ate the sandwich ecosystem things people do (self-released)
emmy the great dylan first love absolute
rafter if you leave guilt by association volume two compilation engine room
suburban kids with biblical names 1999 four ep labrador
of montreal jimmy cause we were virgins to your kisses 7" heartfast
francoiz breut dunkerque a l'aveuglette le pop musik
asobi seksu glacially hush polyvinyl
swan lake battle of a swan lake, or, daniel's song enemy mine jagjaguwar