no love for ned 
setlist for 05.12.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
the trouble with sweeney the break up i know you destroy burnt toast vinyl
doleful lions a viper in hiding motel swim parasol
flaming lips lighting strikes the postman clouds taste metallic warner bros.
sprites do it yourself starling, spiders, tiger, and sprites march
fruit bats slipping through the sensors mouthfuls subpop
super furry animals sidewalk serfer girl rings around the world xl recordings
eels saturday morning shootenanny dreamworks
la dusseldorf white overalls viva radar
the clean i wait around anthology merge
family fodder i would that you were mine dark beloved cloud singing catalog two compilation dark beloved cloud
lilys will my lord be gardening precollection manifesto
verlaines doomsday juvenalia homestead
chitlin' fooks did it again parasol's sweet sixteen volume six compilation parasol
air and alessandro baricco pat lobhan ride city reading astralwerks
the magnetic fields take ecstacy with me holiday merge
the ropers please understand the world is fire teenbeat
t*shirt pascal the convincer silver girl
maserati moving with heavy hearts the language of cities kindercore
the mendoza line camera shy if they knew this was the end bar/none
je suis france california rules little darla has a treat for you volume nineteen compilation darla
tangiers shoestrings hot new spirits sonic unyon
paper lions high rise the symptom and the sick kindercore
rainer maria long knives long knives drawn polyvinyl
the quails soon the rest will fail atmosphere inconvenient
the like young you can't get it back looked up (plus four) ep kittridge
the decemberists july, july! castaways and cut outs hush
abunai! lord hampton (live) two brothers 12" camera lucida
christiana diamonds fatigue kills high school champion
death cab for cutie technicolor girls forbidden love ep barsuk
versus radar follows you two cents plus tax caroline