no love for ned 
setlist for 05.08.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
the spinto band oh mandy nice and nicely done bar/none
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the go-betweens going blind the friends of rachel worth jetset
gentleman reg boyfriend song darby and joan three gut
pelle carlberg bastards don't blush everything. now! labrador
knock knock ginger you could've been my johnny marr hurry! ep (self-released)
xex svetlana group:xex the smack shire
isan corundum plans drawn in pencil morr
lullatone second day of school my petit melodies childisc
takagi masakatsu light song journal for people carpark
larsen rever seies important
jen wood interview travelling through roots parco
joshua and kemialliset ystavat happy medium by the fruits... you shall know the roots compilation time-lag
sebadoh red riding good iii (remastered) domino
s. try sadstyle brown
jordan geiger i do not understand (rough version) (website mp3) (unreleased)
devendra banhart chinese children cripple crow xl
helena l'age de ma mere nee dans la nature sunnyside
casey dienel embroidery wind up canary hush
p:ano enchanted forest ghost pirates without heads ep mint
det gamla landet nar vi vaknar it's a trap! readers companion volume two compilation it's a trap!
destroyer no one needs to know ideas for songs cassette granted passage
sympathizers white picket fences songs from the sixth borough compilation plain parade
dear nora up on the roof happy happy birthday to me volume two compilation happy happy birthday to me
lorelei float my bed why popstars can't dance compilation slumberland
death cab for cutie hindsight four dots compilation motesano
the supremes come together motown meets the beatles tribute motown
danielson bloodbook on the half shell ships secretly canadian
happy flowers home in the jungle flowers on 45 - the homestead singles homestead
the king cobra this town ain't big enough for the both of us tracks and fields compilation kill rock stars
mark robinson tasty black liquorice 2003 teenbeat sampler teenbeat
parks and recreation la la la la la s/t hush
someone still loves you boris yeltsin i am warm and powerful broom geneq
home teasin' and pleasin' sexteen jagjaguwar
herman dune you could be a model, goodbye not on top track and field