no love for ned 
setlist for 10.03.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
the bats things at the national grid magic marker
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
machine go boom hot potato thank you captain obvious collectible escalators
metric too little too late live it out last gang
acid house kings do what you wanna do sing along with the acid house kings twenty-seven
the orchids women, priests and addicts unholy soul and singles ltm
the boats mum and dad we made it for you moteer
matthew herbert fatter, slimmer, faster, slower plat du jour accidental
radian tester juxtaposition thrill jockey
julien neto iii le fumeur de ciel type
castanets bells aloud first light's freeze asthmatic kitty
alastair galbraith starless road seely girn feel good all over
andrew kenny angel sigh never lose that feeling volume one compilation club ac30
lazarus knock on wood confused 7" temporary residence
howe gelb talula and the last straw arizona amp and alternator thrill jockey
calvin johnson rabbit blood before the dream faded k
minmae smiling with teeth live on no love for ned  
minmae my parts will not rust live on no love for ned  
minmae everyone knows jesus wore a chain live on no love for ned  
minmae the winking lass live on no love for ned  
eels sixteen tons sixteen tons (ten songs) - 2003 kcrw session eworks
the gris gris down with jesus for the season birdman
guided by voices striped white jets live at the trocadero in philadelphia, june 7th, 1996 (unreleased)
the ex stupid americans singles. period. touch and go
bow wow wow c-30 c-60 c-90 anda! grlz- women ahead of their time compilation crippled dick hot wax
get him eat him not not nervous geography cones absolutely kosher
decomposure ...and unaffected at home and unaffected unschooled
yuka honda humming song (alone together) eucademix tzadik
barbara morgenstern der wunsch teil drei fjorden monika
eluvium everything to come talk amongst the trees temporary residence
vashti bunyan against the sky lookaftering fat cat