no love for ned 
setlist for 01.26.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
the positions things you never said s/t ep (self-released)
all night radio daylights till dawn spirit stereo frequency subpop
blondie hanging on the telephone parallel lines capitol
sparks talent is an asset kimono my house universal
dear nora make you smile you make me smile 7" magic marker
the cookies girls grow up faster than boys the dimension dolls compilation sundazed
tiger trap sweetheart sour grass ep k
looper pale blue e-type mp3 ep two (self-released)
liquid liquid cavern successive reflexes grand royal
theoretical girls lovin' in the red s/t acute
blonde redhead messenger misery is a butterfly 4ad
the wind-up bird monster whips the music fellowship
nitrada everything is not alright we don't know why but we do it 2.nd rec
mum nightly cares summer make good fat cat
33.3 playing safe, ducking kisses, and getting position plays music aesthetics
the dirty projectors my offwhite flag the glad fact western vinyl
the unicorns ghost mountain unicorns are people too (self-released)
jeffrey lewis gold live on no love for ned  
jeffrey lewis heavy heart live on no love for ned  
jeffrey lewis don't be upset live on no love for ned  
jeffrey lewis don't let the record company take you out to lunch live on no love for ned  
califone wingbone heron king blues thrill jockey
sons and daughters johnny cash love the cup ep ba da bing!
subset the fortieth time dueling devotions tight spot
the heavenly states gin and tonic s/t future farmer
the layaways let me in more than happy mystery farm
j. mascis free so free free so free ultimatum
brian eno the fat lady of limbourg taking tiger mountain (by strategy) island
sisterhood of convoluted thinkers winners better days teenbeat
i am robot and proud friction on teeth grace days catmobile
sufjan stevens holland greetings from michigan sounds familyre
marlboro chorus potters, daisies good luck future apple
the kingsbury manx grape to grain aztec discipline overcoat