no love for ned 
setlist for 09.12.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
styrofoam and sarah shannon i found love the free design - the now sound redesigned compilation light in the attic
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
decomposure guitar/trivial pursuit at home and unaffected unschooled
so a s/t thrill jockey
saxon shore july fifth luck will not save us from a jackpot of nothing ep burnt toast vinyl
ennio morricone fondante paure crime and dissonance ipecac
fursaxa neon lights lepidoptera atp
the ants pulling a habit out of a rabbit sparkling disaster strategies sickroom
kingsbury manx ruins the fast rise and fall of the south yep roc
billy sugarfix singing underwater (website mp3) (unreleased)
graves touch the sun to sur with love hush
super xx man alive again volume viii- it's a super xx man pizza (self-released)
rogue wave california descended like vultures subpop
norfolk and western oslo back in the shadows - comes with a smile volume seven compilation comes with a smile
orenda fink leave it all invisible ones saddle creek
everything is fine one thousand seconds ghosts are knocking on walls tract
dirty three and chan marshall great waves cinder touch and go
nice nice born of bells part two spring temporary residence
mike tamburo the snake in camden woods live on no love for ned  
mike tamburo walking in the path of keenan's journey live on no love for ned  
mike tamburo the glass bead in the hawaiian eye live on no love for ned  
magic arrows keef sweet heavenly angel of death wobblyhead
bell orchestre salvatore amato recording a tape the colour of light rough trade
grimble grumble left out senseless 7" audioinformationphenomena
minmae german girl, she was american i'd be scared, were you still burning greyday
nord express the letter s/t slumberland
mitchell akiyama full then felt small explosions that are yours to keep sub rosa
s.e.v.a. love and devotion s/t mush
new fast automatic daffodils big pigeonhole mute