no love for ned 
setlist for 2.07.2011 
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artist song title album title record label
family fodder greed and fear classical music the state51 conspiracy
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
brown recluse notorious panoptic mirror maze ep slumberland
orca team no fun let it go (self-released)
lake higher than merry you are alone 7" k
kissing party a quiet town rediscover lovers (self-released)
low try to sleep c'mon subpop
blair hello halo die young autumn tone
the sea and cake skies split 7" w/ broken social scene (self-released)
ensemble les saisons viennent excerpts fat cat
donnie and joe emerson baby dreamin' wild lp enterprise and co.
metal mountains flickers within/without golden trees lp amish
deaf center hunted twice owl splinters type
rauelson with peter broderick el lobo, la liebre y la panza del burro replica hush
sidi toure artiatanat sahel folk thrill jockey
jeff moore and friends both sides the youngest son lp orange doubledome
william tyler the green pastures behold the spirit tompkins square
joan of arc o brother, part two (excerpt) o brother 2xlp joyful noise
miles davis sanctuary bitches brew live legacy
mostly other people do the killing blue ball (excerpt) the coimbra concert clean feed
parenthetical girls young eucharists (untangled) untanglements (self-released)
papercuts charades fading parade subpop
kurt vile jesus fever smoke rings for my halo matador
el hijo la palmera madrilena acuarela
azure ray featuring sparklehorse silverlake (demo) silverlake digital single saddle creek
christina rosenvinge weekend le joven dolores warner spain
sonny smith i wanna do it one hundred records, volume two - i miss the jams turn up
nana grizol and your heart breaks nightlights the icehouse ep (self-released)
mighty clouds spell it out s/t lp lifelike
sic alps cemend surfboard napa asylum drag city
shannon and the clams sleep talk sleep talk 1-2-3-4, go!