no love for ned 
setlist for 03.01.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
bearsuit itsuko got married itsuko got married 7" bearslut
the's woo hoo kill bill volume one soundtrack maverick
cub she's like a rainbow mauler ao go go
regina hexaphone topsy-turvy i can't get that evil wiener song out of my head - tribute to evil weiner hypno vista
elekibass almanack 2003 tour ep waikiki
ashley park the ballad of mad cameron howard the secretariat motor home happy happy birthday to me
+/- everything i see makes it feel wrong you are here teenbeat
donato wharton silvester trabanten city centre offices
greg davis good morning amanda mort aux vaches staalplaat
deerhoof desaparecere milk man 5 rue christine
kevin coyne the garden gate song sugar candy taxi ruf
califone and orso slowness homesleep singles club number seven ep homesleep
devendra banhart the body breaks rejoicing in the hands young god
paul mccartney and elvis costello you want her too (demo) the mccartney-mcmanus collaborations vigotone
the curious digit erase hessian hills jagjaguwar
cocorosie terrible angels la maison de mon reve touch and go
the virginia reel window live on no love for ned  
the virginia reel space country live on no love for ned  
the virginia reel away live on no love for ned  
the virginia reel wake up slow and natural live on no love for ned  
the virginia reel middle of the night live on no love for ned  
mirah we're both sorry c'mon miracle k
drona parva loop phase for the white sphere (excerpt) loop phase for the white sphere ep time lag
meat puppets we're here meat puppets ii rykodisc
slumber party your friends three kill rock stars
kissing book on the third time lines and colors magic marker
electrelane birds the power out too pure
centro-matic old blue opportunity (split ep with vermont) quality park
max merritt and the meteors everybody give it a whirl soundtrack universal (new zealand)
the jam in the city the jam at the bbc universal (uk)
the minus five over the sea in rock yep rock
elf power i walked with the zombie nothing's going to happen orange twin