no love for ned 
setlist for 04.10.2006 
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artist song title album title record label
keene brothers death of the party blues and boogie shoes rockathon
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
beirut postcards from italy gulag orkestar ba da bing!
islands don't call me whitney, bobby return to the sea equator
the jolly rogers the pirate's anthem demo (self-released)
flake music spanway hits when you land here, it's time to return omnibus
the spectacular fantastic yesterday the spectacular fantastic goes underground ionik
sharks and seals quality job well done it used to be knobs and machines and now it's numbers and lights brilliante
him as we were once peoples bubblecore
arthur russell some imaginary far away type things (excerpt) world of echo bonus dvd audika
the dirty projetors likeness of uncles new attitude ep marriage
aroah otro triste final songs to break god's heart compilation acuarela
the acorn books blankets! ep kelp
adem sea of tranquility love and other planets domino
elvis costello big boys (demo) this year's model (remastered) rhino
joel plaskett love this town live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett light of the moon live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett absentminded melody live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett nowhere with you live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett make a little noise live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett goodbye world live on no love for ned  
joel plaskett powerful lights live on no love for ned  
jim guthrie three am morning noon night three gut
the tyde aloha breeze three's company pias
the teeth wake carry the wood ep park the van
edu lobo marta e romao cantiga de longe polygram
lambchop beyond belief beyond nashville compilation manteca
mission of burma let yourself go the obliterati matador
the may bees undefined sofa sketches fake around ep (self-released)
hotel motel nuts to you your ass is grass so please pass the peas ep (self-released)
the bats crazy crowd raw eggs tour cd (self-released)
j. mascis and friends amma what now? sing and chant for amma baked goods