no love for ned 
setlist for 11.29.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
fan modine pageantry homeland grimsey
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
laura watling outdoor miner a houseguest's wish - translations of wire's "outdoor miner" compilation words on music
jens lekman julie when i said i wanted to be your dog secretly canadian
the blood group the long and short of it volunteers le grand magistery
mercury rev across yer ocean the secret migration v2
mark tranmer find out for yourself scoop of ice-cream moon kooky
stafraenn hakon graenn haus ventill/poki resonant
loren chasse paint it black painted black compilation tumult
harry partch castor the harry partch collection volume one new world
panda bear untitled young prayer paw tracks
hayden wide eyes elk-lake serenade badman
rachel goswell gather me up waves are universal 4ad
dirty three a strange holiday praise soundtrack festival
mayapple weather i'm sorry for your loss but you'll regret it more if you stop we no longer believe in miracles, we rely on them ep sundays in spring
kind of like spitting you got served metaphysics for beginners compilation redder
adam lipman mariko, when from the lord live on no love for ned  
adam lipman days live on no love for ned  
adam lipman friends live on no love for ned  
cat power with m. ward willie deadwilder willie deadwilder ep matador
david-ivar herman dune these arms of mine ya ya shrimper
the mountain goats snow owl full force galesburg emperor jones
the naysayer new jersey baby kitten time red panda
jim guthrie so small now, more than ever three gut
the music lovers nothing the words we say before we sleep marriage
sally timms high dosage in the world of him touch and go
carte blanche summer's end summer's end ep shmat
papercuts mockingbird mockingbird antenna farm
okkervil river no hidden track sleep and wake-up songs ep jagjaguwar