no love for ned 
setlist for 11.07.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
masters of the hemisphere the roper song (creature) yearbook compilation claire de leon
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the smittens sapphire a little revolution north of january
math and physics club movie ending romance movie ending romance ep matinee
all girl summer fun band dreamy you summer of 98 ep magic marker
astruval housing shortage asaurus records ep club volume one compilation asaurus
entre rios tantas veces intercontinental pop exchange volume seven (split ep w/ my favorite) endearing
caroline where's my love where's my love single temporary residence
piana early in summer ephemeral happy
this is a process of a still life haunted by waters light firefly sessions
bonnie 'prince' billy and tortoise some say (i got devil) the brave and the bold overcoat
donna lynn i'd much rather be with the girls one kiss can lead to another - girl group sounds, lost and found compilation rhino
talulah gosh my boy says backwash k
sufjan stevens what goes on this bird has flown - a fortieth anniversary tribute to the beatles' rubber soul razor and tie
the zincs new thought dimmer thrill jockey
hugh j. noble i could sing a song leave something behind you action pop!
machine go boom cancer boy live on no love for ned  
machine go boom eight feet ten live on no love for ned  
machine go boom miss hepburn's house live on no love for ned  
machine go boom what my buddy said live on no love for ned  
machine go boom joe live on no love for ned  
summer set sunset compulation volume two - songs from north carolina compilation pox world empire
the capstan shafts the giddy tramps marching orders halaluah moancoaxers! ep beat the indie drum
(the real reuben) kincaid two hundred feet rock and roll shenanigans bunch of beatniks
minmae experimental pop song i'd be scared, were you still burning greyday
knapsack effortless silver sweepstakes alias
the dentists strawberries are growing in my garden (and it's wintertime) children of nuggets box set rhino
trembling blue stars the sea is so quiet bathed in blue ep elefant
michael andrews mirror me and you and everyone we know soundtrack everloving
delia gonzalez and gavin russom thirteen moons the days of mars dfa
tristeza abrazo distante a colores better looking
saxon shore marked with the knowledge the exquisite death of saxon shore burnt toast vinyl