no love for ned 
setlist for 12.29.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
the impossible shapes we like it wild we like it wild secretly canadian
my morning jacket come closer split ep with songs: ohia jade tree
the wooden stars outlaws the moon matlock
bobby birdman i said, "ok", the wind said, "no"! born free forever hush
piana butterfly snow bird happy
melodium terminus parthenay ep autres directions in music
anorak and then she laughed fourteen secrets we shouldn't tell mira
apenino en el paraiso en la hora azul jabalina
sufjan stevens all good naysayers, speak up! greetings from michigan sounds familyre
camera obscura teenager underacheivers please try harder elefant
the magic whispers i'm beautiful now yin yang siesta
the tall boy masami said 555 records 2003 sampler 555
minmae it's easy the way i care true love devil in the woods
blueboy joined-up writing the bank of england shinkansen
landing spine breaker live on no love for ned  
dean roberts letter to monday be mine tonight kranky
hala strana quarter mesto s/t emperor jones
circus devils sick color pinball mars rockathon
salvatore rainbo tempo racing junior
the sisterhood of convoluted thinkers you don't mind me better days teenbeat
the young tradition all up to me california morning ep matinee
guido mobius keif klisten klangkrieg
john fahey remember red cross revanent
the mountain goats home again garden grove we shall all be headed 4ad