no love for ned 
setlist for 6.3.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
belle and sebastian get me away from here, i'm dying if you're feeling sinister the enclave
johnny cash i don't know where i'm bound at san quentin legacy
smog let's move to the country knock knock drag city
the buddyrevelles i broke my car september, november motorcoat
the teacups no black magic this will come back to haunt you kindercore
45 spiders all souls' day standard forms of communications deep reverb
pavement major leagues (demo version) major leagues ep matador
the lucksmiths the year of driving languorously (live on kfjc) australian pop compilation 555 / red square
sean na-na girls! girls! girls! sean na-na and his baby blue ep polyvinyl
the new pornographers mass romantic mass romantic mint
teenage fanclub the cabbage thirteen dgc
murray the cop angels go blind uphill both ways red nail
the national splits afternoon was tight s/t kittridge / blackbean and placenta
the rascals do you feel it anthology rhino
masters of the hemisphere meteor s/t kindercore
remington super 60 please don't go pling 2001 s.h.a.d.o.
mark robinson i'm still breathing canada's green highways teenbeat
national skyline a night at the drug store this = everything file 13
the cure disintigration disintigration elektra
catherine wheel satellite adam and eve mercury
sugar changes copper blue rykodisc
the curious digit who most resemble the desparate hessian hills jagjaguwar
mogwai summer (priority version) young team jetset
bettie serveert d. feathers lamprey matador
art of fighting give me tonight (demo version) des vagues de pierre compilation comes with a smile
mick turner rosa i marlan rosa drag city
fingernail hider three suites 12" atomic
the magnetic fields two characters in search of a country song the charm of the highway strip merge
super xx man stroll on through n.o. vol. iv peek-a-boo
john hartford turn your radio on aereo-plain rounder