no love for ned 
setlist for 03.24.2003 
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artist song title album title record label
grandaddy i'm on standby sumday v2
the blow some chocolates bonus album ep k
the loveletter band it's true 555cd55 compilation 555
winterbrief mr. majority complaints from the beauty class hub city
the capricorns song for 18 in the zone paroxysm
quasi our happiness is guaranteed featuring 'birds' up
kleenex/liliput dolly dollar complete recordings kill rock stars
rainer maria lost, dropped & cancelled look now look again polyvinyl
nacho vegas el camino actos inexplicables limbo starr
arab strap serenade monday at the hug and pint matador
stereo total supergirl s/t bobsled
future bible heroes don't you want me reproductions - tribute to the human league march
all girl summer fun band jason lee two k
new pornographers the laws have changed electric version matador
aislers set through the swells how i learned to write backwards suicide squeeze
see saw ask herodotus and the head popped off fruit tree
east river pipe lonely line away mel merge
cat's miaow it might never happen a kiss and a cuddle bus stop
63 crayons powerlines spread the love ep happy happy birthday to me
richard buckner lovin' her was easier (than anything i'll ever do again) nothing left to lose- tribute to kris kristofferson incidental
songs: ohia the long dark blues the magnolia demos secretly canadian
pernice brothers in plain sight live at the borderline, november 6th, 2000 (unreleased)
the reindeer section if there is i haven't found it yet ya'll get scared now, ya hear! pias
tren brothers three s/t ep drag city
mus al debalu little darla has a treat for you volume nineteen compilation darla
fridge cutup piano and xylophone happiness temporary residence
bugskull fair are the sails bugskull and the big white cloud scratch
cardinal you've lost me there s/t flydaddy
the spinanes for no one else strand subpop
slumber party strawberry sunday s/t kill rock stars
wussom*pow! it will be clear deep blue hearts and solid hands omnibus
brendan benson alternative to love metarie single v2
hefner trouble kid dead media too pure
beulah comrade's twenty sixth when your heartstrings break sugar free