no love for ned 
setlist for 1.11.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
spoon who makes your money transference merge
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
unbunny r.e.m. drummer demos 'n' such ep catbird
bilders dirty and disgusting beatin' hearts flying nun
sleepover and you s/t magic goat
american suitcase indie gurl bluefoot snap!!
northern portrait new favourite moment criminal art lovers matinee
steve goldberg and the arch enemies shutterbug labyrinths ep (self-released)
mytty archer good reason if i had a shovel 555
austin stahl one lovely daughter baltimore does baltimore compilation splice
fred thomas skeletons join hands night times (self-released)
owen pallett lewis takes action heartland domino
stuart saunders smith links number two the links series of vibraphone essays new world
aswara part one (excerpt) s/t lp azriel
grouper vessel split 12" w/ roy montgomery i.o.g.
arian sample sugar s/t lp hogs on ice
cecil barfield lucky mama blues south georgia blues lp mississippi
steffan basho-junghans waiting for the coulds is lp architects of harmonic rooms
magnolia electric co. josephine rider. shadow. wolf. 7" secretly canadian
dabor spasbeken (untitled four) transmission two cassette plus tapes
scout niblett the calcination of scout niblett the calcination of scout niblett drag city
retribution gospel choir workin' hard two subpop
circus devils bam bam bam mother skinny happy jack rock
le face cellophane s/t 12" tic tac totally
my dad is dead carolina blue a new clear route unhinged
dirty beaches like dreamers do s/t cassette night peoples
rabble rabble rabbler jail bait cassette plus tapes
let's wrestle i won't live to you in the court of the wrestling let's merge
medication don't die this town lp hozac
magic castles katie crow song of the forest cassette moon glyph
nervous norvus i like girls stone age woo- the zorch sounds of nervous norvus norton
david kilgour and sam hunt first one hit falling debris arch hill
sarah white and the pearls my brother white light antenna farm
fruit bats feather bed the ruminant band subpop