no love for ned 
setlist for 8.05.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
masters of the hemisphere billy mitchell s/t kindercore
built to spill temporarily blind keep it like a secret warner bros.
tuscadero nancy drew the pink album teenbeat
the rondelles mission: irresistible fiction romance fast machines smells like
the virgin whore complex wise and mighty emperor stay away from my mother emperor norton
family fodder film music savoir faire: the best of family fodder dark beloved cloud
dump rasberry beret that skinny motherfucker with the high voice shrimper
the receptionists seasonal affection disorder the last letter ba da bing!
schrasj norton sound f o-jet
devo snowball (single remix) pioneers who got scalped rhino
the spells can't explain the age of backwards ep k
tobin sprout all used up moonflower plastic matador
the gerbils fluid are you sleepy hidden agenda
holiday just follow cafe reggio spinart
the lucksmiths smokers in love staring at the sky ep matinee
ben lee song 4 you grandpaw would grand royal
liquorice farm cheap cuts ep 4ad
ashley park the great divide the american scene darling
ivy blame it on yourself long distance nettwerk
bonnie prince billy just to see my holly home ease down the road palace
the kings of convenience failure quiet is the new loud astralwerks
chappaquiddick skyline nobody's watching s/t subpoop
smog to be of use red apple falls drag city
low and dirty three invitation day in the fishtank ep konkurrent
shark quest blake carrington battle of the loons merge
yo la tengo hyas and stenorhynchus the sounds of the sounds of science egon
lambchop up with people nixon merge
the moles rebecca untune the sky flydaddy
kind of like spitting i want out bridges worth burning barsuk
appendix out row upstream daylight saving drag city