no love for ned 
setlist for 08.30.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
jad fair with teenage fanclub my life is starting over again discovered/covered - the late, great daniel johnston tribute gammon
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
half-handed cloud here's a list asthmatic kitty / sounds are active sampler asthmatic kitty / sounds are active
63 crayons ben s. pipes here come the crayons ep (self-released)
doug gillard livery malamute jute ep cushion
the sonics money here are the sonics!!! norton
the coke dares m.l.e.u.m.e. here we go with the coke dares reibenbach
my little phony dashboard eat your home (self-released)
seely plastic bird snowstorm - a tribute to galaxie 500 elefant
flim auswaerts simple pleasures houston party
bonnie prince billy pussyfooting agnes ep drag city
the blue nile soul boy high sanctuary
toog par tous les temps lou etendue karoake kalk
the fucking am acoustico gomez gold drag city
klimek home milk and honey kompakt
k.c. milian f.p.'s planned theory to conquer the world s/t holidays
erie choir when it's done bad tsars is a drag ep (self-released)
portastatic featuring ken vandermark and tim mulvenna had the perfect little door ep merge
the vandermark five knock yourself out elements of style, exercises in surprise atavistic
knife in the water slavery plays one sound and others aspyr
rivulets cutter ii (featuring jarboe) split cd with marc gartman tract
pinkku this tragic chorus the local shakedown volume two compilation smooch
pylon danger gyrate db
talkdemonic in the machinery of night mutiny sunshine lucky madison
windsor for the derby black coats we fight til death secretly canadian
holland audio palindrome i steal and do drugs teenbeat
to rococo rot gelb cosimo ep domino
sufjan stevens borderline comes with a smile compilation #11- hope isn't a word comes with a smile
quinimine beauty pills like pistons for engines grey flat
elvis costello the dark end of the street kojak variety (remastered) rhino