no love for ned 
setlist for 5.24.2010 
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artist song title album title record label
beach fossils the horse s/t captured tracks
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
someone still loves you boris yeltsin sink / let it sway let it sway polyvinyl
sleepovers secret secret 7" hozas
boyracer vanity is sanity split 7" w/ the how slumberland
davila 666 y me pregunto ohhh 12" rob's house
dara puspita a go go 1966-1968 sublime frequencies
trash kit tattoo s/t upset the rhythm
ty segall caeser melted goner
rolling stones dancing in the light exile on main street (deluxe edition) universal
ron house twenty or thirty people blind boy in the backseat lp columbus discount
the twerps good advise s/t cassette night people
julian lynch just enough mare olde english spelling bee
the boats your helping isn't helping words are something else home normal
blue hawaii belize blooming summer cassette arbutus
janelle monae sir greendown the archandroid atlantic
tobias hellkvist patience evolutions home normal
meg baird moving up a ways we are one in the sun - a tribute to robbie basho important
spoono things were magical then split lp w/ cam deas blackest rainbow
tiny fires sinner man s/t burst and bloom
rangda sacophagi false flag drag city
lower dens hospice gates twin hand movement gnomonsong
mmoss molly molasses i (self-released)
sean nicholas savage movin' on movin' up in society cassette arbutus
teenage fanclub dark clouds shadows merge
the jameses the haunted rider rat people 7" mayonnaise factory
pens love rules you only like me when i tell you i'm wrong 7" de stijl
mouserocket never stand a chance pretty loud lp tic tac totally
good luck decider demonstration 2010 ep (self-released)
the manhattan love suicides things you've never done (acoustic) dandelion radio session ep odd box
sleep good hey man skyclimber autobus
math and physics club jimmy had a polaroid i shouldn't look as good as i do matinee
club 8 isn't that great the people's record labrador
cotton candy imagine that! top-notch and first-rate teenbeat