no love for ned 
setlist for 11.11.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
pas/cal the bronze beached boys the handbag memoirs ep le grand magistery
elk city smile hold tight the ropes warm
the bevis frond he'd be a diamond new river head woronzow
the mountain goats first few desparate news tallahassee 4ad
nico i'll keep it with mine chelsea girls polydor
smog dress sexy at my funeral dongs of sevotion drag city
the feelies raised eyebrows crazy rhythms a&m
of montreal jennifer louise aldhil's arboretum kindercore
jason falkner she goes to bed necessity: the four-track years spinart
walt mink factory miss happiness caroline
os mutantes el justiciero everything is possible- the best of os mutantes luaka bop
masaki batoh world of pain collected works 1995-1996 the now sound
sigur ros untitled #4 ( ) mca
rainer maria new york, 1955 past worn searching polyvinyl
cluster heller curiosum sky
circus devils saved herself, shaved herself the harold pig memorial rockathon
eyvand kang highlands live low to the eart, in the iron age abduction
lambchop backstreet girl is a bonus ep city slang
the lucksmiths point being midweek midmorning single matinee
fidel downey, california s/t (self-released)
schoolhouse rock three is a magic number multiplication rock rhino
loose fur you were wrong s/t drag city
gothic archies the abandoned castle of my soul looming in the gloom ep hello
greg murray edge corduroy boy ep shelflife
the soft boys wey wey hep uh hole 1976-1981 rykodisc
richard buckner a year ahead and a light impasse overcoat
bob dylan she belongs to me #1 (mono mix) 1965 revisited volume one great dane
catherine wheel wish you were here like cats and dogs mercury