no love for ned 
setlist for 6.24.2002 
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artist song title album title record label
guided by voices everywhere with helicopter universal truths and cycles matador
elvis costello tart when i was cruel island
half japanese red sun hello alternative tentacles
damien jurado honey baby rehearsals for departure subpop
callow nothing's gonna stop us now up is a direction, not a location red roses for me
ruck rover hearse s/t ep candle
masters of the hemisphere when people were younger permanent stranger ep dcbaltimore 2012
the bangles manic monday different light columbia
science park that part of you futurama obscure-disk
i am the world trade center big star the tight connection kindercore
barcelona electronic company zero one infinity march
the icicles new haircolor pure sugar ep drive-in
death by chocolate a b & c part two zap the world jetset
her space holiday the ringing in my ears manic expressive tigerstyle
the sick anchors bill is dead s/t ep lost dog
l'altra little chair music of a sinking occasion aesthetics
andrew coleman plot lost sixteen everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt thrill jockey
popol vuh engel der gegenwart heart of glass high tide (italy)
yume bitsu song six the golden vessyl of sound k
dave fischoff blemish and a bowl of oranges the ox and the rainbow secretly canadian
beachwood sparks sing your thoughts make the cowboy robots cry ep subpop
rebecca gates i received a levitation ruby series ep badman
the national trust neverstop dekkagar thrill jockey
mark robinson shut my mouth teenbeat 2002 sampler teenbeat
aerialist what if we? s/t ep (self-released)
new order dreams never end movement qwest