no love for ned 
setlist for 04.05.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
sprites love is dead bionic hands ep lejos discos
miss july perfection foxy moron bumblebear
the snow fairies the place where i like to read feel you up red square
the minders hahaha the future's always perfect future farmer
watoo watoo seasons curiosites blackbean and placenta
lali puna nin-com-pop scary world theory morr music
the smittens momus, where are you i'm gonna watch the bluebirds fly over my shoulder compilation north of january
pants yell! do you have your ticket? songs for siblings asaurus
girlboy girl short attention span fresco blackbean and placenta
speedmarket avenue will that do i'm going to let my new swiss army knife answer to that fickle fame
the casual dots i'll dry my tears s/t kill rock stars
the beta band troubles heroes to zeros astralwerks
concentrick secret in the swallows and the sky lucid dreaming emperor jones
other people's children skywave fields of sadness library
the third eye foundation i've lost that lovin' feline little lost soul merge
marmoset soft evenings mishawaka ep secretly canadian
tanakh til' san fransisco dieu deuil alien8
burd early in between parentheses observatory ep king crab
justin sullivan sun on water navigating by the stars attack attack
lucky jeremy little fishes split 7" with sean na na heart of a champion
the asteroid #4 it's all ok honeyspot turquoise mountain
amps for christ afc tower song the people at large 5 rue christine
fivehead wallet chain guests of the nation tight spot
sea ray stray dog's got it made stars at noon self-starter foundation
the layaways ocean blue more than happy mystery farm
the revolutionary hydra misfortune the peefs skrocki
the thermals our trip fuckin' a subpop
metric combat baby old world underground, where are you now? enjoy
anna oxygen baby blue all your faded things cold crush
quintron miniature breakdown are you ready for an organ solo? three one g
quasi good times hot shit touch and go
the unicorns jellybones who will cut our hair when we're gone? alien8
deerhoof our angel's ululu reveille 5 rue christine