no love for ned 
setlist for 05.16.2005 
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artist song title album title record label
half-handed cloud thumb/toe collection / animals are cut in two thy is a word and feet need lamps asthmatic kitty
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
the national splits sun valley (demo) asaurus records ep club volume two compilation asaurus
st. thomas paris, texas let's grow together - the comeback of st. thomas racing junior
currituck co. run away from the sun sleepwalks in the garden of the deadroom track and field
milkweed intentions guess who this is - tribute to dom leone two ton santa
philistines jr. we will all go down together tiny idols- transmissions from the indie underground, 1991-1995 compilation snowglobe
minotaur shock muesli maritime 4ad
yacht totally stoked (on you) mega marriage
prefuse 73 and the books pagina seis prefuse 73 reads the books ep warp
jehst bluebells the return of the drifter low life
mountains blown glass typewriter s/t apestraatje
brigitte fontaine brigitte folk is not a four letter word compilation delay 68
autistic daughters a boxful of bird jealousy and diamond kranky
peter brotzmann chicago tentet old bottles, no wine the chicago octet/tentet okkadisc
scout niblett valvoline kidnapped by neptune too pure
thunerbirds are now! this world is made of paper justamustache french kiss
airport girl watch you fall the matinee summer splash compilation matinee
the specific heats social firefly relax brother, relax: a twentieth anniversary tribute to teenbeat records my mean magpie
starlet it could happen from the one you left behind parasol
eric matthews cardinal is more six kinds of passion looking for an exit empyrean
hanne hukkelberg the professor cast anchor ep leaf
aroah myriam, la primera no podemos ser amigos acuarela
the boy least likely to i'm glad i hitched my apple cart to your star the best party ever too young to die
autumn defense you know where i live birds, beasts and flowers (split ep w/ hem) arena rock
ben lee float on catch my disease ep ten fingers
smog i'm new here a river ain't too much to love drag city
minmae smiling with teeth i'd be scared, were you still burning greyday
audubon park sunbathers the bunny is not as popular as julius ep (self-released)
bob mould hoover dam burn to shine volume one compilation - washington, dc trixie
deerhoof c milk man five rue christine
bellafea tara family tree ep pidgeon english