no love for ned 
setlist for 12.27.2004 
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artist song title album title record label
the icicles i wanna know a hundred patterns microindie
billy sugarfix no love for ned theme    
ethnobabes tales you told stargazer perfect pop
trembling blue stars if i handle you with care the seven autumn flowers bar/none
state river widening crown cottonhead vertical form
the skygreen leopards i fell asleep in the sun-bleached grass (i'll just pass away) windswept trees and houses compilation jewelled antler
christina rosenvinge thirty six foreign land smells like
iron and wine in my lady's house woman king ep subpop
thee more shallows ave grave more deep cuts monotreme
the wedding present interstate five interstate five ep scopitones
the for carnation a tribute to s/t touch and go
michael johnson and now, the sequel nonsense goes mudslide must delicious
slagsmalsklubben kiosken ar vidoppen den officiella os-laten ep beat this!
the vaselines you think you're a man the way of the vaselines subpop
the magic tennies charleston chew candycore! compilation asaurus
darren hanlon yes there is a slight chance that he might actually fail live on no love for ned  
darren hanlon i wish that i was beautiful for you live on no love for ned  
darren hanlon winter takes fall live on no love for ned  
darren hanlon the kickstand song live on no love for ned  
darren hanlon title fight- heart versus mind live on no love for ned  
lou barlow holding back the year emoh merge
spaghetti western claus and lucas do right by people adonis music
quinimine for ribbons like pistons for engines grey flat
the whole fantastic world nor'easter chime! theory eight
quasi drunken tears hot shit touch and go
erik levander olonsam tonad neon
phillip jeck and janek schaeffer song for europe songs for europe asphodel
slowdive when the sun hits catch the breeze sanctuary
electro group nobody knows ummo ep omnibus
piano magic french mittens seasonally affective 1996-2000 rocketgirl